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Free Non-Profit Webinars for April 2011

Lori Halley 28 March 2011 2 comments

Here is our monthly round-up of free webinars for non-profits and other membership organizations that we've gathered for the month of April. This month, we've found 20+ free webinars on topics such as: fundraising, grant writing, social media strategies, volunteer management, video tips for non-profits and much more. So be sure to look through the list to see what might be of interest to you or others in your organization.

While we've done our best to capture all of the free non-profit webinars out there for the coming month, be sure to check back from time to time to see if late-coming webinar notices are added in the comments section, down below. As always, if you're aware of a free non-profit webinar that missed our list, please add a comment below with the details.

Wild Apricot Product Webinars:

Setting Up Your Wild Apricot Website

Thursday, 14 April 2011
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Eastern)

Want to know more about how to customize your Wild Apricot website? In this free webinar, we'll dig deep into the website portion of Wild Apricot, demonstrating key operations related to website setup, customization and page editing.

Wild Apricot Software Overview

Tuesday, 19 April 2011
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Eastern)

This free webinar is an introduction to Wild Apricot Software for associations, non-profits and other member-driven organizations. Led by one of our friendly and knowledgeable Apricots, you'll learn about the many features including: member applications and renewals; self-service portal; online member directory; communications features; event registration and management and more. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and see first-hand how Wild Apricot can help you manage the "boring stuff" and get on with the real work of your organization.

Check our website later this month for additional Wild Apricot product webinars.


Grantseeking Basics

Tuesday, 5 April, 2011
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Eastern)

Are you new to non-profit fundraising? This free webinar from FoundationCenter.org provides an overview of the funding research process for those seeking grants from foundations, corporations and grantmaking public charities. You'll learn: what you need to have in place before you seek a grant; what you need to know about grantmakers and how non-profits are supported; how you identify funding partners; and about resources for your grantseeking efforts.

How to Captivate and Engage Constituents With Your Website

Wednesday, 6 April 2011
10:30 am to 12:00 noon (Central)

In this webinar, offered through the Center for Nonprofit Resources, you'll learn: the 5 required elements of an engaging website; the 3 biggest mistakes non-profits make with their websites; 5 proven methods for promoting your organization online; and the #1 thing non-profits should consider for Search Engine Optimization. This webinar is presented by Jay Wilkinson, founder and CEO of Firespring.

State of the Social Media Marketing Industry

Wednesday, 6 April 2011
2:00 pm (Eastern)

Are you looking for the latest social media marketing trends? Wondering what tools businesses are focusing on and how much they're investing, the benefits of their efforts, the questions marketers most want answered and their plans for the future? In this Hubspot webinar, Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, will reveal the results of a brand new study of more than 3300 social media marketers. Attendees will also receive a free copy of the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Introduction to Fundraising Planning

Thursday, 7 April 2011
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Eastern)

A successful nonprofit has diversified funding streams. If your organization has never developed a fundraising plan or calendar, this session is for you. It provides an overview of the process of strategically thinking through the components of a fundraising plan. In this FoundationCenter.org webinar, you'll learn how to: conduct an assets inventory; develop a case statement; identify funding partners; and prepare a fundraising plan and calendar.

How to Employ the Dragonfly Effect to Create an Effective Social Program

Thursday, 7 April 2011
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Eastern)

The Dragonfly Effect offers quick, effective and powerful ways to use social media to drive social change. This free Charityhowto.com webinar will outline the four wings of the Dragonfly Effect Model and describe a framework for action and highlights the approaches and results achieved by scores of individuals and organizations.  Please note: to access this webinar you must have a Facebook profile. Simply log into your Facebook profile and click the Like Button then you'll be redirected to the registration page for this free webinar.

Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies

Thursday, 7 April 2011
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Eastern)

Interviewing each prospective volunteer can seem overwhelming, but it's one of the best ways to ensure that the volunteers you recruit are the volunteers you need. This VolunteerMatch webinar introduces a variety of question types used in volunteer interviews and offers strategies for honing your interview skills. materials will be provided to help you implement this process in your organization.

