June Update: Why is Next Month Special for Nonprofits?

WildApricot Updates June 30, 2016

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

What is so special about July for membership organizations?

Based on a study we conducted of over 1 million events you’ve created in WildApricot, July is the hottest month for big events. We’re talking retreats, conventions, and conferences. 

If you’re running an event this summer and want to increase your attendance, there’s one simple tactic you can do in your WildApricot admin that is sure to boost attendance at your big event.

Simply log into WildApricot and filter your contacts to those who attended your last big event.

Send this list a personalized email about how much you enjoyed seeing them last time and why they can’t miss this year’s event. Here are some tips to remember for your email:

  • Include some highlights from last year’s event to refresh their memories
  • Hype up some of the activities at this year’s event without giving too much away
  • Offer an incentive to register early like special pricing

Scroll down for specific instructions (and an example email) on how to do this in WildApricot.

199 Free or Cheap Online Tools for Nonprofits

199 nonprofit toolsAre you swamped by the amount of admin tasks that keep piling up? Are you having trouble finding the time to get back to the activities your members really care about? If that’s you, we found some tech tools that can do the grunt work for you.

Nearly any manual task your organization is doing right now can be automated with a free or low-cost online tool.

And here are 199 online tools along with expert advice, to help you decide which are best fitted to your organization. Think of this as your nonprofit online tool encyclopedia.

199 Free or Cheap Online Tools for Nonprofits

WildApricot Tool Tip: Increase Event Registrations by Emailing Registrants from a Past Event

Do you have an event coming up and want to increase registrations? If so, we recommend trying a simple approach that has worked really well for many of WildApricot’s clients — send a special invite to those who registered for your last event.

Here are the four steps on how to email the registrants from any of your past events, plus an example email.

1) Go to your Admin view and click Contacts > Advanced search > Add criteria. This will load a list of options to filter your contact list by.

Email Event Contacts 1

 2) Scroll down the list of criteria and select Registered for specific event(s). Click OK.

Email Event Contacts 2

 3) Click Select, and then select the event you’d like to email the registrants of. Click Save.

Email Event Contacts 3Email Event Contacts 4

 4) Click Email contacts and then start creating your message.

Email Event Contacts 5

 Here’s an example email to send to this list. 

 Hi {Contact_First_Name},

Guess what’s coming up?

I wanted you to be the first to know that I just confirmed the date for this year’s WildApricot Annual Conference. I really enjoyed seeing you at last year’s conference. Remember how funny the photo booth was?

I don’t think you’ll want to miss our big event on July 25th, because we’re bringing in some top-notch industry experts, like John  Haydon and Robbie Kellman Baxter, who’ve got some great things to share on how to grow your membership.

And one final thing (just for you). Since you attended last year, I wanted to offer you a special earlybird price - 20% off registration.

I hope to see you there. All the best,


You can read more about searching and filtering your contact list here.

Toronto meets Moscow

If you have members, offices, or chapters in different geographic locations, like us, you may be familiar with the challenges of communication. This month we went to some (extreme) measures to solve this.

Our WildApricot’s offices are split between Toronto (30 employees in Support, Finance, Marketing, User Experience) and Moscow (70 employees in Design, Development, Quality Assurance, System Operations).

We already go to great lengths to increase communication between our offices. English lessons for the Russians. Russian lessons for the Canadians. Conference calls, Skype meetings, Slack channels, emails, collaborative docs... But we realized that this still wasn’t enough:

  • Some projects have stalled due to a lack of communication
  • It’s been hard to keep everyone updated on everything, and sometimes we’re not even sure what other teams are working on.
  • We’ve tried to limit inter-office decision making, because it was too much effort

So this month, we flew some of our folks from Toronto to Moscow for the first time in many years.

moscow office

And while we enjoyed some amazing Russian hospitality, we realized that nothing can compare to the value of a personal, face-to-face connection.

Suddenly the 2D faces on Skype turned into real people with aspirations, families, common interests, and shared goals. It was an amazing experience for everyone.

And now that we’re back home, we’ve seen a lot of good things come out of this already.

Our company has a refreshed perspective on our work and an excitement to do more great things together:

  • We have a much better understanding of the work everyone’s doing and how it all fits together
  • There is much greater alignment on our company objectives
  • We were able to tap into the various expertise from both offices to scale our brain-power for difficult problems (2 heads are better than 1, but 100 heads are better yet)
  • And perhaps most importantly, we feel personally connected to one another and are already creating channels to keep those connections strong

I truly believe that the personal connections we established will enable us to work better, faster, and stronger together, which only means good things for you, our customers.

If you have a team in another geographic location, I strongly urge you to put your travel pants on and meet them face to face.

That's it for June. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends :)

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  • Evgeny aka Apricot Kernel:
    Thanks guys for writing about our Moscow trip, this was indeed very important experience.

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