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Wild Apricot Software News October 2009

Dmitriy Buterin 30 October 2009 3 comments

Wild Apricot version 3.2 was released on October 1st, as planned. We have since patched a couple of minor problems, but all in all it has been the smoothest version release at least in the last 12 months. My personal thanks to our developers and testers! Also, special thanks to Giuliano Valentino for creating a nice video summary of key updates in version 3.2. Watch 3.2 video

We are already at the end of October, which means that our development phase on version 3.3 has just a few more days to run. (And then November will be spent on many rounds of testing before this next version is released in early December.)

I am very excited about the next upcoming version 3.3 — it is the 'meatiest' version we had in a while, in terms of enhancements and changes to address comments and requests from our clients.

Here's what is coming in version 3.3:

  • Ability to register multiple people for an event in a single transaction. It has been requested by many of our clients for quite a while — and I am liking a lot what our team has come up with. We are addressing different ways that people handle multiple event registrations, e.g.: ability to enter just a number of guests; ability to specify name and contact info for each guest; ability to fill out event registration forms for each guest.
  • Major redesign of the member directory, including:
    • New search interface option — what we call 'browsing'. For example, you might have a field like 'Specialty' in your member directory. In browsing mode, the system will list all the specialties and number of records behind each one - and people will be able to click on it to get a list of members with that specialty;
    • Administrators to be able to explicitly define a list of fields to be used in the Advanced search screen;
    • Ability to use a 'saved search' to select records to be included in the directory (In addition to current setup where records are selected by levels). For example, you can easily create a directory to list all current board members (assuming they are marked with a special field or by using the Groups function);
    • Option to only list 'parent' records in the directory (aka bundle administrators). For example, let's say you have organizations as corporate members and individuals within those organizations - and you are using 'Bundles'. In 3.3 you can create a directory to list only the organizations (aka bundle administrators) — and then on each organization profile page show a list of individual members within that organization;
    • Ability to use keyword search at any time during the search. For example, start with Advanced search or Browsing to narrow down your list — and then do a keyword search within it;
    • And we are finally correcting our old oversight — it is now possible to easily control the visibility of system field 'Membership level' on profile pages.
  • Full-blown editing and formatting of tables, right within Wild Apricot editor:
    • Change table/row/column size;
    • Change alignment for table/row/column/cell;
    • Change table padding;
    • Change border and background for table/row/column/cell.
    • With this functionality you are able to create and edit tables right in the Wild Apricot editor — instead of copy-pasting them from Microsoft Word (which inserts all kind of formatting junk).
  • Using WYSIWYG editor within iframes — for example, if you use Wild Apricot widgets to embed a blog or discussion forum into another website
  • Recurring payments via Authorize.Net
  • New gadget — 'Donation Goal' — a visual indicator or where you stand with your donations regarding a specified goal
  • Ability to display a list of event attendees on the event page (each registrant has the ability to opt in/out from being included)
  • Routing of different types of system emails to different people. For example, all event registration emails can be directed to event manager while all membership emails would go to membership manager.
  • Automatic checking of custom domains — we did have quite a few clients in the past whose domains were setup incorrectly (via forwarding, domain masking etc.) and their Wild Apricot sites malfunctioned because of that (email links, payments, etc.) Now the system will automatically check a custom domain whether it is properly set up.
  • Administrator access has been revised — e.g. web editors will no longer have access to contacts/members.

We had also hoped to include a 'Friends' feature for social networking, but it did not make it into release 3.3 after all.

Our goal is to launch version 3.3 in early December, so that we'll have plenty of time to debug any possible problems before our team takes time off for Christmas and New Year's.

In other news

We have published a few more help videos, including the following:

Join us on Facebook! We're ramping up the Wild Apricot Facebook Fan Page and we would love for you to join us there.  We've got some fun activities planned for the very near future, so sign on at www.facebook.com/wildapricot and stay tuned.

Our own Chief Apricot Dmitry is featured in a recent article from Profit Magazine, highlighting the efforts companies are making to hang on to clients in a challenging economy. Dmitry talks about how we are constantly seeking feedback through our forums - and how we act on that feedback.

In addition to the new "Working Knowledge" webinars, focused on nonprofit and association issues, we are once again offering our popular introductory "What is Wild Apricot?" session on November 3. Visit www.wildapricot.com/webinars to sign up for all our webinars - they're FREE

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot] Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Posted by Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Published Friday, 30 October 2009 at 11:16 AM


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