September Update: Exciting News — WildApricot Has Been Acquired

WildApricot Updates September 29, 2017

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

We are thrilled to announce that WildApricot has been acquired by Personify, an Austin-based constituent management software company that shares our mission of serving and empowering membership and constituent-focused organizations. Personify has a strong leadership team with high integrity and is committed to investing in the WildApricot product, our customers and our employees. 

How Will This Help Us Deliver More Value to You?

What we’re most excited about is how this acquisition allows us to do even more for you, our customers:

  • Combining the Personify and WildApricot teams means we now empower more than 30,000 organizations with 75 million members – this means more opportunities for our customers to learn from each other and improve their organizations.
  • Joining Personify gives us access to more resources to continue to deliver a best-in-class product and customer experience to users.
  • Currently, WildApricot’s software is used by individual chapters while Personify is used by many parent organizations of those individual chapters. Connecting these products and users together will produce incredible value for both parent organizations and individual chapters.

How Will This Impact You and Your WildApricot Account?

This acquisition will not impact the WildApricot software you use or the strong customer experience you have come to expect from WildApricot:

  • Your account, website and members will stay on the WildApricot platform.
  • The WildApricot Team is staying in place. We will continue to provide the things you love about WildApricot, including our outstanding customer support and educational content.
  • As mentioned above, Personify will continue to invest in the development and improvement of the WildApricot product.

We hope that you will share in our excitement for what lies ahead for the WildApricot product, our customers and our employees as we start this new chapter with Personify!

If you have further questions about the acquisition, or would like to read more, here are some helpful links:


What We're Doing "Under the Hood" to Improve Performance

I’d like to share something “under the hood” with you in this update. 

For the last year (and even more), we’ve been very clear about our task to develop feature requests from our Wishist forum and technical support channel. One thing we haven’t talked much about is how we’re also improving WildApricot’s infrastructure — what’s “under the hood” so to speak. 

One “under the hood” project you may be aware of is our move to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has boosted our system performance by three times, but there’s another project we’ve also been working on to improve overall performance.

This other project is based on a concept called Continuous Delivery. In simple terms, Continuous Delivery is a set of development practices that allow for fast and frequent updates of WildApricot with the ability to quickly rollback changes if need be.

The benefits of Continuous Delivery are great. Not only are bugs easier to catch and fix, but we can also get faster feedback on new features.

To implement Continuous Delivery, special code (deployment scripts) has to be written in order to safely deploy new features to our servers. This code automates the delivery of a feature from a developer’s computer to the live environment through a number of predetermined steps, including automatic testing.

So far, our progress with Continuous Delivery has been quite good. While we still have a ways to go, we have managed to deploy new releases with zero-downtime so far (have you noticed?). We have also created the ability to roll out new features to a small set of clients — and if something goes wrong, we can roll them back, fix them, and try again. The ability to roll out a release to a small subset of clients is called a Canary Release, which is part of the overall Continuous Delivery concept (I hope you’re not lost yet in all those development terms).

I'm sharing all this to explain what happened in our most recent release attempt. On our Service Notices forum, you may have noticed a message about version 5.12.1. This version was scheduled for release on September 18th, but it did not go through.

Here’s what happened. As soon as we published version 5.12.1, we started to notice a degradation in system performance, as shown in the green part of the charts 5.12.0 vs 5.12.1 below. 

WA performance

The green line in 5.12.1 shows that for whatever reason our website responses became 30% slower compared to the last version. We immediately decided to rollback the changes to investigate and fix this.  

Without having a Continuous Delivery model with Canary Releases, we would not have had the ability to rollback version 5.12.1. All our customers would have suffered slower performance until we could have figured out the reason behind it and and fixed it. 

Instead, with Continuous Deliver and Canary Releases, only a small amount of clients were affected for a brief amount of time. This type of scenario is exactly why we’re investing our time into “under the hood” performance projects — to ensure your customer experience is smooth as we resolve issues before they are even visible to you. 


Free Registration Now Open for WildApricot’s Membership Growth Online Summit 2017

WildApricot Membership Growth Online Summit 2017

Free registration is open now for WildApricot’s Membership Growth Online Summit 2017. Space is limited, so register now if you want to attend. The Summit will be held during the week of Nov 13 and will feature a series of five one-hour webinars from industry experts. Each expert will explore different modern marketing strategies used by the top membership organizations to dramatically increase member growth.

Some of the key things you will learn are: 

  • The 3 keys for attracting younger members
  • How to turn your events into a membership growth engine
  • The blueprints to a digital marketing campaign that actually works
  • How and why digital learning is the glue that keeps your members coming back for more
  • The tech tools used by the fastest growing nonprofits to grow membership

All registrants will receive a copy of all the recordings, so sign up even if you are unable to attend.

Sign up for free here


Monthly Blog Update

If you’re facing a difficult situation where you need to be firm with a board member, one of our blog posts this month includes six tips on the right way to say “no."

Here are the rest of this month’s blog posts:

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