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Top Links on Association Jam for August 2011

Lori Halley 29 August 2011 0 comments

Each month we highlight the blog posts and articles that received the most votes on  Association Jam - a community website that offers a forum for association, non-profit and membership managers, staff and volunteers.

In August, the top-rated posts on Association Jam were in the Leadership, Fundraising and Social Media categories.

Here are the most popular posts in all of the AJam categories for this month:


60 Seconds to Failure...or is it Success?

Kerry Stackpole | Acronym 

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new--a new idea, method or device. But which innovation does one embrace? In a world of increasingly scarce resources, organization leaders are faced with a dizzying array of choices.Embracing an increasingly complex and divergent population requires laser-like focus on getting the essentials right. Our fear of missing the next great leap forward propels us, our customers, clients and members toward early adoption of all means of innovation. All at a price.


Crowds: What are they Good For?

Elisa Birnbaum | Charity Village

Crowdsourcing is defined as the outsourcing of tasks by way of a general call-out to a large, undefined group of people. There's also crowdfunding, which relies on the power of crowds to fund projects. No matter its iteration, the idea of crowds and the power they potentially hold for nonprofits is gaining much attention these days.

But while leveraging technology and the power of the group seems a good idea on its surface, how effective are crowds in helping organizations reach fundraising goals?

Harry Potter and The Fundraising Conundrum 

Dan Portnoy | Portnoy Media Group

This past weekend was a big weekend for movie theaters and for Warner Brothers with the triumphant return of “Harry Potter” to theaters for its final installment.

As I sat in the dark theater this weekend, surrounded by a myriad of ages and ethnicities, I started to think about the series, the business, the franchise and what made it work. Next I thought about my clients. What principles could we glean from this success? How could these principles be used to cultivate community?

Social Media:

16 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Page

John Haydon | JohnHaydon.com

Getting fans to comment on your Facebook Page can take a lot of time and effort. And it can sometimes be painful seeing other Facebook Pages who make engagement look easy. But even the most active Facebook Page walls began from a standing start. And many of them got to where they are today by making it easier for fans to comment on their Page.Asking questions is probably the easiest way to get fans commenting.


4 Ways To Build A Stronger Online Community This Summer

Joshua Paul | Online Community Blog

Summer is upon us and that means many members of your online community are not as engaged as they are during the “school year.” Don’t despair! This is a great time to strengthen your online community so that your organization is ready to provide even more value when your audiences make it back from the beach or lake.


Create an Extreme Creativity Makeover Project Team

Mike Brown | The Brainzooming Group

Today’s post is inspired by seeing Extreme Makeover: Home Edition reruns on the TV ...What a great creative idea that’s ripe for stealing and adapting to turn a business project into an Extreme Creativity Makeover.

Next time you have a project team where everyone receives a traditional functional responsibility, assign Extreme Creativity Makeover roles to each person, too. These could include creative responsibilities for:


Oodles of Time Management Tips: July Nonprofit Blog Carnival Round-up

Britt Bravo | HaveFunDoGood

A big thanks to everyone who contributed a post to this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Below is a selection of folks' answers to this month's topic: Time Management Tips. I've highlighted one tip from each post.


The 5 W’s for Inviting Media to Your Event 

Julius Solaris | Event Manager Blog

Inviting media or bloggers to your event is one public relations tactic to increase awareness of your event before, during and afterwards. But reporters and bloggers are inundated with email pitches. Whether this is for an online or in-person event, your invitation must include the Five W’s – who, what, when, where, and why – to stand out from the crowd. And in turn, entice reporters and bloggers to attend your event.


How Are People Using Twitter? [Infographic]

Charlie White | Mashable

Okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to Twitter. But this infographic made me feel a lot better, because it shows me that I’m not alone.

Take a look at Lab42‘s findings, all dolled up for you in an infographic that asks 500 Twitter users how they use the service, how they determine who to follow and a whole lot more.


6 Tips for Writing an Awesome Volunteer Position Description


When you’re recruiting volunteers for a project, it’s nearly unavoidable that you’ll have to write a position description for the position you’re recruiting volunteers for. Recruiting volunteers face-to-face is great, but you might not find all of the volunteers your organization needs while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.

The position description for the volunteer position you’re recruiting for might be the first contact a potential volunteer has with your organization, here are some tips for making it great!

Do you have something to say to Associations?

If you’ve got a stand-out blog post, article, presentation, video, or other online resource to help associations and non-profits be more effective, we invite you to submit your links to AssociationJam.org and vote for your favorites. Follow @associationjam on Twitter to see which stories make it as #ajam front page news!

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Monday, 29 August 2011 at 9:00 AM
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