November Update: Major Software and Mobile App Updates

Wild Apricot Updates November 30, 2016

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

What to Expect in Our December Release

Next month we plan on releasing our next major software update: Wild Apricot Version 5.9. Our last major release, Version 5.8, was released in August of this year

Version 5.9 covers several features that were requested in our Wishlist forum: 

In addition to the above, we will release a website theme set called “Building Blocks”. This is a general theme set based on the sliding puzzle design approach — square shaped forms with dark colors and light typography. Here is a preview of one variation of this theme: website theme building blocks

We are also working on a number of other wishlist requests. You can see the full list in our Wishlist: Work in progress section

Use Square to Accept Credit Cards on Your Wild Apricot App

square mobile appI first mentioned our plans to integrate with Square, the mobile credit card processing solution, back in our July newsletter. Next month, we will be launching version 1.5 of Wild Apricot's mobile app, featuring full support for Square.  

Using Wild Apricot's mobile app and Square's Register app, you can accept credit card payments from your mobile device and record those payments in your Wild Apricot account. In addition to its payment processing services, Square provides a card reader attachment for mobile devices, allowing you to swipe a credit card with your phone. 

Without the card reader, you can just enter the credit card details.

Before you can use Square to accept payments from your Wild Apricot app, you need to enable Square integration within your Wild Apricot account. You can enable Square in addition to any payment processor you're currently using to accept online payments on your Wild Apricot site.

After you enable Square integration with Wild Apricot, you can accept credit card payments from your Wild Apricot mobile app by clicking the Use Square Up button that now appears on every invoice with an outstanding balance.

You’ll then be asked for permission to open the Square Register app. From the Register app, enter the credit card number or use the card reader to swipe the card. Once you complete the transaction, you will be returned to your Wild Apricot app, and the payment details will be recorded in your Wild Apricot account. 

Consider downloading our free mobile app for iOS or Android. And for more information on Wild Apricot’s support for Square, click here.

This Month’s Blog Posts:

That’s everything for this month. Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving!

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  • douglas cobb:
    Does this mean we will be able to use Square on our website, Great Falls Historical Society ?
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Douglas,

    Good question. You can only use Square to accept payments using our mobile app from a mobile device like a smartphone. You can read about how to integrate it with your Wild Apricot account here:


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