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Top Association Jam Links for April 2011

Lori Halley 22 April 2011 0 comments

Association Jam logoAre you familiar with Association Jam? It is a community website created to provide a forum for association, non-profit and membership managers, staff and volunteers to find, post and discuss relevant, actionable and fun ideas to nurture your membership and grow your organization. Readers can vote for the most interesting blog posts. 

Each month we highlight the posts and articles that received the most votes. This month, the top-rated blog posts and articles on Association Jam were in the membership, social media and leadership categories. Here’s a look at the most popular links in each “AJam” category – in order of votes – for the month of April 2011: 



Carol-Anne Moutinho  | Association Resource Center - ARC Blog

If your association had a shape, what would it be? Here are some insights on the typical association structure and how you can re-work it to put your members in the driver's seat. 

Eric Lanke | The Hourglass Blog

Listening up means spending time actually talking to your customers, about not just their "wants" and "needs" but about their hopes and fears, their opportunities and threats, their greatest achievements and biggest regrets. How many conversations like this have you had with members of your association? How many opportunities have you had for such a conversation that you've squandered on tactical and programmatic details? Forget about what kind of benefits they want from you. What kind of people do they aspire to be?

Social Media:

Justin Goldsborough | Ragan's PR Daily Europe
Twitter chats are more than just hashtags—they are communities.With that in mind, here are eight key building blocks anyone starting a Twitter chat needs to consider.


User Innovation v. Producer Innovation

Elizabeth Engel | Thanks for Playing

Association blogger Elizabeth Engel, CAE, looks at where good ideas do and can come from, and what that means for associations.

Kerry Stackpole | Wired 4 Leadership

Let’s be honest, you’ve got plenty on your plate already–maybe it’s overflowing. Everyday there are greater demands for your time, association resources, and improved outcomes in all that your organization seeks to achieve on behalf of the membership. That’s exactly why you should want innovation at the center of your plate. Really stupid idea, you say? Don’t be so sure.    


It's Coming: Get Ready for National Volunteer Week  

Shari Ilsen | Engaging Volunteers

It’s one of the biggest times of the year for the volunteering sector. For 7 days the media gives volunteering the attention it deserves and urges everyone to get out and give back. But what does National Volunteer Week mean for nonprofits? Many organizations take the opportunity to organize extra-special volunteering days to attract new community members to the cause... But National Volunteer Week isn’t just about parties and one-off volunteer days (although these are great!) No, the real meat of this annual event is in the relationships.    



Julius Solaris | Event Manager Blog

In a bold move, Google ditched QR and Barcodes in favour of NFC (Near Field Communication). What does that mean for the future of online/offline integration? How can event planners use NFC to maximize revenue and engagement?  


Guest blogger: Angie Schottmuller | Convince & Convert

What makes online content great? Is there a tangible metric, or is it purely subjective? I think it comes down to relevance. The more relevant the content appears, the more magnetic it becomes. Within this relevance I’ve discovered a formula for brands to magnetize content and optimize click-through rates… the Triangle of Relevance. 


The Nonprofit Evolution of the Cloud

John Stockton | CIO Update

The nonprofit sector is in a bit of a technology evolution/revolution. As the industry looks to reduce costs, increase efficiency and engage with constituents that are living lifestyles that embrace mobile, digital and social technologies as never before. It is here that the benefits and options that cloud computing brings to the table are clear.


Online Fundraising for Tiny Nonprofits: A Case Study

Maureen Carruthers | Low Hanging Fruit Communications
Nonprofit fundraising is never easy, but it’s a special kind of difficult for tiny, all volunteer organizations. Here's an example of one such organization's success story.

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Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Friday, 22 April 2011 at 1:00 PM
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