October Update: Save Your Spot Now For Our Free Online Summit

WildApricot Updates October 30, 2018

Dmitriy Ivanov

By Dmitriy Ivanov

If you haven’t signed up for our Free Membership Growth Online Summit 2018 yet, click here to save your space. It’s our biggest free event of the year. We’re bringing in top industry experts to show you how some organizations manage to keep growing and growing and how you can too. It will be held during the week of November 12, and will feature five webinars over five days.

By the end of the week, you will know:

  • The one big marketing mistake many organizations are making — you may be surprised!
  • Expert tips that will get your organization to rank high on Google
  • How to create Instagram posts that will get your organization noticed
  • The single most important foundation in any marketing plan
  • How to track and analyze growth using free tools

Click here to read the agenda and register for the summit.

All registrants will receive recordings of the Summit webinars. Register even if you can't attend.

Mobile App for Members is Available on Android

Member app log in GIFIt’s here! The WildApricot for Members app is now available on Android as well as iOS. WildApricot's member app allows associations to keep their members engaged. You can control whether the app can access data from your site, and what content appears on the app.

With the app, your members can:

  • View the member directory
  • View another member's profile
  • Email or call their fellow members
  • View the event calendar and event details
  • Register for an event and pay the registration fee
  • View their existing event registrations
  • Pay an outstanding event registration fee
  • View their own member profile
  • View their membership card

Find out how to enable the app and use the features by clicking here.

To download the WildApricot member app for Android, click here.

Members Location Mapping Gadget

Using the members location mapping gadget, you can now display an interactive map that shows where your members are located, and displays information about each member.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/jEC8HySvDwISUdSg8iqChOB9kMRsiM1RCnIFiA0173M/fNtPwMPLqhMH-GJnUvQuxocvJd7L_-TzVHwShfcQApM/members location mapping2-jDg.png

In order to set up a map of your members, you need to set up a Google Maps integration and insert a members location mapping gadget. You can also adjust the members location mapping gadget settings, including selecting which member groups should be shown.

For a step-by-step guide of how to set up your map and how your members can use it, visit our help page.

October Support FAQs

We get a lot of questions asking how to perform certain tasks, so each month we'll try to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions.

How can I spell check my email or website content?

WildApricot does not provide its own spell checker, but most browsers will automatically underline or otherwise highlight misspelled words. For some browsers, you may have to turn that option on. If you're using Chrome, you can also add the free Grammarly extension that checks spelling and grammar as you type.

How do I edit an email macro?

You can't edit or modify any of WildApricot's macros. You can only insert or remove them in emails or email templates.

How do I remove an event tag?

You can remove a tag for a particular event by going into edit mode and deleting it from the Tag field. If you want to remove the tag completely, so it does not show up on your tag list, you have to go into every event that has this tag assigned and remove it one by one.

How do I share a poll with my members?

Currently, you can share a poll with your members by inserting a link to the poll in an email or on a website page, or by enabling the automatic email announcement option.

Our designers are currently reviewing feedback from clients before deciding on whether to provide the ability to embed the poll into a site page as a gadget. If this option is important to you, you can add your vote to the wishlist feature request.

For more information on enabling the automatic poll announcement email, click here. For instructions on copying a link to a poll, click here.

This Month's Blog Posts

giving tuesday ideasIf you’re hoping to create a great experience for donors this Giving Tuesday, our list of ideas will inspire you and help make your fundraising efforts a success. Check out our post, 7 Giving Tuesday Ideas to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet, to see how you could be getting more donations.

Here are the rest of this month’s blog posts:

Organization Spotlight

Each month, we highlight one WildApricot customer. This month, our featured organization is:

The American Society for Reproductive Immunology

ASRI banner newsletterASRI banner newsletter

ASRI was founded in 1981 with the mission to foster the development of reproductive immunology research. As well as holding an annual meeting that brings together members from across the USA, ASRI also produces a journal, awards grants to support trainees in the field, and offers networking and leadership opportunities for its members.

Click here to visit the website.

That's it folks! Have a great month - we hope you can join us at the Summit.

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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