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Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey Highlights & Infographic

Lori Halley  25 September 2013  0 comments

This month we’ve been sharing our first impressions from the findings of our Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey. We conducted the survey to help identify and share some of the key benefits, needs, and challenges that are unique to organizations with multiple chapters, branches or affiliates. In addition, we hoped to gather information to help establish benchmarks and highlight some best practices in multi-chapter management.

We’re just completing our full survey report, which will be available next week. But we’ve created an article offering the key highlights from the survey findings: Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey Highlights.

This article offers highlights including:

  • A snapshot of the survey respondents
  • Insight on multi-chapter relationships
    • The benefits of being part of a multi-chapter organization
    • What both sides of the chapter – HQ relationship are looking for from one another
    • Challenges with multi-chapter relationships
  • Membership management at multi-chapter organizations
  • Recruitment and renewal practices
  • Membership fees and funding structures
  • Communications in a multi-chapter environment

Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey Highlights - article now in our Membership Knowledge Hub

This Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey Highlights article is now available in our Membership Knowledge Hub (and includes links to all of our multi-chapter infographics). You can download it here:

Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey Highlights.

Full survey report 

We’ll be releasing our full survey report early next week and you can sign up to register here: https://www.wildapricot.com/multichapter-benchmarking-survey.

Lori Halley

Posted by Lori Halley

Published Wednesday, 25 September 2013 at 8:30 AM
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