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Found 12 results for July 2007

  • Google Optimizer: free tool to increase sign-ups, donations or anything else on your site

    Lori Halley 31 July 2007 5 comments
    Google has recently released a new product: a testing tool called Website Optimizer to help sites maximize conversion rates. It's a powerful tool and completely FREE (these tools used to cost big $$$). At its simplest, Website Optimizer helps you test...
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  • Version 2.21 released! Now with blog module enhancements and new payment reports

    Lori Halley 27 July 2007 0 comments
    Version 2.21 of Wild Apricot has been released with more new features and enhancements. Here's a quick overview of key new features and changes (you can read more on our Wild Apricot release history page ): Blog module enhancements We've enhanced the...
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  • Top Five Reasons why Agile Methodology is important for non-profits

    Lori Halley 25 July 2007 2 comments
    For the first time, I am participating in the Nonprofit Blog Exchange developed by Emily Weinberg . In this round, I have the pleasure of being paired with Michael Stein's blog . I'm a regular reader and subscriber to his blog and always find it valuable....
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  • Updated Reader Poll: What is your most painful admin task?

    Lori Halley 24 July 2007 4 comments
    Hi all, UPDATE (24/7/2007 9:00 AM) Due to a small technical glitch, the reader poll I posted last week wasn't working properly. But it looks like everything is fine now, so here it is again. I've been writing in this blog for a year now. Looking at...
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  • Using online tools to build alumni relations- La Habra High School Alumni Association Mini-Case Study

    Lori Halley 20 July 2007 2 comments
    In this Mini-Case Study, we interview Priscilla Christian and highlight La Habra High School Alumni Association as a very special project. Priscilla Christian, Vice Chairwoman and Webmaster La Habra High School Alumni Association Priscilla serves as...
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  • Instant Messaging - How to use MeeboMe to engage your members

    Lori Halley 18 July 2007 9 comments
    Instant messaging tools are becoming extremely common (one the biggest gripes from early buyers of just launched Apple iPhone was that it does not have a built-in chat). Most of us are now very familiar and comfortable with regular IM tools like MSN...
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  • Reader Poll - Most painful admin tasks

    Dmitriy Buterin 16 July 2007 1 comments
    I've been writing in this blog for a year now. Looking at the year ahead I have decided to ask you, our readers - what topics are you interested in the most? Perhaps you like the variety of topics about nptech or you prefer to read about online tools...
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  • Another day, another software release :-)

    Lori Halley 13 July 2007 0 comments
    As you might know, we practice (and preach) Agile software development - which means that Wild Apricot software gets updated every few weeks based on feedback we collect and prioritize from all of our clients. ( Read more about our development philosophy...
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  • Idealware Article: A Few Good Tools to Manage Content on Simple Sites

    Lori Halley 11 July 2007 0 comments
    This is an excellent article that Laura Quinn from Idealware has written about content management software. She outlines and summarizes all the different tools, CMSs, hosted integrated tools, and other Web solutions available to help nonprofits choose...
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  • Google helps non-profits create stories online

    Lori Halley 09 July 2007 1 comments
    Google has announced Google Earth Outreach : "A new program designed to help nonprofit organizations around the world leverage the power of Google Earth to illustrate and advocate for the important work that they do." Google Earth Outreach allows organizations...
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  • Board Meetings...Why have them?

    Lori Halley 05 July 2007 0 comments
    Copyright, Grantland Enterprises; www.grantland.net. Used with permission. May not be reproduced in any format.
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  • Wild Apricot turns 1 year old!

    Lori Halley 02 July 2007 2 comments
    Today marks a special day for the Wild Apricot team - it's a one year birthday for our product and our blog! It all started in July 2006 when we first introduced Wild Apricot to the world. We already knew from first-hand experience, that people running...
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Found 12 results for July 2007

Found 12 results for July 2007

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