WildApricot Launches Mobile App for Members

WildApricot Updates February 08, 2018

Terry Ibele

By Terry Ibele

If you want to speed up event registrations and increase engagement among your members, encourage them to download our free Mobile App: WildApricot For Members. The app has been one of our popular WishList items for a while, so we are excited to finally launch it.

Membership App

The WildApricot for Members app is an app where your members can view your organization’s upcoming events, register for participation and pay event fees. We simplified the entire registration process and made it mobile friendly.

The app also provides access to the member directory and their personal profiles.

Not sure whether the member app will be a good fit for your organization? Click here to take our quiz to find out. 


Where to Download the Member App

The app is available on both iOS and Android.

The easiest way to get your members to download the app is to send them an email with a link to the app in the app store.

Here are links to download the app:

AppStoreLogo Get it on Google Play


How to Enable the App in Your Account

To enable the app for your WildApricot account, go to your Admin View, then Settings, Member app and click the box labeled Allow application for members. Save your settings.

Mobile App WildApricot Member App banner 

What Can Your Members Do With the App?

There are three main features your members can access with the app. Under each feature, I’ve listed what a member can do:

  1. Events
    1. View an event calendar and event details
    2. Register for an event through the app
    3. View existing event registrations
    4. Pay an outstanding event registration fee
  2. Member Directory.
    1. View your organization’s entire member directory
    2. View member profiles
    3. Email and call fellow members
  3. Personal Profile
    1. View their personal profile, including their membership renewal date

How Can Administrators Control the Member App?

For each of the features in the above section, full administrators of your organization can control which ones your members have access to.

For Events, administrators have the ability to:

  • Show a calendar of events or hide it.
  • Choose which events your members can view and register for in the app.

For the Member Directory, administrators have the ability to:

  • Allow your members to view your member directory in the app
  • Choose which members show up in the directory. For example, you can choose to only show members from a certain membership level.

To access the member app settings, hover over the Settings menu in the backend of your WildApricot website and click the Member app settings option. Once you are finished changing the settings, click Save settings.

Membership App

To see the full list of admin capabilities, click here.


What Does the Member App Look Like?

Once your members download the app and login, they will see four categories on the bottom of the screen:

  1. Members: displays the member directory
  2. Events list: displays a list of upcoming events
  3. My tickets: displays a list of events the member has registered for
  4. Profile: displays the member profile

Below are some screenshots from the app:

Membership App 

What is the Difference Between the WildApricot For Members app and the WildApricot For Admins app?

The WildApricot For Members app is an app for your members to download and interact with your organization and fellow members from their phones.

The WildApricot For Admins app is an app for your organization’s administrators to manage members and events from their phones.

Your members cannot login to the WildApricot for Admins app.

If you would like to download the WildApricot for Admins app, click here for more information.

If you have any questions about the WildApricot For Members app, please contact our support team here.

The Membership Growth Report:

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  • Jennak:
    We need this member app for Android..
  • Mario LaCute:
    Android please on member app
  • Kyle Lawrence:
    Seems like a good idea but I won't use this for our members until there is an Android app. Is there a timeline for Android release that you could share with us?
  • Jamtin:
    Android please!!! It is used much more in our club than iPhone
  • Vicki:
    Is there more functionality planned for the app? I'd love to see a link to the forums, the ability to post event schedules, do polling. CrowdCompass is providing these types of services. I'd love it if I could get half of what they are doing in this app. I'd also really like to be able to put my brand on it.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Vicki. Thanks for the feedback, all those things are great suggestions. We are going to keep developing the app going forward. Please add your ideas to the Wishlist forum :)
  • Tim Cummings:
    Terry, I see that you responded to Vicki but nothing to all the other comments about Android. Like Kyle, I would never treat members with Androids as second class citizens by providing an App to only Apple users. This is a glaring deficiency in WildApricot's understanding of your customers. Particularly when it is more difficult to get an Apple App approved than an Android App. Please grace us with a timeline for the Android version.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Tim,

    Right now we don't have a timeline of when the app will launch for Android, but we will be notifying customers when we do.
  • Keith Devoe:
    Here's a statistic: Android accounted for 67% of US phone activations from April – June 2017, up from 63% in the same quarter last year. iOS activations dropped from 32% to 31% in that stretch. http://bgr.com/2017/07/19/android-vs-ios-market-share-2017-q2/

    Not sure why you decided to release the app for iOS first.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Keith,

    All good points. We are working on an Android release, but can't confirm any expected dates as of yet. We'll keep you in the loop!
  • Dennis:
    What are the platform compatibility requirements? Anything older than ? will not be compatible.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Dennis,

    The app requires iOS 10.0 or later. More details are on the App Store.
  • Niraj:
    I like the member app. But it would have been more helpful, if members could edit their information, and register for events via member app. Without that app may fail to do any meaningful work, eh?

  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Niraj,

    Thanks for your comment. You're right, members cannot edit their information right now, but they can register for events via the app.
  • Matthew:
    You should look into Google's Flutter SDK for building an app that will work on both Android and iOS. No need to work on two separate, relatively straightforward apps.
  • George:
    We need an Andriod App as soon as possible. Our members keep asking when the Android App will be available but we don't have any answers for them. The decision to release just the iOS version is a great disservice to membership organizations that use WildApricot outside the United States and Canada because over 90% of our members use Android phones. Please don't delay the release of the Android App. The sooner the better.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi George,

    Thanks for the feedback, we are currently working on an Android App. Due to the nature of development, I can't give you a release date.
  • Cynthia:
    Agree with all the comments - the member app is quite worthless without android also. I hope you can provide a release date very soon.
    thank you.

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