January Update: Which of these training sessions will you be joining?

WildApricot Updates January 28, 2020

Shawn Klerer

By Shawn Klerer
If you find that getting to grips with software can be a steep learning curve, we invite you to join us for our user conference, PersoniFest, to help you get the most from WildApricot. Taking place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 5-8, the user conference is packed with opportunities to hear from WildApricot experts, get in-person training, and chat with thousands of other organizations that use Personify products.

Whether you’re a brand-new user or you’ve been working with us for years, there are dozens of sessions at PersoniFest 2020 for you to choose from. You could find yourself listening to an inspirational keynote speaker, learning best practices for member management, having your questions answered, or seeing step-by-step how to complete tasks and use features. Click here to see the full agenda.


With so many sessions to choose from, it can be hard to know which you’ll find the most helpful. Here’s our pick of 5 sessions to get you started: 

Personifest sessions selection- updated 

PLEASE NOTE: The session listed as number 1 here is a change to original scheduling. If you have questions about this change, please contact amorgan@personifycorp.com


To join us for these sessions and dozens more, click here to find out more about PersoniFest and register for your ticket. We hope you can join us! 


Also in this month's newsletter:


Product Updates

Updating the admin view - Version 7.8

New navigation collapse sidebar gif croppedIn Version 7.8 (currently planned for launch at the beginning of February), we're rolling out an updated layout in the admin view to help you use WildApricot more efficiently. 


You'll still have the same functionality as before and the content and data you work with won’t be affected. However, the main menu options, account options and help center will be moved to a left sidebar you can collapse out of the way, and we’re also updating the way you use the Settings and Help center (click here for more details).


To see the new navigation in action, click here to see a recorded webinar where we explain the main changes and show how to use the navigation to complete some common tasks.


Have You Used These 2019 WildApricot Updates Yet?

2019 review sidebarIf you’re one of the thousands of WildApricot users who voted for the updates they wanted to see in 2019 – thank you!


All the feedback you’ve shared with us via the Wishlist forumFacebook group and support channels have inspired us to make some important changes over the past year to help you get the most from WildApricot.


If you’d like a recap of what changed in WildApricot software in 2019, take a look at this blog post - hopefully you’ll be inspired with new ways to run your organization with WildApricot in the year ahead.  


In this post, you’ll learn:


How to Build 3 Popular Reports in AffiniPay (WildApricot Payments) 

Affinipay reporting sidebarIf you're like thousands of other volunteers and staff members at small organizations, putting together a financial report probably means spending hours tracking down the right information and trying to make formulas work in Excel. 


The good news is that if you use WildApricots (powered by AffiniPay) you can view or export both simple and complex reports with just a few clicks.


In this post, you'll learn:  


Tips from the Support Team

This month, we're going to take a look at the handy new options we've added to the help panel. The help panel, of course, provides access to WildApricot’s help content within the admin view. The new options appear in the menu bar at the top of the help panel.  

Help center new navigation

If you're not already seeing these options, click the menu icon above the search bar. 

Help center new navigation menu icon

Here’s a brief look at the new options.  


Support request

You can click this icon to submit a support request without leaving the admin view.   

Help center new navigation send ticket

Before you submit your support request, related help topics will be displayed that might be able to address your issue on the spot. 

Help center new navigation support request send ticket

What's new?

Click this icon to learn about the updates in WildApricot’s latest releases. 


System status

Click this icon to view the status of various WildApricot sites and services. 

Help center new navigation service status 

Product feedback

Click this icon to post an idea or suggestion to WildApricot’s wishlist forum.

Help center new navigation feedback

Persi Awards

Persi awards banner newsletter

Get your organization recognized for its success! The annual Persi Awards are our way of saying thank you to you. This year we are celebrating our most successful customers with awards in two categories: the Innovation Award, and the Impact Award

Applying is easy – simply tell us your story! We are accepting Persi Award nominations and winners will be recognized during PersoniFest.

Click here to nominate your organization.


Meet the Team

Gordon Cheng, Onboarding Representative

Gordon meet the team photoMy name is Gordon Chengand I joined WildApricot in 2013. From tech support to onboarding, and then video editing, I’ve been able to grow with the company and watch its users grow as wellIt's been 'WILD' (pun intended) listening to our customers success stories and I'm glad to be part of that journey.

In my free time, I enjoy pranking my coworkers, and doodling everywhereWhen I’m not making a total mess at the office, you will find me crafting coffee, animated GIFs, memes, and videos. I appreciate the process of creating something tangible and learning to make it better next time. 

My advice to new users is work from the back-end to the front-end. Start with your database fields and your membership structure. Websites often take the longest time to tweak and should be saved for last.

For existing users, I recommend our blog content. The world is changing and changing fast, so it's important to keep up to date with new ideas and the latest trends to keep pace with these changes.


Blog of the Month: How to Make Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Great in Under Five Hours

Make facebook page great blog post headerLet’s face it: it’s basically a requirement for your nonprofit to be on Facebook these days. And there are definitely a lot of advantages. But don’t worry, we know you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to becoming a Facebook champion.


So, we’re here to show you how to set up your profile, make a posting strategy, and more, in less than half a day. 

In this post, you’ll learn: 

And much more. 


Click here to read the full post.


Here are the rest of the blog posts from this month:

Organization Spotlight

Arapahoe County Quilters

Arapahoe quilters image

Arapahoe County Quilters (ACQ) is a quilt guild from the Metro Denver, Colorado area. Traditional to modern, beginners to experienced quiltmakers, ACQ members meet regularly for education, inspiration and fun.


Their website includes event listings for upcoming workshops and guild meetings, a searchable directory of ACQ leadership, and a gallery of the beautiful quilts their members bring along to the monthly Show & Tell. 

Click here to see the website.


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