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Wild Apricot in ITBusiness.ca article - now we are officially Web 2.0 :-)

Dmitriy Buterin 17 August 2006 1 comments

I am not too big a fan of Web 2.0 moniker - it has been overused and abused too much. It means too many different things. Still, the basic meaning of "Web 2.0" label is simply "new generation web applications" and thus I was glad to see Wild Apricot mentioned in ITBusiness.ca article on Canadian Web 2.0 companies.

So when people really press me, this is how I explain why exactly Wild Apricot is considered as Web 2.0 application:

  • It's totally web-based (a.k.a. software as a service). Nothing to install, no hassles with updates and patches (we take care of that ourselves). You sign-up on the web, pay on the web, use it online.
  • Our approach to support (and to marketing) is about building a community and being sincere and open. That's why we let people post their questions or comments on our blog and forums and we reply publicly. That's why we have the discussion forum "Resources for non-profit organizations" - which has nothing to do with Wild Apricot software but serves the broader community of non-profit organizations.
  • It has a human face. "Regular" enterprise software marketing copy is always very boring, full of marketese and impersonal - for some reason people used to think this means "professional". For me, professional is being accessible, speaking with a "human "voice and in simple language. Our tagline ends with "...get your sanity back" and this  probably irks some marketers! And this is why our product is called Wild Apricot instead of "NonProfitAdministrationSystem 2.15"
  • It uses a lot of fancy Ajax technology - and not because it is "cool" to use Ajax but because we are designing and building a much more usable/responsive user interface and delivering a better user experience. (the feedback we are getting from users so far is quite positive in this regard). If you are playing with a trial account - add or import a few member records and see how the instant search feature works.
  • We use Agile software development methodology, which means that development cycles for each release are quite short (2-3 weeks). So we can be more responsive to feedback.

What's your personal take on Web 2.0 angle?

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot] Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Posted by Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Published Thursday, 17 August 2006 at 3:49 PM


  • Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot Kernel] Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot Kernel]

    Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot Kernel] said:

    Thursday, 24 August 2006 at 12:14 AM
    For me, web 2.0 is about simplicity. User inteface and functionality must be as simple as possible, no manuals or other materials to read before starting using the system. You just open the url, look at the site and you easliy realize what to do and how it works. That is what I presonally keep in mind when try to implement a new feature - simplicity and usablity. This is really difficult - to make a sophisticated functionality easy to use and understand. I hope that WA helps you with this - it makes difficult things simplier to do.
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