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Association Jam - Top Links for February 2011

Lori Halley 24 February 2011 0 comments

In February, blog posts and articles on Social Media, Membership, Volunteers, Leadership and non-profit communications (listed under "Other") were the top rated links on AssociationJam.org.

Here's a look at some of the most popular links submitted to Association Jam in February, 2011 by category:

Social Media:

Five Reasons Why Facebook Will Never Replace Your Website 

Maggie McGary | SocialFish

Today someone said something which still has me reeling hours later: "Facebook will eventually replace websites." Was this person the first to ever have said it? Surely not. But it was the first time I've ever heard an actual person say it, and I'm telling you, it freaked me out that someone could honestly believe something so crazy to be true. I was taken aback at the time and didn't respond; now that I've had a few hours for it to sink in, let me say here what I should have said then: THAT IS THE WORST IDEA EVER.

The Battle Against Info-Overload: Is Relevance or Popularity the Best Filter?

Marshall Kirkpatrick | ReadWriteWeb

The rise of social media has led to an exponential proliferation of content online and widespread demand for tools to filter that information. Popularity and relevance are the most common metrics through which to filter that content - but are they the best? We asked three people building cutting-edge social software what they think the relationship between relevance, popularity and filtering is going to be in the future. They offered three very different responses. What do you think the future of information filtering will look like?

How Can a Small Nonprofit with BIG hopes Get Involved With Social Media With No Investment?

Carol-Anne Moutinho  | Association Resource Center - ARC Blog

The bottom line is that social media requires an investment. The good news is that there are many things your small nonprofit can do to make an impact without wasting your valuable resources.



Twitter, Red Cross 'Voluntweeters' to the Rescue in Chicago Blizzard

Michelle Damico | Michelle Damico Communications

How Twitter and Red Cross Voluntweeters came to the rescue during the Chicago Blizzard of 2011. Red Cross Marketing Director tells her story to a conference of Digital PR evangelists.



Why Member Feedback is the Secret Sauce of Successful Associations

Carol-Anne Moutinho  | Association Resource Center - ARC Blog

When members think about your association, which word do you think is more likely to pop into their heads: Meh? or Marvellous? Your association might have all of the key ingredients: leadership, resources, organization, focus... but does it have the secret sauce that spells the difference between a good association and a great one?


Strategic Planning Made Simple

Jack Shand | Charity Village

Strategy - much like governance - is not something most volunteers (or even staff) understand. It behooves not-for-profit leaders to help others to be comfortable with planning. In this feature article for Charity Village, Jack Shand explains how to make strategic planning simple - through a planning workshop that uses a real-life example to build the level of comfort with participants.


A Brand Rant - and Three Little Ideas for Making Your Brand Shine

Katya Andresen | Katya's Non-profit Marketing Blog

I've heard a lot of branding horror stores lately. Too often, a nonprofit - or a company - starts to have problems and decides what will fix the mess is "rebranding." ... They roll out their new look only to realize it hasn't solved the deeper problems that led to the weakening of the organization in the first place. Your brand isn't what you seek to project. It's how people perceive you. It's the impression people have in their hearts and minds when they think about your organization.

Nonprofit Publications: A Whole New (Virtual) World

Rebecca Arno | Communications Network Blog

Today's virtually driven world calls for a whole new way of looking at publications. What do we choose to print? What goes virtual? How do you decide, and once you've made the choice... how do you know you made the right one? Rebecca Arno, VP Communications at the Denver Foundation, explains the process her organization goes through to decide how to create the best suite of materials to reach [their] audiences.

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Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Thursday, 24 February 2011 at 8:30 AM
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