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Wild Apricot Software News June 2010

Dmitriy Buterin 03 June 2010 0 comments

A few years ago (I think it was when my son turned 10), I realized that we have some irreconcilable differences between us. Specifically, we could not agree on what date is the first day of summer. For me that always was – and is – June 1st (my farmer roots??). However, smartypants that he is, my son insists on the scientific/astronomy-based date – June 22nd or something. We agreed to disagree, and I gave him my official permission to wear his spring clothes (or even winter ones if he prefers) until June 22nd.

But this is my blog post, so I am officially announcing that the summer is upon us here at Wild Apricot! (And judging by the very hot second half of May, this summer will be a real scorcher in Toronto!)

The biggest update since our last month's newsletter is that we finally set the target date for release 3.5 – August 23rd. It is quite a bit later than what we had originally planned for this release – but given the magnitude of changes we are making in the underlying system, and reviewing all our testing plans, we have decided to play it safe.

As I mentioned before, the bulk of the release 3.5 is redesign of the Financial Management functionality.

Another big change is a new import wizard, including things like:

  • ability to import files in CSV and XLS formats (instead of requiring to use a special template in XML spreadsheet as we do now)
  • logging of import operations
  • ability to update list field values based on what's in the import file
  • map your file columns to Wild Apricot fields on the fly and create new fields during import

Also, due to the extra time allocated to the Financial Management module development and testing, we have been able to add some small but useful last-minute additions to release 3.5, such as:

  • Increasing system load speed by combining multiple Javascript code libraries into one
  • Editor function to Insert anchors
  • Editor function to Insert links to events
  • Ability to create a copy of a webpage
  • Ability to search help site from within your Wild Apricot account 
  • Proactive cleanup of invalid HTML code (you would be surprised by how much time our support team spends on tickets related to some invalid/malformed HTML code which somehow made it to website pages - usually through copy-pasting)

Finally, we are adding a few color variations to a couple of existing themes as well as adding one new theme:


In the meantime, I have also reviewed each and every post on our Wishlist discussion forum – lots of great ongoing feedback there, which I have reconciled with our internal product planning system to ensure that our development priorities correspond to your needs. Quite a few timely items that correspond to the features we are considering for the next release 3.6.

Last but not least – Wild Apricot will be turning 4 years this July, so Jay Moonah is already at work planning our anniversary par-TAY! – his spelling. :-) If you are in Toronto around July 8th and are a client, a partner or a reader of our blog, drop us a line at info @ wildapricot.com to get the official invite!

Have a great summer everyone, and I will see you around on our various websites!

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot] Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Posted by Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Published Thursday, 03 June 2010 at 9:49 AM
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