3 Ways to Collect More Revenue at Events With the Mobile App

WildApricot Updates November 14, 2019

Kate Hawkes

By Kate Hawkes

Event season is here! That means you'll likely be mingling with members, chatting with donors - and also that you'll have lots of opportunities to make sure you don't miss out on revenue.

From the invoices for member dues you never got time to follow up, to the event registration fee that's always going to be paid 'next time', many organizations find that by the end of the year there are hundreds of dollars of revenue that they're missing out on.

Luckily, events and meetings can be a great opportunity to follow up on unpaid invoices and take payments, since you'll be face-to-face with your members - and their wallets.

If you're concerned that you'll be too busy running the event to set up a computer or sort through financial paperwork, the WildApricot app for admins could help you complete key financial tasks directly from your mobile device.

The new finance module lets you view lists of invoices and invoice details, take payments, review the status of refunds, check each contact's financial history, and more, to help you make sure you don't miss out on a dime.

1. Follow up on unpaid invoices

Trying to remember who knows what is a nightmare, and so is having to shuffle through endless paper invoices. With the admin app, you can open a list of all the outstanding invoices, so you'll be able to see right away who may need a gentle reminder.


To view a list of unpaid invoices:

  • Open the WildApricot App for Admins by tapping the icon on your device screen. 
  • Tap the Finances icon from the main menu.
  • Tap the option you want to see from the menu - you can view all unpaid invoices, invoices that have been unpaid for 30 days, or invoices that have been unpaid for 90 days.
  • This will open up a list of unpaid invoices that includes details like the name of the contact who made the transaction, the date of the transaction, and the amount.
Mobile finances - unpaid invoices 

Whether they've forgotten their wallet or they don't have time to stop, there are times when someone can't settle their invoice right away. If that's the case, you can still make sure your good work following up with them doesn't go to waste by adding a note to their account.


If they've promised to pay on a certain date, putting this in a note will mean you or any other admin will know when to expect payment. And if it seems that someone is trying to avoid paying up, you'll have a record in the notes of the occasions you've them.


To add a note:

  • In the invoice, tap the options icon (three dots in the top right corner).
  • From the options menu, tap Edit internal notes.
  • Type your note and click Save.
  • Your note will now be visible when any admin views this invoice.
 mobile finances gif - invoices followup resized 

If they can pay today, that's great! You can accept their payment in several different forms - this next section shows you how. 


2. Accept payment for invoices on the spot 

How many times have we all said 'I'll do it when I get home', and then completely forgotten? With the mobile app, you can take payments right away, so you don't have to hope your members will remember.


You can choose to let your contacts pay their invoices by either online or manual payments.


Online payments are more secure than dealing with cash or checks, and are also less prone to errors. Plus, it means you don't have to postpone payment if someone doesn't have cash on them. 


To settle invoices by online payment:

  • Tap the Pay button in the top right of an unpaid invoice.
  • Select the Online payment option at the top of the payment screen.
  • Your options for online payments will be listed. To connect to an online payment system, follow the steps in this Help Site article. Tap the payment system you want to use.
  • Fill in the cardholder information in the form that pops up, and tap the Charge button.
  • Fill in the card details and tap the Next button to take the payment. Alternatively, you can use a card reader that is connected to your payment provider to take a payment by inserting or tapping a payment card. 
  • You can find more details about taking mobile payments using WildApricot Payments, PayPal Here or Square on our Help Site.

Mobile finances - online payments resized 

Your members can also to pay using a manual payment optionYou can customize the list of manual payment tenders you accept, so you might include options such as:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Special discount

To settle invoices by a manual payment:

  • Tap the Pay button in the top right of an unpaid invoice.
  • Select the Manual payment option at the top of the payment screen.
  • Tap the box next to Tender to select your tender. Select an option from the dropdown list of tenders and tap Done
  • Tap Record payment to mark the invoice as paid and record the payment in your WildApricot account.
mobile finances - manual payments resized 

3. Follow up on customer queries about payments or refunds

Events can give you a chance to chat to members individually, to get their feedback and answer any question they may have - including any queries about their payments.

They might want to check the date you received a specific payment, whether a refund they've been waiting for has been processed, or see whether a payment has been processed correctly.

As you're talking with your attendees, you can call up their financial history on your device and check the status of their payments and refunds, so you can see at a glance whether they have been completed or are outstanding, or have failed.

Not only will you give the impression that your organization is helpful and professional, you'll be making sure that failed or forgotten payments don't slip between the cracks.

To check the finance history for an individual contact:

  • Tap the Contacts icon from the main menu.
  • Search for the contact you're looking for using the search bar at the top.
  • Tap the contact's name from the list to open their profile.
  • Tap Finances at the top of the profile. You can then scroll through a list of the contact's transactions, both paid and unpaid. This shows the invoice number (if applicable), date of transaction, type of transaction (e.g. event registration), and the amount.
  • You can settle any outstanding payments by tapping the Pay button in the top right corner.
Mobile finances - individual record resized

To check the status of a particular payment:

  • Tap the payment in the list. This will open up the invoice details, including whether it is paid or unpaid and which event the registration was for (if applicable). 
  • Tap the options icon (three dots in the top right corner) to send the invoice by email, edit internal notes, or void the invoice.
  • To settle this specific invoice, tap the Pay button.

Mobile finances - add notes 3

Those are my three top suggestions of easy ways to keep on top your finances using the mobile app. I hope they help you make the most of event season to not miss a dime of your hard-earned revenue this year! 


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