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Best of Association Jam - Association Links for October 2009

Lori Halley 29 October 2009 2 comments

Association Jam logo Membership, Fundraising, Volunteers and, above all, Social Media topics came up tops in the links submitted to and voted on at AssociationJam.org in September 2009.

Here are the Top 10 association links for this month — did you catch these great posts from around the Web?

1. 16 Starter Tips for Nonprofit Blogging
Frank Barry (www.netwitsthinktank.com) | Social Media

Jeff Patrick and Frank Barry recently did a webinar on Nonprofit Blogging, and hit the highlights again here for those who missed the live learning event, including both the full presentation [embedded from Slideshare] and quick tips to get you thinking about blogs."

2. On-site and Online Fundraising Best Practices
Anthony Sicola (www.netwitsthinktank.com) | Fundraising

How do nonprofits blend on-site fundraising and online fundraising? Stern Grove Festival puts it all in the hands of their supporters and gives them multiple ways to engage and give.

3. How Will SideWiki Affect Your Association?
Maggie McGary (www.mizzinformation.com) | Social Media

Still thinking social media is just a fad you're going to ride out? Still thinking you don't have the staff resources to bother with monitoring what's being said about your organization — let alone attempt to facilitate that conversation on your own turf? Guess you better think again now that Google SideWiki is in the picture.

4. Rant Alert: Forget Perfect
Lindy Dreyer (www.socialfish.org) | Social Media

Lindy Dreyer lets off a little steam. The thesis: don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

5. From Rogue Member to Board Member...Reform At DMA
Maggie McGary (www.mizzinformation.com) | Membership

How a "rogue" member started a movement encouraging fellow members to demand a better association... and ended up on the board, leading a reform that will include rewriting the bylaws and increased transparency and member involvement.

6. 5 Ways Clarity Can Replace Control
Lindy Dreyer (www.socialfish.org) | Social Media

Lindy Dreyer gives ideas for how associations can use clarity to overcome the loss of control that comes with embracing new media.

7. Want to start a nonprofit? Think again
Kristin Ivie (www.socialcitizens.org) | Volunteers

When a bright, passionate, innovative Millennial sees a problem, I don't think starting a nonprofit should be the default solution... Before you start designing your new nonprofit’s logo, ask yourself a few questions to determine if that’s the best thing.

8. How a Facebook Event Transformed an Organization
Debra Askanase (www.communityorganizer20.com) | Social Media

This is an in-depth analysis about how one organization, Sviva Israel, used the Facebook Events feature to tie online and offline organizing, and how it transformed the organization in the process: "I don’t know of any other group that has mastered the art of the Facebook Event to this extent."

9. 8 Best Free Video-Sharing Sites for Nonprofits
Wild Apricot Blog (www.wildapricot.com) | Social Media

YouTube may be the grandaddy of video-sharing sites — and yes, you’ll definitely want to be there, especially if your organization qualifies for YouTube’s special program for nonprofits — but it’s not the only video-sharing game in town.

10. Using Chris Brogan's Archimedes Principle To Leverage Nonprofits on Twitter Suggested User List
Beth Kanter (beth.typepad.com) | Social Media

Chris Brogan's Archimedes Effect is from his book Trust Agents (co-authored with Julien Smith). The principle is about leverage... how can we leverage the addition of nonprofits and charities on the Twitter Suggested User List?

Get linked...

If you’ve got a stand-out blog post, article, presentation, video, or other online resource to help associations and non-profits be more effective, add your story links at AssociationJam.org. Follow @associationjam on Twitter, to see which stories get voted up and onto the front page!


Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Thursday, 29 October 2009 at 9:59 AM


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