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A Few of Our Favorite Posts From 2013

Lori Halley 27 December 2013 0 comments

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

To close out the year, we’ve offered up the Best of the Wild Apricot Blog in 2013, but we also wanted to look at some of our favorite non-profit and membership posts that we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam. So here's a link round-up of posts that provide thoughtful reminders, clever infographics as well as offer insight on trends for the coming year.


The three posts we've chosen offer insight into focusing on members at the beginning or the end of their membership journey.

Wish You Were Here 

This post by Jeffrey Cufaude (Idea Architects) was published back in August, but it offers great insight into how “organizations address the ones who got away, the long-time members or customers no longer in their ranks”.

Cufaude asks:

How do organizations address the ones who got away, the long-time members or customers no longer in their ranks?

Members and customers make decisions partially based on the perceived return on investment of an organization’s offerings.  If we don’t let people know the value that they’ve been missing, how can we ever expect to get them to reinvest as a member or customer?

How to Serve Members During Their Professional Life Events

Amanda Kaiser (Smooth The Path) reminds us:

Professionals typically seek learning opportunities when they are starting something new or when they are faced with the decline of something. When we have the wind at our backs there is little need to ask for help.

This means associations are perfectly positioned to help their members in two distinct areas.

Amanda offers ideas for serving members during “the start of something new” and “the end of something good.”

2013: A Millennial’s Perspective

Kelly Donovan (AssociationAdviser) notes:

With just a few weeks left in 2013, the wave of top ten lists and year-in-review articles is flowing in full tsunami force.  Here’s seven shifts that seem to stand out for the younger generation of association professionals. 

Donovan offers great insight and “takeaways” including: “Younger professionals (not their employers) are taking more responsibility for managing their own careers. Your pricing and member benefits need to reflect that.”



Nonprofit Storytelling Breaking Bad Style

Nancy Schwartz (Getting Attention.org) tells us:

Whether you love, hate or have never seen Breaking Bad, there’s a lot to learn from its emotionally intense, can’t-stop-watching storytelling.

Nancy offers some tips and “to-dos for your nonprofit storytelling” along with a great infographic.


3 Keys to Rethink Fundraising Risk and Reward in 2014

Claire Axelrad (Clairification) asks:

When should you take risks with fundraising? When you’re ready. Here’s what I mean:

You Can’t Riff Without a Guitar. News flash: You’ve got to do the basics before you improvise.

What’s on your playlist for 2014?  The rewarding gold standards like prospecting, asking and stewarding? Or riskier new events? Special campaigns? Extra social media?  You’re to be congratulated if you’ve got innovative ideas. It shows you haven’t lost your creative spark, and you’ve got gusto and passion for what you do. Bravo! But… wait… hold on a minute…

...Sometimes moving forward is just going back to the basics.

Anatomy of an Ask [INFOGRAPHIC] 

This post by Lyndsey Hrabik (Nonprofit Hub) was published a while back, but I think their infographic is very clever. It compares fundraising to the game Operations and offers tips on “Getting inside the skill of successfully asking for donations” demonstrating the difference between “An uncertain ask (sure to make the alarms sound), OR an ask that is well-prepared and carefully executed.”


Finally, we thought we'd include one post with upcoming trends for 2014: 

10 Events Trends for 2014 

Julius Solaris (Event Manger Blog) offers his annual “Event Trends for 2014 Explained”. Some of the trends that are intriguing include:

9. Seat them Socially
8. Live Slidesharing
7. Collaborative Event Planning

Check out the post for all 10 trend predictions and details.

Want more non-profit and membership links?

This is just a taste of the Delicious collection of membership and non-profit posts and articles we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam during 2013. But you can also check out the latest posts on topics such as: Membership, Volunteers, Communications, Events, Social Media, Leadership and Fundraising.

We hope you'll visit Apricot Jam often to see what’s new or subscribe to our RSS feed.

You can also find additional articles and guides on non-profit and membership topics in our Membership Knowledge Hub.

Image source:  Like, Love, Favorite courtesy of BigStockPhoto.com

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Friday, 27 December 2013 at 9:30 AM
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