January Update: Features Being Developed in 2017

WildApricot Updates January 31, 2017

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

In last month's update I mentioned we were planning on “paying our customer debt” in 2017 — our plan to launch as many feature requests from our top wishlist items as we can. This is still our goal and we are currently underway with this.

Before I mention which features we are working on, I want to point out that we are still investing in projects which will improve the overall performance of WildApricot, like switching to Amazon Web Services (AWS) — a new hosting platform.

Your Votes Decide What We Develop

Our plan is to develop our top wishlist suggestions — features with 100 votes or more. While we cannot promise to develop them all in 2017, we will do our best to resolve as many as possible. 

Currently we have six dedicated development teams that are covering each area of our software: Events, Membership, Emails, Finances and Payments, CMS, and Mobile. Every team will be updating their progress on new features by posting updates within the wishlist forum. 

If you would like to be made aware of their updates, please vote on the features you want to see developed. Everyone who submits a vote on a feature will receive email updates about that feature. If you haven’t used our wishlist forum before, take this opportunity to vote now. Simply go to our forum, search for features and vote for the ones you would like developed. 

Our Next Major Release

Our next major release is expected at the end of Q1 and will contain at least one feature from the top-voted wishlist features: Scheduled E-mail Blasts (287 votes). We are also working on several more features including a simplified RSVP for events, Membership cards, and Restricted access to files. The release date for these features is not clear yet, because moving to a new hosting platform (AWS) will still take some time and may affect our release schedule. We will keep you updated on our progress in upcoming newsletters.


Free Expert Webinar Tomorrow: How Top Nonprofit Leaders Avoid Burnout

Burnout Webinar Sidebar GraphicIf you're already feeling overwhelmed this year, or if you know somebody who is, we're hosting a free webinar tomorrow (Feb 1st) that can help.

Nonprofit experts Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman will show us how the top nonprofit leaders manage to avoid burnout, including five proven things we can all do right away to feel better and get more done. 

Please join us. All are welcome, so feel free to let your friends know, and let's all get through this year with less stress! 

Sign up now and we'll see you tomorrow, February 1st at 2:00 PM (ET) / 11:00 AM (PT). 

And by the way, we are relaunching our Monthly Expert Webinar series, and this is the first one for the year. Look out for a new one every month. You can always find out what’s coming up next here


Making the Most of the WildApricot Mobile App

WildApricot Mobile App

WildApricot’s mobile app for admins continues to grow from its humble beginnings from over two years ago. Since that time, we’ve made it work for limited admins – read-only administrators, event managers, membership managers, and donation managers – and expanded it to include support for adding and deleting event registrations. 

In September, we added the ability to open or close registration for an event from the event details screen.

This screen was totally redesigned and now displays the number of checked-in and not checked-in registrants, as well as the total number of registrants. Each number can be tapped to jump to the corresponding registrants list.

Also, as a reminder, in December, we delivered integration with Square, the mobile point-of-sale system. For more information, click here.

As part of that release, we also added the ability to check in guests at events without checking in the main registrant, and provided the ability to approve or reject pending membership applications, renewals, and level changes. Depending on whether the membership fee has been paid or an invoice has been generated, you can also record a payment or activate without payment, or generate an invoice or activate without an invoice.

Future enhancements for our mobile app that are under consideration include the ability to create events on the go, the ability to send email blasts from your phone, and support for PayPal’s mobile POS system, PayPal Here. 

Consider downloading our free mobile app for iOS or Android. And for more information on WildApricot’s support for Square, click here.


An Update on Security Changes to Google Chrome

In December we sent an email to full administrators about plans to start flagging HTTP pages as insecure. This raised a lot of questions, so we’ve put together an FAQ addressing all known issues.


This Month’s Blog Posts

If you're looking for quick tips to improve your sponsorship emails, sell out your annual conference, or sign up for more free webinars, make sure to check out this month's blog posts:

That’s all for this month. 

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

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  • Sara:
    So happy to see what's coming next. Not sure if it's on the horizon, but a shopping cart is truly essential these days. Third party vendors that have no integration into your membership backend are not helpful at all and require an antiquated amount of manual work. Love seeing what you're up to next!
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the comment. The best way to make sure we prioritize the features you want to see is to vote on them on our wishlist forum. Here's a similar wishlist item about an online store, is this along the lines of what you're thinking? https://forums.wildapricot.com/forums/308932-wishlist/suggestions/8825548-online-store
  • Anon:
    So the link
    Find out what that feature is and what other features we’re developing.
    Does not rally tell us what that feature is at all!
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Anon,

    The feature we're developing and launching next is Scheduled E-mail Blasts, you can read more details under the heading "Our Next Major Release".

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