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Top 10 Links on Association Jam For October

Lori Halley 24 October 2011 0 comments

What are the top-rated posts on Association Jam this month? 

We've gathered the blog posts and articles that received the highest votes on Association Jam - a community forum for association, non-profit and membership managers, staff and volunteers - in October. The top categories this month were Membership, Other and Leadership. Here they are in ranking order:


Is There a Membership Gene?

Tony Rossell | Membership Marketing blog

The future of membership is often debated in associations, non-profits and local communities. Is membership a concept that’s time has passed and we are looking to a societal future of “bowling alone”? Or is membership and association with others something that is at our core as humans?

Wow...This Membership Thing Really Works

Tom Morrison | The Association Change Agent...007 Style

Over the last year, I've been hearing and reading from many people about the "so-called" change in the association membership model. How you "must" look at the "free dues" model to succeed in the future. How people will not pay you for what they can get for "free" on the internet and young people are not joiners.

I'm here to tell you I'm more excited than ever about the paid membership model because we live it everyday here at MTI and it is working better than ever because we have put out focus on three key areas "every" association must do in order to create amazing value and charge "RETAIL" dues to their members and have them love paying it.


Your Top 10 Content Strategy Questions (Finally!) Answered

Michaela Hackner | NTEN

Nearly all of the web communication challenges I’ve encountered with the groups I’ve worked with stem from basic content planning and governance issues. ...Truth is, content is messy, and the politics, governance issues, and discussions around it can be complicated and time-consuming. We’re all afraid to go there. But we need to.

In case you’re still on the fence, or you’re not really clear about what Content Strategy is and what’s involved, here are answers to the top 10 most important Content Strategy questions.


The Dreaded Red Pen 

Pamela Grow | Pamela's Grantwriting Blog

...For almost two years I had experienced virtual autonomy with an executive director who was thrilled to defer the fundraising aspect of the organization to someone who knew what they were doing. The board of directors asked questions and were thoughtful and attentive during meetings – but they didn’t interfere. What’s more they dutifully put in appearances at events and helped when asked.

And then it happened. A new executive director arrived on the scene.


Three Tips For Effective Fundraising Letters

Marc A. Pitman | The Fundraising Coach

Fundraising letters are a basic staple of fundraising. And even with social media getting all the press, fundraising letters are what is still faithfully bringing in money for nonprofits.

With fall upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to make sure your nonprofit is in people’s mailboxes. Hopefully 2-3 times. Here are 3 tips for fundraising letters.

Social Media:

6 Ways to Tame the Social Media Monster 

Nancy E. Schwartz | Getting Attention.org

I recently returned from Boston, where I co-presented a session titled “How to Tame the Social Media Monster” at the Communications Network conference.

...The greatest fear Communications Network members (staff and consultants who communicate for grantmakers) have is being talked about in a negative way (via comments, forwarding, message kidnapping) and/or overwhelmed by comments. As much as I can counter that these are the same fears I heard when grantmakers contemplated their first websites ... my take and history don’t really matter.

What does matter is acknowledging your fears and pushing through them. Here are six guidelines I shared for taming the social media monster.


How Technology Can Make or Break Your Volunteer Engagement 

Trina Isakson | TrinaIsakson.com

Does your use of technology make you stick out or stand out?

When technology is used for volunteer engagement, the results are not always fantastic. Here are 6 ways technology can make or break your volunteer engagement.


10 Tips for a Successful Fundraising Event

George Wooden | Socialbrite

With so many fundraising campaigns taking place online these days, nonprofits have fewer chances to interact with their supporters face to face. And while fundraising events may no longer be the most important component of your organization’s fundraising strategy, it’s still a good idea to host an event for your supporters and take the opportunity to interact with your community.

Here are 10 key pointers to help you make your next fundraising event an extraordinary one.


The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage

KissMetrics Marketing Blog

As a general rule, your homepage is the first encounter someone will have with your business. Great care should be taken to design and structure your homepage so that readers will digest and act on your business message.


What Are Babies Really Thinking?

Alison Gopnik | Ted Blog

“Babies and young children are like the R&D division of the human species,” says psychologist Alison Gopnik. Her research explores the sophisticated intelligence-gathering and decision-making that babies are really doing when they play.

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Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Monday, 24 October 2011 at 9:25 AM
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