October Update: Don’t Miss Our Free Membership Growth Online Summit 2017

WildApricot Updates October 31, 2017

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

If you haven’t signed up for our Free Membership Growth Online Summit 2017, I encourage you to do so. It’s our biggest free event of the year. We’re bringing in top industry experts to show you how some organizations manage to keep growing and growing and how you can too. It will be held during the week of November 13, and will feature 5 webinars over 5 days.

You can register for free here. Plus, if you register, we’ll send you all the recordings. You can also earn one CAE credit for each webinar you attend.

Please feel free to share the Summit with your colleagues and friends.


Let Your Members Know They Belong with Membership Cards

We are very excited to announce the launch of one of our most requested WishList items of all time — membership cards! You can now design membership cards your members can download and print.

We've provided a number of design templates you can modify as you wish. You can also add and remove text, pictures, and macros. If you've already set up a picture field for your members (as a common field or membership field), you can insert a macro to automatically display each member's picture on their card.

Design Card

Only members can print or download membership cards. The card will appear on their member profile under the Membership details heading with all their membership details filled in. Any changes to their membership details will be automatically reflected on their card.

My Profile

From their profile, members can download their membership card as an image optimized for display on smartphones, or as a printable PDF.

Since membership cards appear on the member's profile, you can email a link to the membership card by including the {Profile_URL} macro in your message. 

For more information, see our Membership cards help page.


One-Click Registration with New RSVP Feature

If you’re hosting a free event and you just need an RSVP from your invitees, you can now create a simple event that requires less setup on your part, and provides one-click registration by your registrants.

When you create a simple event, you don't have to bother setting up registration types or a registration form. Simple events do not allow for guests, registration limits, and cannot include multiple sessions.

If your event charges a registration fee, has a registration limit, allows for guests, requires additional registration information from your registrants, or spans multiple sessions, you can set up a regular event.

When you click the Create new event button from the events list, you'll be asked which type of event you want to create.

Event Type

If you choose the Simple event option, then you only need to provide event details and set up your event emails.

If you include the {Registration buttons} macro in your event announcement, your recipients will be presented with buttons that they can click to respond to your invitation.

Simple Event

When the recipient clicks the Yes button, they will be automatically logged in to your site and taken to the event details, where a registration confirmation message will appear. If they click Maybe or No, a confirmation message will appear and they will be unsubscribed from all further announcements for this event.

For more information, see Setting up a simple event (RSVP only).


Even More Mobile App Improvements

Improvements to our mobile app continue to come fast and furious. In our latest update, you can now assign or modify administrative privileges while editing a contact’s profile.

Admin Access

You can now also create a new event by duplicating an existing one. 

Annual General Meeting

All event settings will be duplicated, except event access permissions, multiple sessions, and the list of registrants. 

And, if there are multiple WildApricot accounts associated with your email address, you can switch to a different association without having to log out first.

If you haven’t downloaded our mobile app yet, you can get it for free for iOS or Android.


From Our Partners

Chris BaylisWebinar: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sponsorship

  • November 1, 10:00 AM

Do you find writing sponsorship proposals largely guess work? In this free webinar from sponsorship expert, Chris Baylis, you’ll learn the art of prospecting, valuation and how to write sponsorship proposals that actually work. You’ll also learn:

  • How to overcome the biggest obstacles holding back your sponsorship sales
  • The entire sponsorship sales process and how to increase your proposal success rate
  • Principles that work for sponsors at the $5,000 level all the way up to the $1 million level
  • And more

Register here.


Joy DulingThe Movement Summit

  • November 6 - 10

How do you rally people around the movement you want to create — in their lives, in your industry, or in the world-at-large?

Find out in The Movement Summit, where you'll hear from community leaders who have successfully built engaged followings.

This Summit features 30+ leaders of thriving communities who share their experiences to help you unite, inspire, and engage your members. By the end of the week, you'll have countless ideas in your pocket for how you can accomplish the same thing with your community. 

Register here.


Monthly Blog Update

This year we quadrupled blog traffic. Discover our formula for how we did this and our best advice for any nonprofit looking to start a successful blog.

Nonprofit Blog Traffic

Here are the rest of this month’s posts:

That's all for this month. Happy Halloween!

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

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