July Update: More Ways to Automate Tasks in WildApricot

WildApricot Updates July 27, 2021


By WildApricot

This month, you can automate even more tasks in WildApricot. With over 950 apps that can now connect with our software, there are countless tasks you can do. You can then better save time and focus on your organization's mission. 


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  • Product Update — Over 905+ Apps Available to Connect With 

  • Update from the Support Team  

  • Recommended Webinar—Innovations in Membership Engagement 

  • Free Nonprofit Webinars for August 2021  

  • Blog of the Month: Sponsorship as an Alternate Revenue Stream 

  • Meet the Team: Kerry McCreadie, Senior Content Manager  

  • Organization Spotlight: Raising Littles Bend  


Product Update: Over 950+ Apps Available to Connect With  



There are now over 950 apps and services that you can integrate with WildApricot via Integromat! Some popular services include QuickBooks, Facebook, and Google apps. With Integromat, you can choose dozens of actions to do within WildApricot, including: 


  • Automatically copy WildApricot events into Google Calendar. 

  • Send an email to your members on their birthday. 

  • Set up a Google calendar that your members can add events to, which then creates an event in WildApricot and notifies admins. 

  • Send a certificate to people who attend your event the day before. 


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Are you already using Integromat? If you have any ideas or examples you’d like to share, please feel free to add your comments below this article.  


Update from the Support Team 

This month, we are sharing answers to frequently asked support questions. 

Emails are not being sent to all contacts in the list  

There are a few reasons why your message might not be sent to all the contacts on your recipients list: 


  • They have opted out from receiving email blasts 

  • They have had email delivery disabled by the system because of previous delivery issues 

  • They do not have an email address entered on their contact record 


To confirm the reason, check the Email settings and log tab on their contact record. 



What is the difference between a lapsed member and a suspended member?


A suspended member is a former member whose membership has been revoked and is now a non-member contact.  



A lapsed member is a member who has lost membership privileges because of unpaid membership fees.  



Unlike a suspended member, a lapsed member can restore their membership by paying the renewal fee. A suspended member must reapply for membership using the same process as any other applicant.  


To confirm someone's membership status, check the Membership tab on their contact record. 


Recommended Webinar—Innovations in Membership Engagement 



Join Save the Associations host, Sarah Sladek, as she discusses what it means to address membership engagement from a virtual-first mindset, and what associations should consider when utilizing this strategy. This webinar will focus on:  


  • Aligning Innovation with Membership Strategy 

  • Unique Member Engagement Strategies 

  • Digital-First Membership Engagement


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Free Nonprofit Webinars for August 2021 


Here are 42 free webinars that the Internet has to offer to help you: 


  • Increase fundraising revenue  

  • Run a seamless online event 

  • Prepare for your next grant application 

  • Find and approach sponsors 

  • And much more 


See what's coming up



Blog of the Month: Sponsorship as an Alternate Revenue Stream 



Need help with raising much needed funds for your non-profit? Here are some tips for you. This blog covers the benefits of securing sponsorships as part of your fundraising strategy, how to go about securing sponsors, how to measure impact, and how to properly thank sponsors and nurture your relationship with them. 


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Also, on the blog this month: 



Meet the Team: Kerry McCreadie, Senior Content Manager   



Hey! I'm Kerry McCreadie, and I'm fresh at WildApricot for just over a month. 


As the Senior Content Marketing Manager, I create content for organizations like you—so you can grow your membership, retain more members, and raise more funds. Right now, I'm the person who's getting all the posts onto our WildApricot blog


On my own time, I'm the CEO of a nonprofit arts organization, and am also a writer. When things get back to normal, I'll be waiting to get back to coffeeshop writing! 


Organization Spotlight: Raising Littles Bend  



Raising Littles Bend, based in Bend, Oregon, focuses on supporting moms on their parenthood journey. The organization provides a safe inclusive community, offering many different social and learning opportunities for moms and their littles including park playdates, field trips, mom’s meetups, a speaker series, and more.  


What we love about its website

Raising Little Bend’s website is simple yet elegant. We love the neutral colour scheme, consistency of text, and excellent use of white space and images throughout the website. Displaying high-quality images featuring real people helps visitors feel more connected to the support group, like showing its executive board. The Membership page also gives you the benefits of joining with a clear call-to-action button to help you get started.  


Visit the website

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