May Update: Upcoming Webinar and New Resource Page

WildApricot Updates May 26, 2021


By WildApricot

This month, we've added a Resource Library on our website where you can find e-books, checklists and more with tips on how to grow your organization. You can also anticipate the version 7.21 release early next month, featuring an email template to let your members know about your website. There's also an expert webinar you can sign up for: Building Aligned Teams Through Organizational Design with Sarah Olivieri. 


Also in this month's newsletter:  

  • Product Update: New Email Template  

  • New WildApricot Resource Library  

  • Update from the Support Team  

  • Expert Webinar: Building Aligned Teams Through Organizational Design 

  • Free Nonprofit Webinars for June 2021  

  • Blog of the Month: The Ultimate Guide to Donation Website Builders for Your Nonprofit   

  • Meet the Team: Chantelle Meiboom, Sr. Demand Generation Manager 

  • Organization Spotlight:  York Art Association   


Product Update: New Email Template  



If you’re ready to announce your new WildApricot website to your members, there will soon be an email template (in the next release) to help you get them on board! The email template includes instructions on how members can log into your new website with their existing account information. This template has instructions for them as well as a macro for their unique password. 


The version 7.21 release will roll out in early June, featuring the ability to export invoice line items and email tracking information. Click here to learn more.  


New WildApricot Resource Library 


You can now find all our eBooks, research reports, checklists and more all in one place! Simply hover over the Resources tab on our website and select Resource Library or click here.  



Update from the Support Team 

This month, we are sharing answers to frequently asked support questions. 


I recorded a refund in WildApricot, but the money wasn't refunded. Why?

Recording a manual refund in WildApricot does not result in any money being returned to the payer. The transferring of funds associated with a manual refund must be initiated by you from within your payment processor. Then, you can manually record the refund in WildApricot.  


In short, you can't issue refunds to payments in WildApricot, only record refunds issued elsewhere. You can, however, issue a refund to a WildApricot account, but this does not result in the movement of any funds in any bank account. 

How do I customize the login icon?

With certain themes (Building Blocks, Kaleidoscope, and Tinted Tiles), the public login option appears as an icon of a person, without any text. When you click the icon, a login form appears. 



Using CSS code, you can change the color of the login icon, and change the login icon to a Login button. 


To apply CSS code to your WildApricot site, go to the Website module and click the CSS option at the top of the screen.  



On the screen that appears, enter the code in the Editor panel, then click Save to preview your customization within the preview area on the right. When you are finished making your changes, click Cancel to close the screen. 

For the CSS code you need to insert, click here


Expert Webinar: Building Aligned Teams Through Organizational Design 


Join nonprofit strategist, Sarah Olivieri, as she explains how to build aligned teams through organizational design. This webinar will focus on: 


  • The role of disruptive vs. stabilizing functions in your organization’s design and how they are essential to building aligned teams. 

  • A deep understanding of why, to bring about change, innovation, and meaningful progress, organizations need to adopt a new type of organizational model. 

  • How to apply actionable takeaways for their transformations 


Learn more


Free Nonprofit Webinars for June 2021 


Here are 59 free webinars that the Internet has to offer to help you: 

  • Raise funds for your organization online  

  • Make the most of your nonprofit website  

  • Recruit and engage volunteers using social media  

  • Improve your organization’s budgeting process  

  • And much more


See what's coming up



Blog of the Month: The Ultimate Guide to Donation Website Builders for Your Nonprofit  


You don’t need to spend thousands on getting somebody to build a donation website for you. To help you sort through your options, we’re going to dive into what you should be asking when comparing donation website builders and provide you a top ten list of where to start. 


Read the full blog


Also, on the blog this month: 


Meet the Team: Chantelle Meiboom, Sr. Demand Generation Manager  

A person wearing glasses
Description automatically generated with low confidence


Hi there! I’m Chantelle, one of the newest members on the WildApricot team. 


As the Sr. Demand Generation Manager, I work with a team of marketers to ensure the word gets out about our powerful cloud software, which in turn helps organizations like you automate and simplify membership tasks. 


I am excited to be part of the WildApricot team as I can mix my passion for helping others and my marketing expertise to deliver the message of our platform to organizations that are making a difference for others.  


In my free time I enjoy working on creative projects such as product photography, and spending quality time with my friends and family.  


Whether an organization is just getting its feet off the ground or is established and looking to take operations to the next level, we at WildApricot are here to help!  



Organization Spotlight: York Art Association   


The York Art Association's mission is to provide South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland opportunities for individuals to expand their artistic skills or explore creativity through classes, workshops, lectures, exhibits, or using publications in its library. 


What we love about its website

The association has an online store featuring various workshops where visitors can sign up to learn acrylic painting and more from professional artists. Visitors and members can click on the event for more information and click on the calendar view to see when events are happening each month. 


Website theme: Kaleidoscope Cornucopia 


Visit the website


The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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