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New account plans start at $12/month, new features.

Dmitriy Buterin 14 December 2006 0 comments

We have just released Wild Apricot v 2.9 - our 9th release since July 1st 2006. Our sincerest thanks to all our customers and others who have been evaluating Wild Apricot and providing feedback and asking questions. We are good with technologies and usability (and also humble :-) ) but only with your input can we make the system well-tailored to suit your needs. More than 700 organizations have signed up so far - a wide variety of non-profit organizations - so you keep us on our toes!

With 9 releases in a bit over 5 months, new features and improvements have been introduced ~ every 3 weeks. And this pace is not going to diminish - we have a long list of requests and ideas - and we are looking forward to get more from you!

A quick recap of the latest release:

New account plans at $12 and $25

We have been listening - and we know there are many small groups and non-profits who can not easily invest $50 or more every month. So we have made all the great Wild Apricot features - website with easy to use content management, customizable members and contacts database, event registrations, emailing, donations and more- affordable to all sizes of organizations.

In addition, we have increased the allowable contact database size for each of the existing plans, without increasing the monthly rate (and we took the opportunity to rename each plan as well). For example, whereas the account plan previously called Premium 200 had a contact database limitation of 200 records, it has now been renamed Community Plan, and increased to 500 records!

Check out the pricing page and sign up for a trial account (no credit card needed).

Member directory

Now you can have a searchable member directory webpage on your Wild Apricot website. You can define which member levels should be included - and which ones get an extended listing.


And we have worked hard to make sure that it meets all the stringent privacy regulations - we take people privacy and security very seriously: Each person in your database gets to control whether to be displayed in the member directory - and what information to share:


Easier to insert links

We have reworked the insert link feature to make it easier to insert links to other websites, other pages - or to email addresses:


Exporting custom member fields

Recently we have introduced the ability for you to add custom member fields into your members/contacts database. Now we have adjusted the export function so that it includes all the custom fields you have added. With one click you get an Excel file with selected member records including every custom field.


Finally - as always - we also used the opportunity to clean up and speed up many existing functions - I would not want to bother you with a list of these :-) 

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot] Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Posted by Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Published Thursday, 14 December 2006 at 1:57 PM
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