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Wild Apricot Software News January 2013

Frank Goertzen 31 January 2013 2 comments

By now you may have read a few exciting things about our upcoming Verison 5.0 release -- including the new themes and tools we’ll be introducing to help your organization become ‘mobile ready’ for 2013.

However something we haven’t written much about (until now) is how we’re planning to make Wild Apricot mobile-friendly for your staff and volunteers in the following release, Version 5.1.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress as our plans are finalized, but here is a little preview of what we’re planning.

Mobile Admin Preview
(click to enlarge)

How will the mobile version be accessed?

The first version of our mobile admin will be a WebApp, which means that you won’t need to download or install anything onto your smartphone. Instead your adminstrators will just type in a special address into the browser of your smartphone (e.g. yourwebsite.com/m) to access their secure login.

And although this version should work on most modern smartphones, we will specifically test and provide support for Apple devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android based devices (i.e Galaxy, Nexus, etc.).

What features will be in the first version?

To start off, we're planning a mobile optimized version of our administrative backend, which will give your administrators access to existing features such as:

  • Searching/browsing contact and member lists
  • Viewing/editing individual contact details
  • Adding new contacts/members
  • Approving/rejecting pending membership applications
  • Adding attendees and attendee guests to events
  • Viewing/editing attendee event registrations
  • Enabling/disabling event registration
  • Billing/Account details

But we’re also planning some new features with the release of the mobile admin such as:

  • Attendee check-in (aka attendance tracking)
  • Personalized contact/member lists: this feature allows each administrator to have a personalized set of contacts/members
  • Universal search: from one spot admins can search across all contact/members and events
  • Profile pictures: administrator or members can define a profile picture that will appear next to their contact listing

Also keep in mind that most of these new features should also be available in the regular desktop version of Wild Apricot. So you won’t necessarily need a smartphone/tablet to access them.

What about _______  feature?

We’re still actively collecting feedback from our users and even plan to release a prototype of the mobile version for our clients to test. To get involved with suggesting/reviewing features or testing the prototype, please let us know in our mobile admin thread on our wishlist.

Frank Goertzen [Fresh Apricot] Frank Goertzen [Fresh Apricot]

Posted by Frank Goertzen [Fresh Apricot]

Published Thursday, 31 January 2013 at 2:04 PM


  • Nathan said:

    Thursday, 31 January 2013 at 2:57 PM
    Very glad to see you guys are moving forward with mobile platforms - it's obviously the future for the entire net.
  • Katie Fritz said:

    Wednesday, 27 March 2013 at 9:45 AM
    I am so excited for the attendance tracking and personalized contact lists! These will be really useful for my two organizations that use Wild Apricot.

    The mobile features will be great as well.
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