March Update: An Update on our Update

WildApricot Updates March 30, 2017

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

That’s a lot of updates in the title, eh?

This month we made a big step towards launching some long-awaited features (something we’re calling “paying our customer debt”) with the release of our major software update Version 5.10. In this update, I’ll cover how Version 5.10 went, what we did about some of the feedback we received, and three features we’re working on next.

But before I get into the details of Version 5.10, I have some other news that I’m very proud to share.

Eleven years ago, I had a dream of a world where everyone involved in a membership organization could spend their time pursuing their purpose, instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks. That’s when I decided to create software that could do all the tasks better suited for robots. 

Today, WildApricot is a team of over 100 staff, providing an all-in-one membership management platform to thousands of nonprofit organizations across the globe. Every month we spend over $250,000 on software development and have launched over 60 releases to date.

And so it’s with great joy that we once again get to celebrate claiming the number one spot of the Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software Solutions from Capterra, a company that reviews membership management software.

While we're very happy with our number one spot, and a big thank you to our customers who have helped us get there, we still know there is more we can be doing for you. This is why we've made a commitment to keep offering great software by focusing on the features you've requested.


Version 5.10: An Update on Paying Our “Customer Debt”

This month we continued to follow our plan to “pay our customer debt” by launching as many features from our top wishlist items as we can this year. 

Earlier this month we released version 5.10, which included a number of bug fixes and new features. We also received a lot of feedback about the release, and have begun to address some of the issues brought up by you (read more in the next section), including an update to our mobile app to support a landscape view.

Now, our focus is on the next software release, which we expect in May. One of the feature we’re planning to add is the ability to restrict access to files. We’re also working on three more features: adding RSVP registration for events, membership cards, and secondary emails for members. While we’ve made a lot of great progress on these features, we’re not quite sure if they will be ready for the next release in May.

The release in May will include an update to our API that will allow us to release our new mobile application for members later on in the year. Our mobile development team is really looking forward toward this. 

Lastly, we’re finalizing our internal preparations to change our hosting provider and move to Amazon Web Service. We plan to complete this entirely this summer. Doing this will give us increased stability and performance. Stay tuned for more updates about this project in future newsletters. 


Changes Since The 5.10 Release

On March 27th, we launched a minor update to Version 5.10. That update is called Version 5.10.1. Here is what changed.

Clicking within the registrants list

One change to the event registration module was how registration details were viewed under the Registrations & Invitees page. 

Prior to Version 5.10, clicking anywhere within a row of a registrant opened up that registrant’s details (see the image below). After Version 5.10, we made it so that clicking a registrant’s name took you to that person’s contact details, while clicking anywhere else within the row took you to that person’s registration details.

event update

Many WildApricot users thought we had completely removed the ability to jump to registration details from the registrant’s list. So, at the request of many customers, we have reversed this change. 

Once again, clicking anywhere within the row – including the registrant’s name – will take you to the registration information for that registrant. 

For non-registrants appearing in the registrants list – those not attending and those who didn’t reply to an event announcement with the {Registration buttons} macro – a Contact details link will be displayed, which you can click on to jump to the contact details for the contact.

event update2

These same changes were made – and reversed – on the Waitlist tab.

Event announcement security warning moved

When you send an event announcement that includes the {Registration buttons} macro, a red security warning appears above your message advising recipients not to forward the message, since clicking either of the buttons will automatically log the person doing the clicking into your WildApricot site.

event update3

In response to concerns from customers, we have moved this warning to the bottom of the message, below the Unsubscribe link. We are also considering making it possible to customize this message.

Archive contacts button renamed

When you’re displaying your contacts list, one of the options at the top is Archive contacts.


Many users have clicked this button, thinking it will display a list of archived contacts, when in fact it archives all their current contacts, an action that is not easy to undo.

While there is a warning message displayed after clicking this button, many users have still unintentionally archived their contacts.

archive 2

To alleviate this problem, we have changed the label for this button to Archive contacts in this list. Hopefully, this will reduce the number of users who accidentally archived their contacts.

If you do accidentally archive contacts, you can follow the instructions here to restore your archived contacts, or call our support team.


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  • Raymond Folen:
    When I want to query the database to ask a simple question like "What percentage of the members renewed their membership in 2016", the process to acquire that information seems so convoluted. I have to call WildApricot technical support (an excellent group of people by the way) just about every time I need to tap the database for information. There are always caveats - "we can kind of get you that information but due to other database factors or the nature of the inquiry we may miss members who have X or Y or Z..."
    This is the MOST frustrating aspect of working with WildApricot and, in my opinion, makes it an inadequate product.
    As a start, why not develop a 'top 100' list of database inquiries, where I can click on a button and get easy answers to the most commonly asked questions?
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Raymond,

    You're right that is frustratinh, but you've also got a great idea there. The best way to make database inquiries a reality is to add it as an idea to our WishList forum. Our developers regularly go through the WishList forum to help them decide which features to develop next:


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