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Fresh Links on Apricot Jam

Lori Halley 30 March 2012 0 comments

We recently launched a new resource – Apricot Jam  –  which offers a curated collection of fresh posts and articles on relevant topics for associations, non-profits and membership organizations. 

Fresh content – preserved for you.

Here are some of the most Delicious links we have bookmarked this week. You that can view these posts by clicking on the Apricot Jam category or by checking out all of the latest posts:


Why don't they renew?

David M. Patt | AEM

It's not always about value. It's often about who they think should pay the bill. When employees complain about paying a greater share of their health insurance premium, for example, it's not because they don't consider it a good value. It's because they don't think they should have to pay it themselves. When association members don't renew because their employers will no longer pay, it's not always because they don't see value in the membership.


TED and Volunteerism: Why Introverts Make Great Volunteers

Cristopher Bautista | Engaging Volunteers

I’m an introvert. This doesn’t mean I’m shy, or that I like to spend all day locked in my house not talking to people. I spend a good chunk of my day interacting with others either in person or via the Internet (I am the social media intern, after all). I do enjoy connecting with others and learning from them. But I’m most in my element when I’m sitting alone at my computer, typing away at an article or clicking away at Photoshop.

...Many volunteers are naturally outgoing and extroverted. These individuals want to connect with others on a social level. Their skills are great resources for your organization.


YouTube Offers Live Streaming Video to Nonprofits

Cody Switzer | The Chronicle of Philanthropy

YouTube has started a new feature that will allow all nonprofits to broadcast live events through their own video channels. Free live video streaming online isn’t a new technology- one of the best known providers, upstream, started offering the service in 2007 - but YouTube’s new service gives nonprofits the chance to stream video through their existing YouTube channels, with all of the features the site provides for other videos.


Picture this: Expert opinions on telling your story with images

Katya Andresen | Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog

There’s been a fantastic response to this month’s nonprofit carnival topic: telling your story with riveting images. Here’s everything you always wanted to know about the topic from an exceptional range of experts. I’ve arranged the posts into three parts---inspiration, tips and resources.

Social Media:

What does monitoring your brand on social media channels really mean?

Beth Kanter | Beth’s Blog

“Listening” or tracking what people are saying about your brand or issue has always been hailed at the first most important step in building your social media or network strategy. Listening is the process tracking brand mentions or related key words and transforming a “river of noise” into insights that allow you to make decisions. ...Here’s a step-by-step approach to listening.


Improving Conference Attendee Experiences

Jeff Hurt | Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections

Experiences are better when conferences are built around people. The conference experience greatly improves for all stakeholders when they are built around people and their relationships.


3 Quick Questions To Help Leaders Get Out of the Way

Bill Tolany | SmartBlog on Leadership

We all like to think we are leading the way for our teams, but how do we know we aren’t just in the way? Ask yourself these questions.


Where to find the Breakthrough Squirrel

Jeff Brooks | Future Fundraising Now

Wouldn't you love to create some kind of breakthrough that would dramatically improve your ability to influence people, raise funds, get volunteers, and change the world?

A lot of smart nonprofits are trying to do just that. Too many of them, though, are barking up the wrong tree. Doesn't matter how long or loud they bark. It's the wrong tree. The Breakthrough Squirrel isn't up there.

This is just a sample of our collection of posts and articles on Apricot Jam. We hope you'll visit often to check-out the latest posts or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Friday, 30 March 2012 at 10:12 AM
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