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Wild Apricot News: Membership Database and Association Management: Wild Apricot Site Relaunched

Lori Halley 19 March 2007 0 comments

Wild Apricot, an easy and affordable membership, event and website management solution designed for non profits, clubs, churches and associations, was relaunched today at www.wildapricot.com

Toronto, ON March 19, 2007 -- Wild Apricot is a fully integrated, turn-key association management solution to help associations, clubs and non-profit organizations comfortably and inexpensively manage their membership database needs over the web. It effectively puts membership database and association management on autopilot.

Developed by BonaSource Inc. as an integrated set of on-demand software tools for web 2.0, Wild Apricot gives time-starved association and non-profit managers and volunteers a one-stop resource to easily build a hosted website that can be used to handle many of their membership management needs, and even offer online event registration, charitable donation and payment services. Conveniently, all accounts come equipped with website templates.

The membership management, website content management, event management  and registration, and secure online payment and donation management tools at an affordable cost for even the smallest association, club, church or non-profit organization. Monthly subscription
Plans for the software-as-a-service start at $12, with no setup or installation fees.

"Since we initially launched it in 2006, we have been constantly updating the Wild Apricot site to reflect the feedback and questions we've received from our customers and prospects," said Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot and co-founder of BonaSource. "The new site we're launching today is a pure achievement of the open lines of communication we work hard at maintaining with our customers. Every feature in Wild Apricot was designed with the direct input of our customers."

Membership Database Management
With Wild Apricot's web-based membership database management tools, the job of maintaining a single, clean contacts and members list can now be quickly, accurately and securely updated by an organization's staff or volunteers, regardless of how much data management experience they have. The self serve database management solution allows members to manage their own records with autonomy.

Wild Apricot's database fields can be customized according to the organization's needs, instant search functions make it easier than ever to locate records, and simple and intuitive segmentation features give membership managers the ability to develop more targeted and effective marketing and communications vehicles.

Online Payments and Donation Management
While non-profit groups everywhere struggle to generate the funds they need to operate and do their good work, the online payment and donation management tools within Wild Apricot's on-demand software give organizations the ability to easily manage and access their database of donors and use a secure system to accept charitable donations and payments over the Internet.

Wild Apricot's fully integrated website management tools allow non-profit groups to tie payments and donations to their member records. This makes it possible to interact knowledgably with members and to track the overall success of each campaign, appeal, and distribution in the organization's fundraising system. In addition, online donors get immediate notification that their donation has been received and processed, relieving the organization of yet another administrative task.

Non-profit Website Templates
With Wild Apricot, clients don't need any technical expertise to create a free hosted website in minutes. Wild Apricot's professionally designed templates are included free with every account. Once the website is up and running, Wild Apricot has many simple-to-use tools to let associations and non-profit organizations easily post timely information about meetings and events, send automatic event notices and reminder emails, and offer secure online event registration and payment.

Anyone who has the basic skills to use Microsoft Word can quickly master everything it takes on Wild Apricot to download images, change the colour and style, and add content pages to easily adapt the look and feel of their website.

The Wild Apricot website includes a blog about technology best practices for non-profit organizations. The blog provides information, resources and links on relevant non-profit-web technologies, usability issues, professional IT resources and technology implementation, as well as a sprinkling of humour and posts on general industry issues.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Monday, 19 March 2007 at 1:24 PM
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