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5 Fresh Links and Killer Summer Reads

Lori Halley 03 August 2012 0 comments

In Canada, we're heading into a welcomed long weekend. And for many, this means heading to a cottage for some lake-side leisure. But for those of you who are escaping the heat inside and catching up on your reading, here are highlights of some of the fresh links we've "preserved" on Apricot Jam this week. 

While these are blog posts, not murder mysteries, we have included two that include "killing" in their titles - enjoy!

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Lessons from the Olympics

Craig Linton | Fundraising Detective

With the Olympics in full swing in London, the latest Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up (hosted by Craig Linton) offers a collection of posts inspired by the Olympics on topics such as:  Passing the Volunteer Torch; Olympic sized marketing tips; the difference between winning a gold medal and successfully applying for a grant; and much more.

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Process Killed the Association Star

Elizabeth Weaver Engel | Thanks for Playing

Engel quotes Jamie Notter as saying "Genius isn't hidden. It's afraid of your processes."  Then she notes:

Associations do this all the time. In far too many cases, our default answer is "no." Why? Say it with me: "Because it's against policy." Our default mode is "slow." Why? Because everything has to run through 3000 internal groups and committees...

What do you think? How do we get to "yes" in our organizations?

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Is your approvals process killing your appeals?

BlueFrog Creative writes:

A couple of colleagues from my then agency and I were meeting clients. The relationship wasn’t quite right. The appeals were taking an inordinate amount of time to get out of the door and we were all getting a bit tetchy as a result. Everybody agreed we needed to find out why and put things right.

... I very humbly asked whether it might have something to do with the volume of feedback we were receiving on creative work. With as much deference as I could muster, I inoffensively suggested that 20+ pages of feedback on a 2-page appeal letter might be a tiny bit OTT.

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Be a Better Idea DJ

Holly MinchThe Lightbox Collaborative Blog notes:

...Our colleague Beth Kanter describes social media strategy as a dance floor and a balcony, in which organizations must shift between the big picture view of social media strategy and the more personal interactions down on the social dance floor. DJs hold the two perspectives together, orchestrating the party by shaping the experience and movements of each individual.

Your communications can do the same. When you mix the right beat, vibe and tone of communications content, you can get people engaged and moving together. You can be an idea DJ for your cause. ...here are our top five tips to be a better idea DJ...

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Penn state, and How Nonprofit Boards Will Shape Up In the Wake of Scandal

Alice KorngoldFast Company notes:

... Public attention to recent nonprofit board scandals, as well as robust participation via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media has been influential in the cases of Penn State, University of Virginia, and the Komen Foundation. There were financial and reputational consequences for organizations led by people who made bad decisions.

... two messages are loud and clear: 1) Boards of nonprofit organizations can no longer be secretive about the ways in which they are handling their responsibilities; there will be transparency, and 2) Boards are being held responsible to act with integrity, for the purpose of the mission, in the best interests of the people whom they serve; boards will be held accountable.

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Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Friday, 03 August 2012 at 8:30 AM
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