October Update - Two New Ways to Tackle Admin Tasks on Mobile

WildApricot Updates October 31, 2019

Shawn Klerer

By Shawn Klerer

If you’re starting to think about all the events you have planned for the end of the year, it might feel like you won’t be sat at your computer again until January. To help you keep on top of things even when you’re away from your desk, we recently added new features to the mobile app for admins that make it easier to complete even more membership and event tasks from your mobile device. 

You can now address these two common challenges using your iOS or Android device: 

 Admin app - notification setting

The challenge: With so many tasks on your plate, it can be easy to miss member applications when they come in. But if a new member has to wait for their application to be approved, it might not leave a great first impression.  


The solution: Speed up application approval by receiving push notifications when you have new pending member applications.  

  • To turn on notifications: 

    • Select Settings from the menu 

    • Tap the toggle next to New pending applications to turn the notifications on or off 


Admin app - scan QR codeThe challenge: If you check in your event attendees by checking their name off a list, you’ll likely know first-hand how slow and error-prone that process can be.  


The solution: Check in each attendee in just 2 seconds by scanning the QR code sent in their confirmation email.  

  • To scan an attendee’s QR code: 

    • Open the event in the app 

    • Click Check in with QR code

    • Hold your phone up to the QR code – it will scan automatically 

    • The attendee will be checked in, or you will be notified if there is an issue with their registration 

You can find out more about what you can do with the app for admins in these Help Site articles for iOS and Android


To download the app on iOS, click here. For Android, click here.  


Here's what else you'll find in this month's newsletter:


Also new in WildApricot: 


Updating the Website Builder

A number of improvements to the website builder are on their way, including an overhaul of the way in which you control colors and styles throughout your site.  

As part of this, in Version 7.5 we’re making some changes to make the Website module self-contained within the admin back-end. This will deliver faster and more stable performance when you’re building your site, and it means we can bring you improvements to the website builder more frequently.  

Once the updated Website module has been released to your account, you’ll notice some minor changes that will make it easier to use: 

  • All website-related settings will be accessible within the Website module, via a new Settings option, instead of having to go to the main Settings screen to access them. 

  • The Changes history link no longer appears on the right side of the screen. Instead, to view a page’s changes history: 

    • Find the page within the Site pages list 

    • Hover over the info icon for the page  

    • You’ll see the Changes history link in the info window that pops up 

  • To return to the main admin menu from the Website module, click the Home icon. 

  • Within the Website module, help and support options will be grouped under a new Help & support menu. 

The separated Website module will be released to clients gradually after one or two weeks of testing to ensure stability. Click here to find out more about Version 7.5.


The New Email Editor – coming in Version 7.6

This fall, we’re launching a new email editor. If you couldn’t make it along to last week’s webinar, How to Build a Beautiful Email in Minutes with the New Email Editor, or if you’d like a recap of what we covered, you can find a recording of the webinar on this page.  

The page also includes an FAQ from the webinar, a 5-minute video if you’re just looking for a quick introduction, plus more information about the new email editor and how to use it.   

Would you like to try out the new email editor before general release?

We’re looking for volunteers who want to switch their account over to the new editor early. If you’re excited about trying out the new drag-and-drop layouts and gadgets, please send an email to khawkes@personifycorp.com including your account number and we’ll add your organization to our list for early release. 

PersoniFest 2020: Flash Sale

You’re invited to the 2020 WildApricot user conference. We’re hosting it in Colorado Springs, Colorado, between April 5-8, and we’d love to see you there. 

Our conference is part of PersoniFest, the annual conference hosted by Personify, our parent company. During PersoniFest, you'll have access to dozens and dozens of sessions, which will cover product training, membership marketing, data management, and demo and training sessions with the WildApricot team. See the Agenda at a Glance for the lineup of keynotes, breakout sessions and celebrations that you’ll have access to this year.  

As a WildApricot customer, you can register for the conference at the special price of $298 USD.

Right now, we’re running a flash sale:

If you register before November 1, you can use the discount code WABOO to save a further $99 and get your ticket for only $199 USD.

Register here


In place of FAQs this month, we have a few Support announcements to make. 

