September Update: The new update that will help you create beautiful emails

WildApricot Updates October 03, 2019

Shawn Klerer

By Shawn Klerer

If you create and send emails and newsletters, that process is about to get a whole lot easier. As a result of your valuable feedback, this fall we’re going to launch a brand-new version of the WildApricot email editor.

Instead of the existing text editor, you’ll be able to use drag-and-drop layout blocks and gadgets to create a new email design from scratch. The new editor addresses many of the issues with the current editor, including time-consuming image formatting and limited email layouts. It’s more intuitive to use, cutting down the time you spend creating emails, plus you’ll get more predictable results for how your emails look  so what you build is what your recipients see.

Email editor update 1

Some key changes you’ll notice with the new email editor include: 

  • Instead of the “rich text editor,” you’ll be able to build emails by dragging and dropping gadgets. 

    • This is similar to the WildApricot website editor and other email builders, so there's less of a learning curve to start using it.

    • New image gadget, so no more formatting problems with inserting images.

    • Custom HTML gadget.

    • Button gadget, and a less complicated way to insert links in the text editor.

  • Build your own email layout, rather than being limited to predefined email structures.

  • More predictable email appearance, especially on mobile devices, due to a modern rendering engine.

  • Set a background image for the whole email or the whole layout block.

    • The new email editor doesn't support background images for separate columns or gadgets.

Email editor update example - plant sale background 

As part of implementing the new email editor, there will also be some changes to existing emails:

  • Existing drafts and templates will be transferred to the new structure on the first occasion they’re opened after the new editor is launched.

    • No changes will be made until you open a draft or template for editing.

    • We will try to make this transition process seamless, but we will also store backup versions of all drafts and templates before conversion. Our Support team will be able to access those backups on your request.

  • Default templates will be updated within version 7.6, both layout and content.


Your system emails will continue using the old email editor for a while. We’ll keep you updated on when these will also switch to the new editor.


The new email editor is planned for release with version 7.6, currently scheduled for the beginning of November. As we get closer to the launch date, we’ll show you how to use the new editor, so you’ll be ready for when it goes live.


Here's what else is in this month's newsletter:


New in Version 7.3: How Your Organization Could Use the 2 New Admin Roles 

Upset fresh prince gifIt’s every organization’s nightmare: you log in to your account, and you find that someone has accidentally deleted everything.  

With positions like treasurer and secretary changing hands every year, as well as having new volunteers joining all the time, it can be time consuming to give every new addition thorough training in how the system works.   

But that means that having lots of new admins can result in mistakes that sometimes take you hours or days of work to set right.   

One quick way you can avoid these issues with your WildApricot account is by giving people who need access to your account limited administrator rights, so you can choose the areas each person is able to view and edit.   

That means:   

  • There’s less chance of your important data being deleted.  

  • You can save time by only training people to use the features they’ll have access to  

  • You can restrict access to sensitive data to the people who really need it.    

If you’re ready to save time by using limited administrator rights, take a look at this blog post to find out how to put this into action – including 8 examples of roles in your organization that you could apply it to right away.   

(GIF from Giphy).

PersoniFest 2020 

Personifest 2020 logoSave the date:

PersoniFest 2020   

April 5-8  

The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 


We want to let you know that our big annual conference is coming up on April 5-8 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re letting you know now so you can save the date.


Our conference is part of PersoniFest, the annual conference hosted by Personify, our parent company.


As a WildApricot customer, you'll have access to a packed agenda, including: 

  • Opportunities to network with leaders from WildApricot and other Personify products, as well as hundreds of senior executives and key personnel from other Personify customers 

  • Sessions on growth and marketing strategies from top industry experts  

  • In-depth training on WildApricot’s software  

  • Meals, cocktail hours and social events throughout the conference 

You’ll also get the chance to earn CAE credits while you learn.


Click here to take a look at the PersoniFest 2020 page to see more details and register for your spot. We’d love to see you in Colorado Springs!

September Support FAQ

When I email all my members the number of recipients is way less than the number of members. Why?

