August Update: Keeping Your WildApricot Account Secure

WildApricot Updates August 31, 2018

Dmitriy Ivanov

By Dmitriy Ivanov

With the news full of tales of cyber attacks and hackers, you may be wondering about the safety of the data you and your members share with WildApricot.

We’ve put together a blog post to let you know some of the key security procedures we use to keep your data safe. We’ll also cover some simple steps you can take to make sure your data stays safely locked away. We constantly update these procedures and work to uphold globally-recognized data security standards. Click here to read the post.

Looking for more technical information? This page goes into more detail about the types of testing and guidelines our team uses to ensure our infrastructure stays secure.


New Online Store Features

We’ve added a number of new features to our online store this month, including stock management, support for multiple product options, and control over whether to accept online or offline payments.

You can now add multiple options for each product in your online store. For example, you can add both size and color options for the same product. product variants-d8s.png

When adding a product, you can now specify a stock limit so that sales are stopped after your available stock has been sold. If you have no product options (like size or color), you can enter a single stock quantity for the product. If you do have product options set up, you can specify the stock quantity for each individual variant.

Finally, you can now choose whether to accept online payments, offline payments, or both for online store orders. This option appears on the new Store settings screen, where you can also customize the emails sent to customers and administrators.

You can find out more about how to use these features by visiting our Support site.

Next in store for the online store: taxes! 


Accept Mobile Payments Using WildApricot Payments

You can now accept credit card payments from your iOS device using WildApricot Payments and record those payments in your WildApricot account.

You’ll need a WildApricot Payments/AffiniPay account set up to work with your WildApricot account as well as the WildApricot admin app on iOS.

If you're using AffiniPay's card reader, you can insert or swipe the card. If you're not using AffiniPay's card reader, you will manually enter the card details.

For more information on accepting mobile payment with WildApricot Payments, click here.


Meet Us at Personify Connections, Washington D.C., September 18

WildApricot will be at Personify Connections, the annual Personify mini conference, and we would love to see some of you there.

Date: Tuesday, September 18th

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm ET

Location: Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Cost: Free

This event is specifically for customers in the D.C. area who are using Personify’s suite of products, including Personify360, Small World Community, and WildApricot. This half-day event will include:

  • Lunch ‘n Learn fireside chat
  • Presentations by fellow Personify staff and clients
  • Opportunities to network with other Personify users from all product lines
  • Knowledge and best practices sharing opportunities, CAE credits and more!

Registration is free, but space is limited, so make sure you grab your seats soon.

We’ll also be coming to Chicago with Personify Connections on October 23, so stay tuned to our website and social media accounts for more information.

Free Webinar: 6 Biggest Mistakes Executive Directors Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Kosofsky webinar image

Being an executive director is hard and isolating. There is usually no manual, no orientation and it feels like sink or swim. Also, sometimes it’s unclear who the ED reports to! No wonder EDs make mistakes. Luckily, you can avoid 6 of the most common ED mistakes by signing up for our free webinar on September 25 with nonprofit expert Sean Kosofsky. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Concrete steps to prevent and fix the 6 common mistakes EDs make
  • A holistic approach to “tuning up” your organizations for better performance
  • Pro-tips on how to reduce stress on the job

Click here to sign up for the webinar.

This Month’s Blog Posts

Are you planning your next fundraiser? If you're tired of running bake sales, check out our list of 200+ fundraising ideas proven to raise more donations for your cause. From contests that can be set up in an afternoon, all the way up to major events that have guaranteed 'wow factor', there are ideas here to suit any organization.

Click here to read the full article.

And check out the rest of this month’s blog posts:

That’s it for August! Have a great month, and we’ll hopefully see you at our webinar!

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