Remaining TLS protocols to be updated

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is an encryption method used to provide a secure connection over computer networks. The latest and most secure version of TLS is version 1.2. Systems that use earlier versions will be flagged as less secure by security services like Trustwave. In March of last year, we upgraded our payment protocols to version 1.2, and in the upcoming version 7.6 release of WildApricot, we’ll be upgrading our remaining protocols to version 1.2.  

Support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft will be retiring the Internet Explorer web browser in favor of Microsoft Edge. They will be dropping support for Internet Explorer 10 by the end of the year, and will not be updating the current version, Internet Explorer 11.  WildApricot will be dropping support for all versions of Internet Explorer as part of our upcoming version 7.6 release.

Your members and contacts can continue to use IE to access your WildApricot site, but we will no longer support IE for administrative functions. We encourage you to switch to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for an improved admin experience. 

The Print icon has been restored!

Yes, it’s back! You can once again use the Print icon to print printer-friendly versions of your WildApricot setup screens, as well as various reports, and lists of contacts, members, events, invoices, and payments. 


Meet the Team (Halloween edition)

Tatiana Morand, Content and SEO Manager 

Halloween tatianaHey there! My name is Tatiana, and I’m the Content and SEO Manager at WildApricot. This means that if you’ve ever gotten a fundraising idea, a member engagement tip, or a software recommendation from our blog, you’ve seen something I’ve written.  

That's because here at WildApricot, I spend most of my time looking up what topics organizations like you will find the most useful, and then creating content around them. If you look at the number of people who have viewed our content, in the past year I’ve helped over a million of you grow your membership, raise funds, and run better events.  

Although I love getting the chance to write about such a variety of topics, the best part about working at WildApricot is getting to work with so many great people. Everyone here is passionate about what they do and genuinely wants to create the best experience for all of you. I also met some of you at Personifest last year, which I really appreciated — everyone is so nice!  

If you want to get more help growing your organization, my advice is to check out our blog update. Every month, we send out an email that shares all the content we’ve prepared lately. This means you don’t have to keep coming back to our blog if you want more educational content — you’ll get it all right in your inbox.  

And when I’m not writing for WildApricot, I love exploring our great city of Toronto. I even have a blog and Instagram account dedicated to all things café and brunch-related across the city. If I’m not out drinking coffee, I’m probably lying in bed with my two cats and getting far too emotionally invested in a new video game or book. 


Blog of the Month: The #1 Way to Speed Up Event Check-In: How to Use QR Codes 

QR code check in blog headerAt most events, there’s one thing that frustrates volunteers, staff, venue managers and attendees alike: event check-in.  

Many organizations find their volunteers and staff struggle to find each attendee name on their list, and that their attendees get frustrated at the wait.    

Luckily, that’s the old way. If you scan QR codes using your smart phone, it can take less than 2 seconds to check in each attendee. Take a look at this post to find out 6 key ways QR code check-in makes life easier for your volunteers, and the simple steps to using the new WildApricot QR code feature for your events right away. 

Click here to see the full post.

Here are the rest of this month’s blog posts: 


Webinar of the Month: How to Design an Irresistible Website that Attracts the Right Members 

Designing website for nonprofits webinarIs your website’s look and feel modern and professional? Or is it holding you back from growing your membership? 

In this digital age, your nonprofit’s website can make or break member engagement and donations ⁠— visitors are often wary of websites that look dated or don’t give a good online experience.   

In this webinar, nonprofit design expert Sarah Henry from Elevation Web will show you how to appeal to your potential members, so you can design a website that builds trust, surpasses expectations, and increases membership applications. 

You will learn: 

  • How to define your user groups and create an unforgettable user experience  

  • 10 best website design practices to increase your membership 

  • The essentials you need for every nonprofit website page 

Tuesday 19 November 


Click here to register 

Organization Spotlight

GOOD Network

Good network

The Greater Orlando Organization Development Network is a learning community for Organizational Development professionals in the Greater Central Florida region. The GOOD Network represents a variety of industries and backgrounds, and comes together with the purpose of sharing best practices and networking.

The GOOD Network website includes listings for events, resources including a directory of external consultants, and lots of member only content. 

Website theme: Homestead - Painted Hills


The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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