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Microsoft Office Live Workspace takes on Google Apps

Lori Halley 05 March 2008 1 comments

Microsoft's Office Live Workspace – just launched – is a free web-based service that lets people organize documents and projects online, access their documents via the web,  and share them with others who may view and comment on shared documents.  It's been described as an online extension of MS Office desktop software, Microsoft's answer to Google Apps for document sharing and online collaboration.  But which service would best meet the working needs of your organization?  ReadWriteWeb has posted a feature-by-feature comparison of Office Live and Google Apps, explaining what each has to offer, while loyal users of Microsoft and Google engage the merits of their favourite in an extended comment thread at the end of the article.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Wednesday, 05 March 2008 at 12:25 PM


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