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Found 15 results for September 2011

  • Top 10 AJAM Posts for September 2011

    Lori Halley 30 September 2011 0 comments
    Here are the top 10 posts on Association Jam in September, 2011. The posts that received the highest votes were in the Membership, Leadership and Social Media categories.
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  • Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Submit Posts on Improving the Volunteer Experience

    Lori Halley 29 September 2011 0 comments
    Submit posts on tips, tools and tactics for improving the volunteer experience and effectiveness to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for October. Carnivals are fun - so find out how you can participate!
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  • Apricot Chat: Using Wild Apricot for Training and Events

    Lori Halley 28 September 2011 0 comments
    Fall is in the air, and for many of our clients, it's time to plan events, focus on growth, and either attend or plan training for new members in new roles. Since we're always looking for unique stories about how different organizations use Wild Apricot, this month I turned to the Nonprofit Network in Jackson, MI, to find out how they've been using Wild Apricot to train over 700 individuals across 80 workshops per year.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News September 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 28 September 2011 4 comments
    This month, our Software News post provides an in-depth look at the final stages of the upcoming Version 4.3, and a closer look into the major changes to our CMS for Version 5.0. Check out screenshots of our upcoming changes to e-mail templates and https security, and a peek at some of the new developments our support team is working on.
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  • Earthquakes, Rocking Chairs and Membership Building

    Lori Halley 26 September 2011 0 comments
    Does it take a crisis to bring your membership together? Here are some thoughts on shaking things up to build community.
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  • Free Non-profit Webinar Round-up for October 2011

    Lori Halley 23 September 2011 3 comments
    This month's round-up includes free webinars on branding; email marketing; online fundraising; volunteer management; twitter basics and much more!
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  • Tips for Making Members-only Content More Effective

    Lori Halley 21 September 2011 0 comments
    Here are some tips and ideas to help those who are creating or refreshing the members-only area of your website.
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  • Association Cycles: Changing of the Guard or Rinse and Repeat?

    Lori Halley 19 September 2011 0 comments
    As your association gears up for a new cycle, will you go through a complete changing of the volunteer guard or do you simply repeat the process over again? Here are some thoughts about staying on course as you enter a new volunteer cycle.
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  • Free ebook: 7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers

    Lori Halley 16 September 2011 0 comments
    Here is an overview of the free ebook from Causevox outlining the 7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers.
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  • Getting Started With Cause Marketing

    Lori Halley 14 September 2011 0 comments
    Here are some sources of information for organizations considering Cause Marketing.
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  • Successfully Promoting Your Charity Event

    Lori Halley 12 September 2011 0 comments
    To make your charity event a success, you need to properly plan and promote it. Guest blogger, Howard Adam Levy offers a checklist of things to consider with your event marketing to help get you started.
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  • Stumbling For Good Launched

    Lori Halley 09 September 2011 0 comments
    Stumble Upon has launched a new program to help non-profits increase awareness and site traffic: Stumbling for Good.
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  • The Three C's of Forums

    Lori Halley 08 September 2011 0 comments
    You can use a forum to promote online congregation and communication. But have you used it to crowdsource?
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  • Association Data Management Challenges

    Lori Halley 06 September 2011 0 comments
    What data management challenges are plaguing associations? Here's an overview of EDM's yearly survey of associations and our take on the results.
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  • Never Try To Reason With An Elephant

    Frank Goertzen 02 September 2011 0 comments
    What is it about change that seems to automatically trigger resistance? Our Fresh Apricot offers an overview of Switch and some insight into how it can shape the change you want to see.
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Found 15 results for September 2011

Found 15 results for September 2011

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