Wild Apricot Launches Payment Processor

Wild Apricot Updates March 12, 2018

Terry Ibele

By Terry Ibele

If you’d like to accept payments directly through your Wild Apricot website without having to send members to a third-party payment processor, stay tuned — Wild Apricot is launching its very own payment processor, Wild Apricot Payments, on March 12, 2018.

With Wild Apricot Payments, you can accept online payments for membership, events, sales (through our Online Store coming April 3, 2018), and recurring payments.


Why Wild Apricot Payments is Better Than Other Providers

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Wild Apricot Payments for your account:

  • You will receive integrated, one-stop support for both Wild Apricot and Wild Apricot Payments.
  • Your members and customers will not be directed to another site for online payments. They will stay on your Wild Apricot website.
  • We do not charge any setup or monthly fees.*
  • Payments are directly transferred to your bank account within 48 hours.
  • Recurring payments (aka scheduled payments) are supported.
  • You can apply for Wild Apricot Payments directly within your Wild Apricot dashboard. There’s no need to search for another provider.

Please note: currently, only US and Canadian residents may apply for a Wild Apricot Payments account. If you are in another country, we offer support for a number of third-party payment processors that you can use. See here for the full list.

*To continue with no monthly fees, your organization must complete a PCI compliance questionnaire once a year. Click here for more details. 

What Are the Fees?

Wild Apricot Payments fees are the same as other popular options. Here they are:

2.9% +$0.30 for each transaction

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee

For full details on Wild Apricot Payments fees, please click here.

 For comparison, here are the fees charged by other popular payment processors (US):


What Will Wild Apricot Payments Look Like to Your Members and Customers?

If you set up Wild Apricot Payments, your members and customers will be directed to a secure Wild Apricot payment form for all payments on your Wild Apricot site. They will not be directed to a third-party site to complete their payment. Here’s a screenshot of what a payment form looks like:

Affinipay Wild Apricot

Who is Wild Apricot Partnering with to Offer Wild Apricot Payments?

Wild Apricot is partnering with AffiniPay to offer Wild Apricot Payments.

AffiniPay has offered a trusted and secure payment processor gateway for the association market for more than a decade. They are also compliant to the highest standard of PCI compliance (Level 1 PCI Certified) as set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of Affinipay and the benefits of online payments for your organization, please listen to this podcast featuring Amy Porter, founder of Affinipay, and Eric Thurston, CEO of Personify.


How to Set up Wild Apricot Payments for Your Account

After March 12, 2018, you will be able to set up Wild Apricot Payments for your account. Click here for full instructions.

If you have questions, or need help setting up Wild Apricot Payments for your account, please contact our support team.

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  • Garry:
    Are the Transaction fees applied in US$ or the currency you choose setting up the Payment Account? It's a non-starter if an organization is based in Canada but have the 2.9% and $0.30 charged in US$
  • Suzanne Kuch:
    PayPal has a non-profit rate of 2.2% + $0.30. Do you have a non-profit rate?
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Suzanna, right now we are not offering a nonprofit rate.
  • Gary Rubens:
    A nonprofit rate would be REALLY nice!

    I am also interested in the recurring (AKA scheduled) payments. We (SCWDC) offer our members a payment plan for our ski trips (advance deposit + 3 installment payments). We figured out a way to accomplish this by manually manipulating the invoices and email notifications, but it was very cumbersome. After switching from Paypal to Authorize.net, we gained the ability to send payment invoices for any amount directly to our members. BIG improvement! Will we have a similar capability with the new WA Payment Processor?
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Gary, thanks for the feedback. I'll be sharing it with our team.
  • Bhavishree:
    Will this option make refunds and cancellations automatic as well?
  • Gary Rubens:
    According to the Affinipay website (https://affinipay.com/features/), the "Quick Bill" feature sounds almost identical to the Authorize.net invoicing feature. If that is the case, we will probably be interested in switching. I am also encouraged by the feature descriptions for refunds and for recurring payments.
  • Vicki:
    Will we have an option to order a swiper to connect to a tablet? We sell t-shirts and the like at our events. It would be awesome to have them in the new WA store and also be able to sell them at events.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Vicki,

    You'll be able to take payments at events the same way you are currently doing so (on your phone or desktop). We will not be providing a swiper. If you are already set up using Square and have their swiper, that is one option.
  • Bhavishree:
    Will this option make refunds and cancellations automatic as well?
  • Tatiana Morand

    Tatiana Morand:
    Hi Garry,
    The transaction fees are charged in whatever currency your AffiniPay account is setup in (so, if you're using CAD, it would be in CAD).
  • Tatiana Morand

    Tatiana Morand:
    Hi Bhavishree,
    No, there will not be automatic refunds. After refunding in AffiniPay, you will need to manually record the refund in Wild Apricot as well.

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