August Update: Here’s Your Sneak Peek of 3 New Features Coming Soon

WildApricot Updates August 29, 2019

Shawn Klerer

By Shawn Klerer

Among the updates you’ll see in the upcoming releases, there are three new features that have been requested on the Wishlist forum: you’ll have two new admin roles to choose from – Newsletter Manager and Store Manager – plus you’ll be able to use QR codes for event check in.  


Keep an eye on the blog and help site for more details, examples, guides on how to use these features and ideas for how they could help your organization, which we’ll be publishing as the features are released.  


For now, here’s a quick look at what you’ll be able to do with these new features: 


Two New Admin Roles

Does your organization rely on volunteers? While having a team of volunteers to help you out is essential for many organizations, having so many new people managing your website and membership can make it a challenge to make sure your data is kept secure, particularly if you only have limited time to train everyone.   

To help make it easier to involve your volunteers while making sure member data stays private, we’re introducing two new roles: Newsletter Manager and Store Manager.

Both these roles limit access to specific modules of your WildApricot account, so you only need train your staff and volunteers in these areas, and they only have access to essential information. 

Newsletter Manager lets a staff member or volunteer create and send emails/newsletters. Staff with this admin role will:

  • Only be able to access the Emails section of the admin back-end. 
  • Have full access to drafts and templates. 
  • Be able to create and send manual emails and newsletters.
  • Not be able to access contacts’ details and invoice details.

Store Manager lets a staff member or volunteer add and edit store products and fulfill orders. Staff with this admin role will: 

  • Only be able to access the Store section of the admin back-end.
  • Be able to add products to the online store catalog, add product descriptions etc., and publish store items on the website.
  • Be able to fulfill orders and organize delivery.
  • See a list of the latest unfulfilled orders on their dashboard.
  • Not be able to change store settings. 

QR code check in

Many of the organizations we work with tell us that checking in all their attendees is one of the most stressful parts of running events. Manually searching for names in long lists can be time consuming and prone to mistakes, making it a frustrating process for both admins and attendees.  

With the new QR code check in, you’ll soon be able to check in each attendee instantly by scanning their unique code using your smartphone and the WildApricot for Admins app. 

  • Each registration confirmation email contains a unique QR code. It can be  presented in a printed or electronic version of the email.
  • In-app QR scanner verifies QR code and automatically completes check-in.
  • The app notifies you in case of any issues with the QR code, multiple uses of the code, or unpaid registration fees.
  • No additional equipment required - all you need is our mobile app for admins on iOS or Android.

Also in this month's newsletter, you'll find:


The Recurring Donations Mini Course

If you find you’re spending hours each month processing donations, or if one-off donations are making planning for the future a challenge, many organizations find that recurring donations make life easier for both admins and donors.  


If you use WildApricot Payments, you can start using the recurring donations feature to accept automatic monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual donations, so your donors can set a regular gift that suits their budget.  


Here’s our mini course of blog posts to help you make the most of the feature:

 Recurring donations feature post

1. Introduction to Recurring Donations 

Learn what you can do with the recurring donations feature, how it can benefit your organization, and how to add recurring options to your donations form, plus answers to FAQs. If you’re setting up recurring donations, we suggest starting here.  

Click here to read the post.

 The ultimate guide to setting up a monthly giving program-01

2. The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Monthly Giving Program (+ Examples) 

This post has everything you need to put the recurring donations feature into action and to start seeing regular donations, including how to contact potential donors, examples of successful monthly giving campaigns, and 9 ideas to help your program attract even more donors.  

Click here to read the post.

 Donors guide to recurring donations - how to set up , view or edit-01 (1)

3. The Donor’s Guide to Recurring Donations 

Once you’ve set up recurring donations options, it’s time to start encouraging your donors to make their gift regular.


You can share this guide with your donors to help them learn how to set up, view and edit their recurring donation subscriptions, giving them the confidence to get started. There’s also a downloadable PDF version of the guide so you can share it however suits your members. 

Click here to read the post.


How to Run Payments Reports Like a Pro With AffiniPay and WildApricot Payments

WA Pay reporting guideWhether you’ve been using WildApricot Payments for a while, or you’re considering getting started, this new guide will show you how to use the reporting and reconciliation features like a pro. 


WildApricot Payments is powered by AffiniPay, a payment solution with more than a decade of experience developing payment technology for and supporting associations and nonprofits. 


With your WildApricot Payments account you can view valuable payment dashboards and reports, including monthly and daily deposit reports as well as transaction reports. You can also use these standard reports to create more complex, custom reports in Excel. 


To learn how you can make the most of these robust reporting features, click here to download our free guide


If you have further questions, or if you’re interested in hearing more expert advice, we encourage you to join us for our upcoming webinar on 23 September, How to Run Payments Reports Like a Pro With AffiniPay and WildApricot Payments. 


In this workshop, you’ll learn top tips for using the reporting and reconciliation options, including:

  • How to search for transactions and run reports
  • 5 steps to preparing for year-end
  • How to get all the information you need for your next board meeting
  • Q&A on your queries about reporting 

Monday 23 September

2 PM - 3 PM ET 

Click here to sign up. 


