June Update: What’s New This Summer at WildApricot?

WildApricot Updates June 29, 2021


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Summer is here, and this month we’re featuring stories from nonprofits who are successfully achieving their mission using WildApricot. Check out our blog post, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Nonprofit Annual Reports to learn how to effectively communicate with stakeholders and build community support for your nonprofit. 


Also in this month's newsletter:  

  • New WildApricot Success Stories  

  • Update from the Support Team  

  • Recommended Webinar—Talent Generation: Getting Members Ready for Future Work 

  • Free Nonprofit Webinars for June 2021  

  • Blog of the Month: The Ultimate Guide to Donation Website Builders for Your Nonprofit   

  • Meet the Team: Catherine Chea, Product Content Manager  

  • Organization Spotlight: The Africa Tourism Association (ATA)  


New WildApricot Success Stories 

Want to find out how other organizations are using WildApricot to achieve their mission? You can now see the latest success stories on our website. Simply hover over the Customers tab on our website and select Success Stories.


See success stories


Update from the Support Team 

This month, we are sharing answers to frequently asked support questions. 


Changing the renewal date for a membership level didn't change the members' renewal dates. Why not?

When you change the renewal date for a membership level, the change is not applied to existing memberships, only to future ones. For instructions on bulk updating the renewal dates for existing members, click here


How do I send a renewal reminder after the renewal date?

To send a renewal reminder email after the renewal date has passed, you have to do it manually, following these steps:  

  1. Hover over the Members menu and select the Member emails option.  

  1. Under Renewal reminders, click the Reminder 1 email link.

  1. Click the Edit button.

  1. Select and copy the body of the email template.

  1. Click the Cancel button to exit edit mode. 

  1. At the top of the screen, click the Summary option to display the members summary.  

  1. If you want to email all your members, click the Email all members button at the top.

    If you just want to email a particular membership level, click that level's total then click the Email members button.

  1. From the email wizard that appear, chose the email template you want to use.  

  1. Select the text in the body of the email and paste the text you copied from the Reminder 1 email template.

  1. Review the new email body and make any necessary adjustments.

  1. Click the Recipients tab and enter a subject for your message.

  1. Click the Review and send tab, then click the Send button. 


If you're planning on manually sending renewal reminders frequently, you might want to save your message as an email template, to save you some effort in the future. 


Recommended Webinar—Talent Generation: Getting Members Ready for Future Work 


Join Save the Associations host, Sarah Sladek, as she discusses what the future workface may look like for associations with hand selected industry experts. This webinar will focus on:  

  • The lack of incoming talent 

  • Fast approaching retirements 

  • Gaps between education and industry need 

Sign up now



Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2021 


Here are 41 free webinars that the Internet has to offer to help you: 

  • Increase fundraising revenue  

  • Run a seamless online event 

  • Prepare for your next grant application 

  • Find and approach sponsors 

  • And much more 

See what's coming up



Blog of the Month: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Nonprofit Annual Reports (+15 Examples)  

Getting started with a nonprofit annual report for the first time, or just want a refresher? Simplify the process with this ultimate guide full of expert advice and examples. 


Read the full blog


Also, on the blog this month: 



Meet the Team: Catherine Chea, Product Content Manager  

Hi there! I’m Catherine, and I’ve been at WildApricot for over a year. 


As the Product Content Manager, I communicate product features and updates to help you make the most of WildApricot. What I love about my role is working closely with fun people from different teams, from Product and Onboarding to Marketing and Support, and gathering information and ideas for our marketing campaigns. 


I also love featuring our customers from time to time and sharing their mission, including writing customer success stories.  


Outside of my day job, I enjoy taking creative writing classes, playing the piano (here’s my old YouTube channel) and discovering a new gelato or bubble tea shop in downtown Toronto.  


If you ever need help running your organization or using WildApricot, you can find various advice on our Resource Library page and Help Center.



Organization Spotlight: The Africa Tourism Association (ATA) 

The Africa Tourism Association (ATA) is the leading global trade association promoting travel and tourism to Africa and strengthening intra-Africa partnerships, serving the industry's public and private sectors. ATA membership includes African governments, their tourism ministers, tourism bureaus and boards, tour operators and travel agents, affiliate industries and more. Its annual events in Africa and the United States bring together industry leaders to shape Africa’s tourism agenda. 


What we love about its website

From its stunning photography to its clean layout, there is so much to love about ATA's website. When you look around the site, you can also find its beautiful benefits page, highlighting the benefits for each of its membership levels. The website also features an interactive page of the African continent, where you can click to learn more about what each country offers.   


Website theme: Kaleidoscope Neon 


Visit the website


The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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