Action! Easy Inexpensive Video Tips for Non-profits

Tuesday, 12 April 2011
12:00 - 1:00 pm (Eastern)

Nonprofits must reach multiple stakeholders - donors, volunteers, funders, partners, board and clients. Video is  a great way to address each of those constituencies directly and individually with targeted messages and specific calls to action.  In this Ventureneer webinar you'll learn how to use both video and motion graphics to make your social media posts take on new life, attract more viewers and generate more engagement in those viewers.

Engaging the Board in the Development Process

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
1:00 pm (Eastern)

Many organizations struggle with involving the board in the development process. Although well intentioned, many board members aren't sure whom to target or how to initiate referrals. In this GuideStar webinar, Kevin Strickland, president of the Not for Profit Group, will share a proven process for getting your board engaged in the development process. This session will focus on the strategies, tactics and skills necessary  to guide and influence your board, ensuring long-term success.

Major Gift Strategies That Work

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
3:00 pm (Eastern)

To grow philanthropy in the new economy, savvy nonprofit board members, executives and advancement leaders have increased efforts to solicit major gifts. Learn how to align a fundraising team to secure "stretch gifts." Gain insights to help develop executive strategies for your team to discover, qualify, engage and ask the right donor-investors. This webinar - part of the Wednesday Webinar Series offered by Nonprofit Webinars.com - will offer ways to reach and find resonance with donor-investors and sustain a compelling conversation for effective engagement and solicitation.

Social Media and Volunteer Engagement

Thursday, 14 April 2011
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Eastern)

What do you need to know about social media as a volunteer program manager? How can you use sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers? This VolunteerMatch webinar will offer an introduction to including social media in your volunteer recruitment and retention plans.


Open Q& A: Social Media Measurement

Tuesday, 19 April 2011
2:00 pm (Eastern)

Investing in blogging, Facebook and Twitter comes with a mountain of data available to all businesses. Followers, fans, retweets, comments, blog readers, brand mentions,  etc. It can all be a bit daunting and sometimes expensive to track. In this Hubspot webinar, Amber Naslund, Jay Baer, Mike Volpe and Jason Keath seek to answer your questions such as: Does social media measurement have to be expensive? How do you measure without hiring an expert? What success metrics should you be worried about?

Boomer Volunteers Building Capacity: Sustaining a Culture of Volunteer Engagement

Wednesday, 20 April 2011
12:00 - 1:00 pm (Pacific)

Collaborative volunteer engagement positions organizations to survive and thrive through changing times. This VolunteerMatch webinar (part of a series of four webinars that can be taken in any order) addresses key steps to sustaining a collaborative culture .of volunteer engagement with Baby Boomers. It will focus on strategic interviewing, negotiating results and supporting your volunteers.

The A to Z of Mobile Fundraising

Wednesday, 20 April 2011
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Eastern)

More and more people are shifting their email and web-surfing habits from laptops to smart-phones. What does this mean for online fundraising? This session will explore a variety of mobile strategies fundraisers should consider to appeal to this growing smart-phone crowd. You will learn best practice strategies and identify tactics to successfully develop your mobile fundraising campaigns. This Charityhowto.com webinar is presented by Claire Kerr, Director, Digital Philanthropy.

Proposal Writing Basics

Thursday, 21 April 2011
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Eastern)

In this FoundationCenter.org webinar, those new to proposal writing will find answers to common questions, such as: how the proposal fits into the overall grantseeking process; what to include in a standard proposal to a foundation; what funders expect to see in your proposal and attachments. You'll also learn tips for communicating with funders during the grant process and additional resources on proposal writing, including sample proposals.

Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Eastern)

Learn the characteristics of effective nonprofits and assess whether yours is ready for foundation fundraising. This webinar is designed for new nonprofits or community groups with very little experience in grantseeking. This FoundationCenter.org webinar focusses on: what groundwork has to be in place before approaching foundations; what are the steps to obtaining incorporation and nonprofit status; and what are the characteristics of successful nonprofits?

Proposal Budgeting Basics

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Eastern)

Learn how to prepare and present a budget in a grant proposal. This FoundationCenter.org webinar, for the novice grantseeker, will answer budgeting questions, such as: what kinds of expenses are covered under "personnel?" What level of detail do you need to include for non-personnel expenses? What types of expenses can be included in the "overhead" category? What other documents will funders want to see? Foundation Center strongly recommends taking their Proposal Writing Basics webinar prior to this one.

