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5 Links For: Killer Resources, Harvesting Inspiration, “Flash Foresight” and More

Lori Halley 18 December 2013 0 comments

As you wind down this year and plan for the New Year, you may be looking for inspiration, hoping for “flash foresight” or looking for resources to help you with your upcoming tasks. You may need a reminder on how to “think like a fundraiser, feel like a donor” or about “sponsorship dos and don’ts”.  If so, this week’s link round-up has got you covered.

Check out the following five posts and articles we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam lately and click on the titles to read the entire post.

How Are You Harvesting Inspiration? 

John Haydon tells us:
We don’t need any more blog posts about social media time management. The conventional approach to time management slices up minutes into little buckets you can more easily manage.
But what’s missing from this approach is YOU. How do you feel about the tasks that need to get done? Are you inspired? Bored?

John offers some tips for ways to help harvest your inspiration.

16 Killer Resources for Membership Organizations

Leah Merrill (Capterra Blog) asks:
Where do you go when you need help understanding all the tools that are out there for your membership organization? What are the best resources for you to use whenever you’re in a rut?

There are many experts out there who have solutions for the same challenges that you do—these resources will help you connect with these people and tap into the information that is available to you.

Merrill offers a list of “Killer Resources”, including the Wild Apricot Blog, and 15 other types of resources for “your association/membership needs”.

Flash Foresight – How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible

Sue Pine, CAE (Association Headquarters) asks:
How can you use "flash foresight" in your association and what does it mean? Read a summary report on this popular book by author Daniel Burrus.

Think like a fundraiser, feel like a donor

In an article in Hilborn Charity eNEWS, Jose van Herpt (Good Works) reminds us:
To be great fundraisers, we have to work at understanding the donor experience. We have to relate to donors where they are and we have to feel what they feel. … Most fundraisers I know don’t have trouble thinking like a fundraiser (likely why they got the job) but many either find it difficult or just don’t take the time to feel like a donor.

 van Herpt offers some helpful reminders and questions to ponder that should help you think like a donor.

Meeting Sponsorship Dos and Don’ts

Dave Kovaleski (MeetingsNet) suggests:

A good sponsorship strategy doesn’t start with the sponsors—it starts with the attendees.

“When the attendees are happy, everybody wins,” says Donna Kastner, director, expo/sponsor sales and activation, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. So, when developing sponsorships, meeting professionals should ask themselves: “Does it improve the attendee experience?” That’s the Holy Grail. “Help make the attendee experience better and they’ll remember you.”  

Kovaleski provides a list of sponsorship Dos and Don’ts, compiled from the experts.

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Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

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Published Wednesday, 18 December 2013 at 9:21 AM
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