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Wild Apricot releases 2.17 and 2.18 - added new features and functionalities

Lori Halley 15 May 2007 0 comments

Two new versions of Wild Apricot (2.17 and 2.18) have been released in the last 5 weeks. Here's a quick overview of key new features and changes:

Member application workflow customization

Administrators can now control the way the system processes new member applications and sends confirmation emails. For example, when a new member application comes in, you can set it as Pending so that no email is sent out and then manually change it to Active and to send out a confirmation email.

Note: Make sure to review this feature. Default settings have been changed. Go to Settings / Member application workflow and e-mails to review and change settings as appropriate.


Member Renewal / Donations email customization

We have expanded email customization:

You can customize emails sent to people in connection with membership renewal:

You can also customize emails sent out after a donation confirmation has been received. 

Sort Member Directory

You can now control how the member directory is sorted. For example, you might want to sort by Member level first, then by last name. In this way your members in 'premium' membership categories will be displayed higher up.

Flexible event pricing based on registration form options

You can set up event registrations where total price is a function of selections made by each registrant. For example:

New field types for event registration and member application forms

When customizing event registration/member application forms, we added two more field types: dropdowns (similar to radio buttons but more compact) and multi-line text (up to 3000 characters which is about 1 page of text).

Filter pending and confirmed attendees

We also made a small but useful change. When you are viewing a list of people registered for a particular event, you can quickly filter to view only pending / only confirmed registrants - or both:


(and you can thus export or email everyone in your current selection)

Display of Wild Apricot's current version

Wild Apricot’s current version is now provided on the dashboard page to help keep you updated on the latest release. We also added a link to a page that lists each of Wild Apricot's versions since July 2006. 

Performance Improvements

We've also spent some time reviewing our code to optmize and improve performance for our users. For example, advanced search in member database now works almost ten times faster.

New Features Coming Soon

Here are some of the new features we're working on:

Prototyping of Blog /discussion module. We are designing a module which can serve as either a blog or a discussion forum on your website.

White-labelling Wild Apricot. We’re creating a prototype of our white-label reseller service that will be launched by end of June 2007. With this service you can open a Wild Apricot account in your own name - and then brand the system with your name and logo.

Editor functions to change size/font. We’re planning to enhance the editor functions to give users the ability to change fonts and sizes according to their needs.

Header customization. We’re also working on making header customization easier for our users by including a header background image.

New template websites. On the next release, we’ll add seven new types of Wild Apricot website templates for different account types. These include templates for professional and trade associations; conferences and events; charity organizations; churches and faith based groups; hobby clubs; social causes and support groups as well as condo and homeowners associations.

Redesign register page to simplify. We’re redesigning the registration page to make it easier for you to open an account and get started using Wild Apricot.

Referrals/affiliate functionality. We’re implementing functionalities for our referrals/affiliate partner program. As an affiliate partner, you can earn 10% commission on all organizations referred through you who sign-up for a billable Wild Apricot account.

Extending CSS customization with loading images via WebDAV. We’re further customizing the CSS feature to give users the ability to add their own pictures.

As always, if you have any feedback or want to contribute to ongoing design and development, please keep it coming - via forum or email.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Tuesday, 15 May 2007 at 9:07 AM
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