September Update: What’s New With WildApricot This Fall?

WildApricot Updates September 29, 2021


By WildApricot

Discover more things you can do with WlidApricot this fall. We've added a new integrations page on our website, explaining all the tools you can use to automate more and provide your members with more value. As well, see our latest blog post, including How Your Nonprofit Can Succeed with Cause Marketing.


Also in this month's newsletter:  

  • WildApricot Update — Integrations Page and Capterra Award  

  • Product Update — Knowledge Centre 

  • Update from the Support Team  

  • Blog of the Month: The Complete Guide to Mentorship Programs for Membership Organizations   

  • Meet the Team: Nicole, Content Specialist  

  • Organization Spotlight: Women in Technology (WIT)  


WildApricot Update: Integrations Page 



You can automate even more tasks by connecting your WildApricot site with a variety of tools. Our new integrations page highlights the tools you can use, from widgets to single-sign-on services, to help you provide more value to your organization and its members. 


See integrations page



WildApricot Stands as a Top Performer by Capterra Users 



WildApricot is a winner of 3 Capterra Shortlists this year! These are our incredible wins: 


Well, that’s not it! Based on our user ratings and popularity, WildApricot also got featured in Capterra's recent article - 5 Best Free Membership Management Software for Your Business.


Capterra Shortlist is an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the software space that offer the most popular solutions. The research methodology is available here.


With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 and over 513 reviews, WildApricot has been one of the top-rated products on Capterra. 


Our customers say:


“I have set up numerous associations with this software and still manage the website for 2. It is logical and has all of the necessary features (which are many). I know I can teach it to others and walk away when I am tired of volunteering as a Webmaster.” - Marilyn M. [Source]


Product Update: Knowledge Centre 

You might’ve seen a walkthrough during your trial period. Now if you’re an admin, you can access all these tutorials on demand. If you ever need to review a feature in WildApricot or onboard a new admin, look for the new Knowledge Centre.  


Where you can find this:

In the left menu bar, go to Help center > Tutorials > then select one of the tutorials from the list. 


List of available tutorials:  

  • Membership Levels 

  • Contacts: Common fields 

  • Contacts: Importing 

  • Events: Introduction 

  • Email: Introduction  




Update from the Support Team 

This month, we are sharing answers to frequently asked support questions. 


How can an administrator change the membership level for a member?

To change the membership level for a member, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the member's contact record and click the Membership tab. 

  1. Click the Edit button.

  1. Choose a different level from the Membership level dropdown.

  1. Change the Membership status to Pending - Level change.

  1. Click Save to save your changes. 

  1. You will be asked whether you wish to generate an invoice. Click Generate invoice.

  1. Click Save to save the new invoice.

  1. From the invoice details for the new invoice, click Email to email the invoice to the member.

  1. Be sure to include a message about their new level and the outstanding membership fee.

  1. Click the Send email button to send the message. 


The level change will take affect once the member pays the membership fee for the new level. 


Does WildApricot charge a “cross-border assessment” fee?

No. But both Visa and Mastercard charge a "cross-border assessment" surcharge of 1-4% on some purchases made outside the credit card's country of origin. These charges may be added to your WildApricot subscription fees, and they may even appear as a payment to WildApricot on your credit card statement. But WildApricot does not charge these fees. They are applied directly by your credit card issuer, not by WildApricot.


For more information, see



Blog of the Month: The Complete Guide to Mentorship Programs for Membership Organizations 



If you run a professional association, or any kind of membership organization for that matter, and don’t yet have a mentorship program in place, this article is for you. We’ll go over exactly why you need a mentorship program, how to implement one, and how to evaluate its success. 


Read now


Also, on the blog this month: 


Meet the Team: Nicole, Content Marketing Specialist, SMB 


Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m the Content Marketing Specialist here at WildApricot. I recently joined the team (it hasn’t even been a month yet!) and I’m already loving the energy here. As a part of the SMB Content Team, I’m responsible for writing, editing, producing, and developing content aligned with SEO best practices to help organizations further their mission statements and make an impact in the communities that matter the most to them. On a personal level, I’m an advocate for social issues and what’s top of mind for the communities around me and am always looking for opportunities to make a positive difference. 


Previously I’ve worked in the B2B marketing space as well as the arts and the legal field. And as a fiction writer, you can say I live and breathe the written word. In my spare time I like being out in nature, whether that be going for a hike or sitting under a tree with a good book. I’m also an avid knitter and enjoy painting—they both let me play with colour, which I love! 



Organization Spotlight: Women in Technology (WIT)  



Women in Technology (WIT) is one of Australia’s largest communities that support women across all fields of science and technology. As a not-for-profit organization, WIT exists solely to create opportunities for our members and provide a dynamic platform to empower women from all disciplines to unlock their career potential. 


What we love about its website

WIT does a wonderful job of creating a consistent brand on its membership website and its main site using the same color palette. Its membership site has a clear “Join” call-to-action button where new members can learn about the benefits of each of its membership levels.  


Website theme: Fiesta Garden salad 


Visit the website



The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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