3 Reasons You Need to Attend PersoniFest 2019

WildApricot Updates March 15, 2019

Artie Shlykov

By Artie Shlykov

WildApricot’s second user conference is just around the corner!

PersoniFest is our annual user conference hosted by Personify. This is your chance to sit in on expert-led sessions covering marketing, growth, data, and more from experienced industry experts, and training sessions with demonstrations on how to get the most out of WildApricot

You’ll also get the chance to earn CAE credits while learning and networking with hundreds of fellow WildApricot users.

If you want to see what you missed out on last year, check out this video:

And if that’s not enough to convince you, here are three reasons why you might want to attend and make PersoniFest an annual team outing.

(Or if you're already convinced, click here to register!)

1. Hands On Product Training From The Pros


There’s nothing more valuable to WildApricot users than our hands-on product training. These training sessions are the best way for users to get all their questions answered, and learn how to use WildApricot to the the fullest extent of capabilities whether you’re a novice or a master.

At Personifest, you’ll get the chance to engage with two superstar WildApricot software experts and participate in a demonstrative Q&A.

These are the product training sessions we’ll be running, all based on feedback we’ve received from you regarding what you’d like to learn:

An Introduction to WildApricot Chapter Management

Led by WildApricot’s own Mark Faccia, Customer Success Manager

Curious about WildApricot? Want to give your chapter administrators better control over their communities? Join us for a demonstrative Q&A where we explore everything WildApricot’s all-in-one membership management solution offers for local chapters.

How to Simplify Your Finances with WildApricot Payments

Led by WildApricot’s own Mark Faccia, Customer Success Manager

Learn how you can save time with WildApricot’s built-in online payment processor. Join Coach Mark to find out how WildApricot Payments can reduce your financial administrative work, and how to get started in a few easy steps.

Transform Your Organization with WildApricot: 3 Magic Tricks

Led by Alex Sirota, Director at NewPath Consulting

You are convinced that WildApricot is a great fit for your organization. You got all the basics set up. But there are lingering thoughts - will it really do everything you need? Gathered from several years of experience deploying WildApricot for organizations around the world, this presentation will illustrate the true transformative power of WildApricot.

WildApricot Website Building: Hints and Tricks

Led by WildApricot’s own Mark Faccia, Customer Success Manager

Ready to give your website a face-lift? In this session, WildApricot coaches will share their techniques, tips, and examples of how you can create a beautiful website for your organization using WildApricot’s built-in website editor to achieve advanced results.

5 Ways to Engage More Members with WildApricot

Led by WildApricot’s own Mark Faccia, Customer Success Manager

Are you ready to grow your member base? Attract more members with WildApricot! Join us to learn 5 ways you can use the software to engage your audience and cultivate a community with tools directly built-in to WildApricot.

2. Educational Breakout Sessions With CAE Credits

Looking to learn valuable skills for your organization and earn CAE credits?

You’re in luck!

PersoniFest features a number of informative breakout sessions covering topics related to business, technology, engagement, leadership, strategy, and reporting!

Each topic has many in-depth sessions for you to choose from, all lead by industry experts. Earned credits can be crucial to perpetuating your career, or providing the most value you can to your organization.

Here are some breakout sessions we thought nonprofit leaders would find helpful, all of which offer CAE credits:

3 Ways to Use Google to Grow Your Membership

Led by WildApricot’s own Donald Cowper, Head of Content & Ellen Craig, Demand Gen Manager

Have you ever wondered whether Google could help you grow your organization? Digital marketing experts, Donald Cowper and Ellen Craig, draw on their many years of inbound marketing and advertising success to show you 3 ways you can use Google to attract and engage more members. You’ll learn how to use free and paid methods to reach the people on Google most likely to join and support your organization, and how to create content that catches their attention.


