August Update: WildApricot’s New Look, Updates and More

WildApricot Updates August 26, 2021


By WildApricot

This month, we’re introducing our new logo! We've also added a Knowledge Panel, where you can find tutorials in your WildApricot account on how to use certain features. As well, see our latest blog post, including How Your Nonprofit Can Succeed with Cause Marketing.

Also in this month's newsletter:

  • Personify Update: Knowledge Panel

  • Personify Update: New Brand and Logo

  • Update from the Support Team 

  • Free Nonprofit Webinars September 2021 

  • Blog of the Month: How Your Nonprofit Can Succeed with Cause Marketing

  • Meet the Team: Nicki, Product Designer

  • Organization Spotlight: East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA) 

Product Update: Knowledge Panel

You might’ve clicked X on a walkthrough during your trial period, losing the tutorial forever. Now you don’t have to. Our in-product tutorials are now available on demand for all admins! If you ever need help getting started with a feature in WildApricot, look for the new Knowledge Panel. 


There will be new content added to the Knowledge Panel every so often, so please keep checking for updates. 


Where you can find this: 

In the left menu bar, go to Help center > Tutorials > then select one of the tutorials from the list.

List of available tutorials:

  • Membership Levels

  • Contacts: Common fields

  • Contacts: Importing

  • Events: Introduction

  • Email: Introduction 


Personify Update: New Brand & Logo

The launch of our Community Experience Platform ushers in a new identity as the relationship-building partner for associations.

Personify just debuted a new look, logo, and website alongside our scalable, all-in-one Community Experience Platform where clients can mix and match products to fit their evolving needs. Most importantly, the change signals Personify’s strategic focus on building relationships – both with our customers and across their member communities.

How will this look for WildApricot? 

WildApricot is now WildApricot (one word). You can expect to see this logo and renaming rolling out over the coming weeks throughout our website, in the product and emails. 


Learn more


Update from the Support Team

This month, we are sharing answers to frequently asked support questions.


If I specify the available period for an event, when is registration actually opened and closed?

To control when registration is available, you can set a From date, a Through date, or both, within the Available period section of the registration type settings. Registration will remain open from the beginning of the From date (i.e., one second past midnight on the morning of the From date), until the end of the Through date (i.e., one second before midnight on the Through day), using the event's time zone.  


How do I reorder pages that are not in my site menu?

You cannot reorder pages that are not in your site menu but you can use the following workaround to reorder pages while hiding them from your site menu.

  1. Create a new page and position it as part of the site menu.

  2. Set the Access level for the page to Admin only (so that it won't actually appear in your site menu).

  3. For each page that you want to hide from the menu, make them children of the new hidden site page you just created.

  4. You can now reorder the child pages while still hiding them from your site menu.

Free Nonprofit Webinars for September 2021


Here are 43 free webinars that the Internet has to offer to help you:

  • Increase fundraising revenue 

  • Run a seamless online event

  • Prepare for your next grant application

  • Find and approach sponsors

  • And much more

See what's coming up

Blog of the Month: How Your Nonprofit Can Succeed with Cause Marketing 


Cause marketing is a way for businesses to demonstrate their social responsibility, while supporting a nonprofit whose mission aligns with their brand and values. Read on to find out more what cause marketing is, and how your nonprofit can use it to raise funds, gain new supporters, and advance your mission. 

Read now

Also, on the blog this month:


Meet the Team: Nicki, Product Designer


Hi! I’m Nicki and I’ve been with WildApricot for over 5 years. I recently transitioned from User Onboarding to a Product Design role. Among my responsibilities are improving existing product features and designing new ones. I work with developers, designers, clients and other team members on a regular basis, and I do a lot of prototyping, UX research and testing to ensure our designs are successful. I hope to take my experience speaking with our customers and convert it into improvements inside the product.

Learning is my passion and I like to end each day feeling like I’ve accomplished something new. That’s why working at WildApricot with its growth driven culture has been so rewarding. 


On my downtime I like reading, playing the piano, and rock climbing. I also love to travel any chance I get. Some of my fondest memories are from a three-week course I took in Florence to study art during the Italian Renaissance.

Organization Spotlight: East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA) 


The East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA), formed in 2011, focuses on making Calgary's Downtown East Village a healthy, save, and vibrant place. It works with various public and voluntary sector agencies to improve services and facilities for local people.

What we love about its website

EVNA’s website is simple yet fun. We love the excellent use of white space and vibrant colors throughout the website. The homepage displays a gallery of photos, where visitors can click on the slider to see more. The Google map on the page also enhances the page, helping people see where East Village is.


Visit the website

Website theme: Kaleidoscope Cornucopia

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

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