May Update: Our Improved App

WildApricot Updates May 31, 2016

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

Besides the clear blue skies and the bright warm sun, May brings the lovely blossoms of apricot trees.

Beautiful weather aside, here’s what happened this month in the world of WildApricot.

Mobile App Update

MobileA big initiative of ours is to replicate the full functionality of WildApricot on our smartphone app so you can manage your membership on the go.

Here are the latest improvements we've made, based on your feedback from our WishList forum:

  • You can now click-to-call a phone number within contact details
  • We improved performance on iOS devices
  • We fixed some minor bugs
  • We redesign the interface, which you can see below!

Mobile App

What’s next?

Partying, dancing, and tanning on the beach.

Actually, we have a lot more in store. Here’s what we’re working on:
  • The ability to make credit card payments of your events and renewals directly from your phone using SquareUp
  • The ability to open and close event registrations from your phone 
  • More performance improvements

If you haven’t downloaded our app for iOS or Android already, here are 3 reasons to do so:

  1. Search, view, add & update contacts right from your phone
  2. Check-in event guests by tapping on their names in the app
  3. Manually record payments for renewals and events with just a few taps

You can read all about our app and its functionality on our help site.

Our Technical Writer, Steve Andrews, even created a short video showcasing our app’s features

199 Cheap or Free Online Tools for Nonprofits

ToolsSeven years ago we created a resource of 100 online tools for nonprofits organized by administrative function (events, donations, email systems, etc.). Many of you found it very helpful, so we thought it was time for an update.

199 nonprofit tools

This time around, we’ve included 199 tools, plus we sought the advice of some of our industry partners to help you choose the best software for your organization. It’s like a full encyclopedia of online tools for nonprofits. Use it to find the online tools best fitted for your organization. 

Click here to access our list of 199 Cheap or Free Online Tools for Nonprofits.

Solution Splitting Update

Solution Splitting

As mentioned in our March Newsletter, we’ve been undergoing a large project called Solution Splitting to reduce our technical debt and improve the performance of our software.

I’m happy to say the first phase is well underway. As of May 16th, we implemented Solution Splitting for half our active Free Accounts (200) and all of our non-active Free Accounts (7,135).

Remember, you won't see any immediate changes to our platform. Everything about Solution Splitting is internal, but it will pave the way to improvements, benefits and large scale projects in the near future such as:
  • Faster feature development speed, meaning we can work on more of your requests
  • Fewer bugs and a more robust system, so you won’t need to be calling our support team
  • More frequent, faster and smoother releases to improve performance of our platform
  • Faster reaction on user feedback to product changes to give you a better experience
  • Improvements to our main features (membership, events, payments, CMS, emailing, mobile etc.)
We believe Solution Splitting will lead us to a better client experience and so we are very excited to be well underway!

That's all for this month!

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  • Debby Weeks:
    I will like the idea of being able to update my webpages via my iPad. I already go some, but am limited. Thank you'. Question. Is there a way for our members to fill out forms online and submit?
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Debby,

    Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately it's only possible for someone to fill out a form when they are registering for membership or an event. You can add support for your idea over on our WishList Forum:
  • Judy:
    Any update on the ability to make credit card payments of events and renewals directly from your phone using SquareUp (or similar)? We are looking for a way to do this at our next conference (March 2017),
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Judy,

    SquareUp is still in beta testing. Hopefully it'll all be ready to go by next March.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Judy,

    SquareUp is still in beta testing. Hopefully it'll all be ready to go by next March.


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