August Support FAQs 

How can I stop archived members from restoring their memberships? 

When you archive a contact, they can restore themselves from the archive simply by logging into their account. If they are a member, their membership will also be restored. If you don’t want your archived members to be able to restore their membership, make sure you suspend their membership before you archive their record. That way, they can only restore themselves as a non-member contact.

Membership card

How I migrate my recurring members when I switch to WildApricot Payments?

If you're switching from PayPal Payflow Pro or Authorize.Net to WildApricot Payments/AffiniPay, we can migrate your recurring profiles to WildApricot Payments/AffiniPay. To get started with the migration, contact our support department. For instructions on manually switching your recurring payments from any other payment system, click here.


Why can’t I see individual poll responses?

Some polls can request sensitive or private information. Elections, for example, typically require a secret ballot. So, by default, the ability to view individual poll responses is disabled, but can be turned on by request. To enable individual responses, send an email request from a full account administrator with your account number to Once individual poll responses are enabled, you’ll be able to view individual responses.

Individual responses example

Meet the Team 

Lorelie Borromeo, Billing Specialist lorelie image

 Hi there! My name is Lorelie Borromeo. I am one half of our billing super team at WildApricot and I love learning new ways to efficiently and effectively serve our clients.


I thoroughly enjoy traveling to new places, trying new foods, and learning about other subcultures. My love for Mariah Carey runs deep while my daily Simpsons quotes are often missed… I’ve also gained a new interest in kickboxing, rekindled my love for video games, and admire Bob Ross dearly. 


Here at WildApricot, I help our users with any questions about their account, subscription, or renewal. Whether it be needing more space in their database for a big event or moving from a monthly to a 2-year renewal to save some money, we’re here to help.  


As someone who has worked in customer service for over 10 years, I view every interaction with a client as an opportunity to leave good impression. I always try to read between the lines and answer questions before they are even asked! Our WildApricot Help Site is a great resource to have on hand, and it’s a good place to start if you have questions.  


The culture at WildApricot has always been around growth – you can really see it with everyone who works here, and the commitment to always deliver a better product tomorrow.  


My advice to users? We take privacy seriously, so I encourage our users to ensure that their administrator list is up to date to help keep their account secure. We have a great Help Page about account administrators here


Blog of the Month: 101 Ways To Get New Members For Your Organization 


Something we often hear from organizations we've worked with is that increasing membership is one of their biggest challenges.  


However, it can be hard to know how to do it.  


Which ways will actually help you attract new members… and which ideas are just a bust? 


That’s why we put together this guide, which features real-life examples from other small membership organizations.  


We’ve included over 100 ideas that your club, association, or nonprofit can use to attract new members — many of which I’ve seen used to great success throughout my time at WildApricot. 


Click here to read the full blog post. 


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35 Free Nonprofit Webinars for September 2019

Webinar of the Month: 5 Ways to Build Buzz with Young Members on Instagram

Young members instagram webinar newsletterIs your organization trying to engage with more young members, but finding it a challenge to get (and keep) their attention? It can feel like you’ve tried everything — emails, posters, events — but new research suggests that Instagram could be the key. 

Almost half of Millennials and Gen Z keep up with their association's updates using Instagram, and members are spending more time on the platform than ever before.   


In this free webinar, research author Amanda Myers will share the hacks, tips and tricks of making your organization Insta-worthy and show you how to attract more young members by creating posts that get noticed.  


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The types of content you should be creating to get maximum response from your members.
  • 5 quick and inexpensive ways you can use Instagram for to find new members, engage them and keep them.
  • Expert tips for incorporating Instagram into your broader campaigns for an even greater impact.
  • And more! 

Tuesday September 24 

2PM - 3PM ET 

Click here to register 

Organization Spotlight

Professional Association of Innkeepers International 

PAII newsletter image 

The Professional Association of Innkeepers International is a nonprofit business league and trade association for innkeepers, bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, and other lodging professionals. Their primary mission is education and advocacy for the innkeeping community.  


The PAII website includes job postings, information on their annual conference, an extensive list of vendor affiliate members, and a Members Only section packed with resources.       


Website theme: Fiesta - Surf 'n' Turf


Visit the website.


The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

Get the report now!

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  • Markus:
    How about letting us use a reasonably sized picture for peoples profiles? It was requested years ago?
    Have you ever tried identifying someone from 110*110 pixels?
    For us this is the biggest grief. So much so that we are considering leaving once our account runs out. (And the price increase)
  • Michael:
    How about a pricing level at 1000. The price jump for our 501 member is 70/month. Pretty steep.
  • Sue:
    We are losing buyers of event tickets because it is so difficult to buy multiple tickets for an event and tickets for multiple events. All it needs is a shopping cart that provides a ‘continue shopping’ facility and the ability to order multiples of tickets.
    The difficulty of purchasing tickets is affecting our festival massively.


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