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Highly Engaged Boards, Value Vertigo, Technology Mastery and More

Lori Halley 28 February 2013 0 comments

Here are five insightful posts that we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam this week. This quintet of posts offers: tips for board and member engagement; cautions about technological ignorance; and strategies for inbound messages and as well as email open success.

4 Habits of Highly Engaged Boards

Taylor Overstreet (Greenlights for Nonprofit Success Blog)  notes:

We hear a lot about board member engagement, but what exactly does it mean to “be engaged?” No two board members are alike, so it’s difficult to create a one-size-fits-all approach to board member engagement. ... Engaged board members are constantly wearing their board member hats, always ready to be an ambassador for your organization, and see nearly everyone with whom they come into contact as a potential donor, volunteer, or supporter. 

We don’t want our board members to be bored members (sorry, I couldn’t resist). So just how do we set our board members up for success and an engaging, satisfying experience?

Overstreet offers “four tips to get you started.” 

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Value Vertigo

Joe Rominieki
(Associations Now) suggests:

Maximizing engagement with your association’s benefits while also staying on top of evolving member needs is enough to make you dizzy.

...In Marketing General Inc.’s 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, association membership professionals said their top challenge to growing membership is “membership too diverse/difficulty meeting needs of different segments.” I propose we call this condition “value vertigo”: You ask members what they value and find too many disparate needs to serve them all, but when you produce core benefits you believe are valuable, you find it difficult to maximize engagement with them.

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Technology Mastery is a Must to Succeed Today

Jeff Hurt (Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections) advises:

Technology Ignorance is Not Bliss

As a leader, whether an association or corporate executive, you can no longer afford to ignore the impact that technology has on your current and future operations as well as your organization’s culture. Technology advancements are not going away. Ignoring the speed of change in technology is a sure fire way to allow the competition to get an upper hand.

Hurt offers 3 key areas in which all leaders must develop expertise:  Digital Plumbing; High Beam Strategy and High-Velocity Culture.

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Is Your Association Answering Its Incoming Calls?

Steve Drake (SCD Daily) asks: 

Do you have a strategy and plan for answering inbound messages? 

The InternetRetailer reported that “71% of big brands leave customer tweets unanswered.”...(“Calls” include Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other inquiries.)

...And, it makes me wonder whether associations have the same rate of unanswered tweets (or other questions via Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest).

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How to Get People to Open Your Nonprofit Email

Katya Andresen (Network for Good Learning Center) suggests:

It's no secret that, just like we do, our supporters get a lot of emails each day. On average, individuals receive over a hundred messages per day, each one clamoring for their attention and competing with your fundraising appeal, nonprofit newsletter or member update. The inbox is a crowded place, so how do you stand out and ensure that your emails are being opened?

Andresen offers “seven quick tips for better subject lines.”  

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Want more?

This is just a taste of the Delicious collection of membership and non-profit posts and articles we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam lately. We hope you'll visit often to check-out the latest posts or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Thursday, 28 February 2013 at 8:30 AM
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