There’s several reasons why your email isn’t going to all your members or contacts: 

  • They have opted out from receiving email blasts within their email preferences 

  • Their email delivery was disabled by the system because of repeated delivery issues 

  • They do not have an email address entered on their contact record 

  • Their contact record is archived 

Newsletter support faq - delivery setup 

How do I set up a trial membership?

You might want to offer prospective members a chance to check out your site before committing to a paid membership. After the trial period is over, you could automatically switch them to a paid membership. 

Newsletter support faq - member form 

For complete instructions on setting up a trial membership, click here.  


Why aren’t my members’ photos appearing in the directory on the member app?

If you want your members’ photos to appear in the directory on the member app, you have to assign the picture field one of the following names: Photo, Picture, or Avatar

Newsletter support faq - directory  

Meet the Team

Katya Tyukina, Product Manager 

Katya TyukinaHi there! My name is Katya 
Tyukina and I am the Product Manager of the most amazing product with the strangest name: WildApricot. I joined the product team 11 years ago as a Software Testing Engineer, and since then I can say I know everything about this product — just like Wikipedia! Fun fact: I send around 100 replies to clients on their feedback each year, and add another 100 responses to comments on the Wishlist forum.

As an extrovert, I really like meeting and speaking with new people, and I always love to learn new things. These help me to achieve the main Product manager’s goal: to create the best product. Sounds simple, yeah? Making decisions is probably my favorite part of this job, but at the same time it’s the biggest challenge I have. Product management is a balance between customers’ needs, business goals, and technical constraints. We receive so many wonderful ideas from you, our customers, and it’s always difficult to choose which features to work on next.

The thing I love most about WildApricot? It’s the people, for sure — they’re the most valuable treasure we have. It’s the people who work on this product: they’re top experts in their areas, and always helpful, positive and open-minded. But it’s also you, the people who use WildApricot. From my personal experience, you are the best customers that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve known some of you for so many years, and it’s exciting to see how you grow, to follow your organizations’ and personal successes.

The advice I have for you is to please keep sharing with us, whatever the topic or question may be. It could be product questions, challenges and even success stories you have. We are always here to hear you, and we appreciate any feedback you have for us.

You can suggest new features on the Wishlist forum, or give feedback by logging in to your account and clicking the Feedback icon.


Blog of the Month: How to Recruit Volunteers from Start to Finish 


Sept newsletter blog - how to recruit volunteersFrom what we’ve seen from the organizations we work with, a lot of would-be volunteer recruiters know they need more volunteers, but don’t know how to go about getting them.  


That’s why we’ve created this post: so that other organizations who are in the same boat can have a volunteer recruitment plan to follow.  


Here are the steps that go into preparing a strategy:  

Click here to see the full recruitment guide.


Here are the rest of this month’s blog posts: 


8 Super Easy Tips to Skyrocket Your Email List to Grow Your Membership 


September newsletter webinar image - skyrocket subscribersDo you ever feel like your organization isn’t getting the audience it deserves, even though you’re doing great work?   


For many organizations, building a bigger email list of subscribers is a priority - it can give you a larger audience to spread the word about your mission, as well as for promoting events, fundraising, and more.   


If you want to reach a larger audience but aren’t sure where to start, we invite you to join us for our upcoming webinar with nonprofit communications expert Sean Kosofsky. Sean will share his steps for boosting your email list, and show how a bigger list can help you increase donations, find more volunteers, and build power to achieve your mission.  


By the end of the webinar, you will know: 

  • How to use landing pages and lead magnets as tools to quickly convert strangers into followers  

  • How to export the emails of your LinkedIn contacts, board members, staff (and how to connect with them)  

  • How to use all your relationships to share high-performing landing page links and supercharge your list’s no cost! 


Tuesday October 29

2PM - 3PM ET

Click here to register


Organization Spotlight

Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples 


Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples is a community that offers support and friendship for mothers of multiples. They offer monthly meetings, playdates, holiday celebrations, community service opportunities, and more.  


The FWMoM website includes a weekly blog, a member registration form, listings of upcoming meetings, and a member spotlight page.  


Website theme: Fiesta – Wild Rice 

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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  • Alex Sirota:
    Great news on the forthcoming email editor improvements. Hopefully this will make it much easier to create beautiful emails and the technology can also transition to the website editor eventually as well. Bravo!


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