Raising Funds for Your Organization's Future

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011
12 Noon - 1:15 pm (Eastern)

In these difficult times, nonprofit organizations are looking for new sources of funding. With more and more baby boomers retiring, planned giving looks like a promising source of donations. This webinar - offered by the DC Bar ProBono Program - can help take the mystery out of planned giving and will explain how even small and medium sized organizations can develop a planned giving program. The webinar will also provide practical tips about how to get a planned giving program off the ground in order to develop a long-term income stream for your organization.

Ten Steps to Getting More out of Facebook for Your Nonprofit

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Eastern) 

For nonprofits, the power of Facebook offers an opportunity to promote their cause to close to 600 million active Facebook users worldwide. This free Charityhowto.com webinar, presented by John Haydon, social media expert is intended to help your nonprofit get more results from Facebook. It will help answer questions such as: why you should use a Facebook Page instead of a Group or Profile; what category you should choose for your page; how often should you update your page, etc. Please note: to access this webinar you must have a Facebook profile. Simply log into your Facebook profile and click the Like Button then you'll be redirected to the registration page for this free webinar.

How to Approach a Foundation

Thursday, 28 April 2011 
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Eastern)

Learn how to build relationships with foundation prospects and prepare for calls and meetings with funders. From initial contact to getting funded, following field-tested best practices will increase your chances of getting the grant. In this FoundationCenter.org webinar, you'll learn how to initiate contact with potential funders; plan calls and meetings; communicate during and after a grant decision; and ultimately, how to build lasting partnerships with grantmakers.


Same time, next month?

This round-up of free non-profit webinars is a regular monthly feature compiled by the Wild Apricot BlogSubscribe by RSS or get updates by email  and be sure to catch next month’s webinars, as well as other great resources for associations and non-profits.

Do you have a webinar for the May Round-up?

If your organization offers a free webinar that would be of interest to non-profit, membership or volunteer-based organizations and you want to include it in next month's post, please email an overview (like those above) to lori@wildapricot.com no later than April 15th.


And, as always, if you know of a free webinar that we've missed for this month – please share the details in the comments section below - but please provide only a brief overview!

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Monday, 28 March 2011 at 2:00 PM


  • Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

    Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] said:

    Tuesday, 05 April 2011 at 7:17 AM

    Idealware has a free webinar in April that was not included in our round-up above:

    April 14, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern.

    Optimizing Your Websites for Search Engines (https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/957/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=65350)

    Does your organization show up on the first page of results in search engines like Google or Yahoo?  This session will cover the techniques that can help for those without technical skills.  

  • Sam Frank said:

    Monday, 25 April 2011 at 5:38 AM


    You've been great about picking up the listings for our two weekly nonprofit webinars, but I notice that you have only one of our April webinars listed. Just in case we've missed the boat for may as well, here's our list for the month (links to more detail and free registrations at http://bit.ly/SyPwebinars):

    May 4  

    1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT

    Shauna Carey

    Community Manager for Sparked.com

    Things You Shouldn't Be Paying For

    3:00 pm EDT / noon PDT

    Renee Bourque

    Bright Star Grant Consultants, Inc

    Grant Funding Forecast 2011 & Beyond

    May 11  

    1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT

    John Hilley

    Founder and President, Patmos LLC

    A Game Plan for Making Decisions Before, During, and After a Crisis Hits Your Organization

    3:00 pm EDT / noon PDT

    Amy Sample Ward

    Community Development Manager for Community-Driven Innovation at TechSoup Global

    Crowdsourcing vs Community-Sourcing

    May 18  

    1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT

    Cecilia Harry  

    economic developer for a non-profit organization        

    If You Evaluate It, They Will Fund: Program Evaluation Essentials

    3:00 pm EDT / noon PDT

    Debra Askanase

    Community Organizer 2.0

    Using Social Media

    May 25  

    1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT

    J Gallion & D Taylor

    Nonprofit HR Solutions

    Nonprofit Performance Management Design Strategies

    3:00 pm EDT / noon PDT

    Michele Levy

    brand strategist

    Effective Marketing Communications On a Shoestring


    Sam Frank

    Principal, Synthesis Partnership

    Director, Wednesday Webinar Series at Nonprofitwebinars

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