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How to Build 3 Popular Reports in AffiniPay (WildApricot Payments)​

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Kate Hawkes
Published on January 21, 2020

We’ve all been there: there’s a big meeting coming up, you get asked to put together a financial report, and your heart sinks. If you’re like thousands of other volunteers and staff members at small organizations, putting together a financial report probably means spending hours tracking down the right information and trying to make formulas work in Excel.


The good news is that if you use WildApricot Payments (powered by AffiniPay) you can view or export both simple and complex reports with just a few clicks. Using the Reports module in your AffiniPay account, you manage your payments, project cash flow, and spot trends to help you grow your revenue.


In this post, I’ll show you three of the most common reports you might want to run. You’ll learn: 

  • Best for: A quick overview 

  • Best for: Taking a closer look at specific days 

  • Best for: Analyzing your revenue sources 

If you already use WildApricot Payments, I recommend logging in to your AffiniPay account and trying out these reports in your own account as you read through this post. If you’re thinking about starting to use WildApricot Payments, you can learn more about signing up by clicking here


What you can learn from your AffiniPay dashboard

Affinipay reports - dashboard crop

Your dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you log in to your AffiniPay account. This page will give you an overview of your transactions, payment sources, and payment volume at a glance, and you can choose whether to view the statistics for the last 30 days, 90 days, or 12 months.  

Your dashboard has 3 sections: 

1. Transactions to date

2. Monthly/quarterly/annual overview

3. Transaction list and top clients

Affinipay dashboard infographic

If you’re looking for a specific report, you can view comprehensive reporting using the built-in Reports module in AffiniPay. 


Here are three popular reports you can view in just a few clicks:

  1. Monthly deposits report 

  1. Daily deposits report 

  1. Transaction report 


You can view all these reports online or you can choose to print them or export them to excel.  


1. Monthly deposits report

Best for: A quick overview for monthly board meetings

This report is an easy way to see the total deposits for each month and the breakdown of daily batch totals, but also allows you to expand out into more detail if needed.  


What this report shows

For a high-level presentation, the overview may well be all you need. However, if you want to see more detail you can click the arrow next to an individual date to review details of each transaction that day, such as payee name, status and tags. You can also click the transaction to see the full charge details.  


How to build this report:

  • Select Reports from the main menu. 

  • Select the Monthly deposits option.  

  • Click the calendar icon to select the month you want to review.  

  • Click the Run button.  

 Affinipay reports - monthly deposits 

2. Daily deposit report

Best for: Taking a deep dive into a particular day


Sometimes, you may need to investigate a specific day in more detail. Maybe it’s been particularly successful for revenue and you want to analyze where this came from so you can replicate it, or perhaps it seems like something isn’t adding up and you need to get to the bottom of it.  


What this report shows

The daily deposit report shows a summary for that day, including the number of transactions and the dollar total for the charges, but also lists all the transactions for that day, including their status and tags. You can then look even further into each transaction by clicking on the transaction record from the list.  


How to build this report:

  • Select Reports from the main menu. 

  • Select the Daily deposits option.  

  • Click the calendar icon to select the day you want to review.  

  • Click the Run button. 

 Affinipay reports - daily deposits 

3. Transaction Report

Best for: Analyzing your revenue sources


For planning meetings or for quarterly reviews, you may have to analyze which initiatives or campaigns are bringing in the most funds for your organization. To produce a more detailed and customized report, you can use the Transactions Report option. 


With this report, you can set a custom date range to view, for example during a specific campaign. You can also filter by the transaction status (including Completed or Failed), and by your own custom tags (for example by tagging all membership payments) so you can get a more accurate picture of where your revenue is coming from. 


What this report shows

The transaction report will show you a summary of relevant transactions, broken down by payment method and showing information including number of transactions and the dollar amount of charges. You’ll also see a detailed list of all relevant transactions, and you can click these to see full details.  


How to build this report:

  • Select Reports from the main menu. 

  • Select the Transactions Report option.  

  • Filter the transactions you want to see: 

  • Click the calendar icon to select the date range you want to review.  

  • Click the dropdown menu next to Status to select which transaction status to show. 

  • Click the Type to enter tags box to write in the tags to show, or to select them from the dropdown menu. Choose whether to check the Match Tags Exactly box.  

  • Click the dropdown menu next to Per Page to select how many transactions to show on each page. 

  • Click the Run button. 

Affinipay reports - transaction reports 

What to do if you need a truly custom report

The Transactions Report allows a high level of customization, but there may some occasions when you need an even more specific report than the built-in reporting options can provide. To do this, you can download a list of all transactions and then export this to Excel. In Excel you can then sort, filter and format your data to build a truly custom report.  


I hope this guide helps you take your first steps towards reporting with WildApricot Payments. If you’d like more information, click here to download a PDF guide produced by AffiniPay. For more guidance, feel free to reach out to our Support team.  


Want to learn more about this in person?

I recommend joining us for our dedicated WildApricot Payments training session, WildApricot Payments + AffiniPay: How to Report Like a Pro, as part of our user conference, PersoniFest. PersoniFest 2020 is taking place on April 5-8 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Click here to learn more. 




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