Ten Things You MUST Do To Improve Data Management at Your Organization


Led by Wes Trochlil, President of Effective Database Management


Everyone knows that an association's data is its greatest resource. Yet many associations, regardless of size, struggle with effectively managing their data. In this session, Wes will outline the ten most important rules for managing your organization's database. You'll get ten tips that you can immediately apply to managing data in your organization.

Three Keys to Growing Your Organization with Content

Led by WildApricot’s own Tatiana Morand, Content Manager

Content marketing expert Tatiana Morand will show you how to create a growth engine for your organization built around content, so you can attract new contacts and members while you sleep. You’ll learn what types of content are worth your time and what types you shouldn’t bother with, as well as the tools you need to ensure you get a positive return on your content investment.

Hypergrowth! Best-in-SaaS Techniques for Building your Membership Organization

Led by WildApricot’s own Shiv Narayanan, VP of Growth

Growth expert Shiv Narayanan will show you how to accelerate the growth of your membership by following the business model used by the fastest growing SaaS companies. You’ll learn exactly how to build your go-to-marketing strategy, what metrics you should — and shouldn’t — pay attention to, as well as the skills you need on your team to make it happen.

Create a Data-Driven Compliance Strategy

Led by Erin Mcclarty, Founder of Erin Mcclarty PLLC

As the footprint and budget of organizations increase, so too do their compliance obligations. The name of the compliance game is being strategic, and it's only by using data that organizations can make sure they meet their legal obligations without spending an exorbitant amount. In this session, we'll help you understand compliance obligations and how to use data to reduce compliance costs and better understand risk and exposure.

How to Turn Data into Donors: The 3 Step Process for Consistent, Measurable Growth

Led by Jason Jensen, Owner of The Digital Nonprofit

Nonprofits are facing a choice: drown in a sea of statistics, or embrace their data and gain a powerful engine of consistent, measurable growth. Jason will show you the tried-and-tested process used by Google, Toyota, and Silicon Valley start-ups to transform cryptic analytics data into actionable insights. Even if you've never measured a single campaign, you'll be able to implement this strategy to grow your nonprofit, month over month over month.

The full list of topics is available here, and make sure to look out for sessions offering CAE, CEM, and CPE credits.

3. The Best (and Most Fun) Networking of Your Life


As a smaller organization, valuable networking opportunities might not come often. Even when the odd opportunity presents itself, the majority of times there’s an underwhelming number of people for you to connect with.

That’s why PersoniFest has many networking opportunities throughout the conference, in both professional and casual settings.

While product workshops and breakout sessions are great places to network, PersoniFest takes it a step further by dedicating an entire day to entertaining activities perfect for casual networking, so you’ll already have built connections before entering them.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for Sunday Funday:

PersoniFest Master Golf Scramble

Join us for a 9-hole scramble with Personify partners at the award-winning The Club Savannah Harbor. Eighteen (18) teams- will enjoy a shotgun start at 9:00am on Sunday, April 7th, but come early to warm up on the driving range, putting green and with fresh coffee and breakfast starting at 8:30 a.m. Packing light? Callaway club rentals are available. To reserve your spot, contact Teresa Zimmerman (tzimmerman@personifycorp.com) with your confirmation.

Taste of Savannah

Join us for a Taste of Savannah Experience, an award-winning tour of one-of-a-kind culinary experiences while strolling through the gardens and historic, cultural landmarks of the squares of Savannah, the Hostess City of the South.

Explore the fun as you visit six different eateries and experience the full flavor of Savannah. By tour’s end you are guaranteed to have a taste of Savannah’s complex culinary identity, a satisfied appetite and a confident grin as you now have an idea of why locals love their gem of a city.

Regardless of which of these events you choose, there will also be an Opening Reception featuring tasting from Service Brewing.

If you’re wondering how to spend your other evenings, there will also be an Exhibitor Happy Hour taking place following the sessions on Monday and a conference party following the sessions on Tuesday. That way, you can continue building new connections and getting the most of your time at Personifest.

Now that you know what’s going on, it’s time to pack your bags and get PersoniFestive!

See you in Savannah!

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