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Membership May 16, 2019

Tatiana Morand

By Tatiana Morand

If you just want a simple way to collect member registrations and process payments, consider WildApricot’s #1 Membership Management Software — it’s one of the simplest ways to set up a membership database with everything you need in an afternoon.

free simple membership databaseSimple Membership Database Free

You can get started with your free, 30-day trial right now.

Here are some of the features you’ll get access to once you start your free trial:


Setup Membership Levels Any Way You Like

Want to create free memberships? Student memberships? Group memberships? Professional memberships? WildApricot lets you customize your membership levels to suit your needs.

If you need some help deciding on what types of member levels you need, we've written a complete guide on how to choose your membership levels properly.


Create Customized Membership Forms

Create a member registration form with any type of field you want:

  • Text fields
  • Email, phone, address, and other contact info fields
  • Image upload (for member avatar) field
  • Multiple choice fields
  • Drop down menus
  • Date selections
  • Check boxes

Any field can be made mandatory or optional — it’s all very simple. Once a new member registers, all their info is automatically sent to your member database. We recommend including these 10 fields that can help grow your organization. 

Here’s an example of a membership form created in WildApricot from a customer of ours, ATD, Madison Area Chapter:

Simple Membership Database

If you're using Excel for you current member database, you can easily import it into WildApricot in seconds.

Read More: How to Create a Free Membership Database Template in WildApricot

Automate Member Dues and Event Payments

Once a new member fills out your registration form, they’ll be prompted to pay for their membership online. Once they do, the payment is automatically deposited into your account and they are sent an invoice. You even have the option to setup recurring dues.

If a member is late on their payment, the database automatically sends them a reminder, so you don’t have to do any of the work.

All the same goes for event registrations and payments.


Easily Search and Filter Your Members’ Data

All your members’ data is stored in one central database in the cloud, which is easy to search, filter, and update. Members can even update their info themselves by logging into their profiles.

Here’s a GIF of what your member database will look like:

Simple Membership Site

Plus, when it comes time to email your members, you can group members based on their interests (or whatever other criteria you like) and send them separate emails and newsletters straight from WildApricot.


Create a Professionally-Designed Website in Minutes

WildApricot comes pre-loaded with dozens of professionally-designed website themes. Just pick the one that suits you, then use our easy drag-and-drop builder to customize it to your needs.

Here are what some of our themes look like:

Simple Membership Site Websites

Click here to explore all our themes.


Members Can Login and Update Their Info Themselves

Once members register, a unique online profile is created for them. Afterwards, they can login and update their information from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop whenever they like.

Here’s an example of what a member will see when they log in:

Simple Membership Site Database 

Where to Find Reviews of WildApricot's Simple Membership Database Software

If you’re looking for reviews of WildApricot’s simple membership database site, I encourage you to check out Capterra (an independent software review site), which lists over 450 customer reviews of WildApricot with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Here are just a few of the reviews found there: 

WildApricot Review“Very intuitive, very easy to use, clear and simple - even for non-techie types.”

Emily E.


WildApricot Review“Switching our website over to WildApricot has to be one of the best decisions that our club has ever made! It's simple enough for a non-programmer to use, but yet complex enough to serve our needs.”

Jone B.

WildApricot Review

“I had a charity 5K that I volunteered to help manage and intended on tracking all of the signups manually. I really wasn't looking forward to it. One of my friends recommended WildApricot as an option so I checked it out with their free trial. It was tremendously simple to use and juggle all of the event information in one place.”

Kevin W.

If you still have any questions about WildApricot, please give our friendly support team a call.

All the best!

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