​April Update: Finding New Opportunities During a Pandemic​

WildApricot Updates April 28, 2020

Shawn Klerer

By Shawn Klerer

Running your organization during a global pandemic is certainly a challenge. But these challenges also come with opportunities to adapt to new circumstances.  

Experts in the nonprofit field are stepping up to offer their latest best practices and strategies to help organizations thrive. If you’re looking to learn how to make the most of these new opportunities, there are dozens of free webinars coming up in May that you can tune in to for some inspiration.  

We've put together a list of 53 free webinars to help you: 

  • Raise funds for your organization online
  • Make the most of your nonprofit website
  • Recruit and engage volunteers using social media
  • Improve your organization's budgeting process
  • And much more 

Click here to see what’s coming up.     


Also in this month's newsletter:


In the latest release, Version 7.11, we’ve fixed several bugs and added an email template that will help you with your COVID-19 communications. If you want to announce the steps your organization is taking to help your members during the COVID-19 crisis, you can now quickly complete and send the pre-built template. 

Click here to learn more.   


Update from the Support Team

Powerful new code editor

We’ve replaced the code editor used to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The new code editor, which is based on the Monaco code editor that powers Visual Studio Code, offers a number of powerful features, including syntax highlighting, code completion, and code validation. 


Click here to learn more about the new code editor.  


Control the appearance of menus without code

You can now control the appearance of menu items for all themes without having to insert CSS code. A Menu section been added to the Colors & styles screen to fill this gap in our colors and styles options. 


You can set the color and font for top-level items and drop-down items, in normal state and on hover. 


Click here for more information on theme-specific colors and styles options.  


Managing COVID-19 Admin Challenges in WildApricot

If you are facing administrative challenges during COVID-19, then here are two blogs from April which address these common concerns:


The first blog helps you choose your best option when it comes to managing your event in WildApricot.

The second one is about learning how to defer renewal dates, freeze a membership, and more.


See our resources page for more insights on how your organization can adapt during the pandemic. 


Blog of the Month

20 Online Fundraising Ideas Perfect for Any Cause (Social Distancing Approved!)

 online fundraising 

Wondering how to raise funds now that we can’t leave our houses?  


You’re not alone.  


COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape of fundraising, and the foolproof methods nonprofit professionals have always relied on are now out of the question.  


Nonprofits have been forced to postpone their meetings with donors, cancel their events, and figure out how to continue raising funds in the era of social distancing.  

The good news is that it is entirely possible to reach your nonprofit’s fundraising goals online. 

Click here to read the full blog.

Also, on the blog this month:   

Webinar of the Month

After the Crisis: What Associations Need to Be Doing Now to Prepare


At some point the COVID-19 crisis will end, but it’s not likely to be membership as usual. What will members need and expect? How can your association provide value and build community after the crisis? 


In this webinar, Sarah draws upon her expertise as a futurist and membership growth strategist to equip the audience with tools and insights on what associations need to be doing now to successfully rebound from the crisis and position themselves for growth. 


Date: Tuesday, May 12 

Time: 2:00 PM (ET) / 1:00 PM (CT) 


Click here to sign up.



Creating Great Content for Your Audience with Amy Jacobus 

April Planet Leadership Podcast

If you're low on ideas when it comes to content or if you struggle to gain readership, then we recommend listening to this Planet Leadership podcast featuring Amy Jacobus. Amy is obsessed with helping service providers, entrepreneurs and mission-based business owners increase their impact with smart, human marketing online. 


In this episode, Amy shares how her early interest in both dance and writing led her to her current career, helping nonprofit organizations market themselves. She explains key lessons she has learned from her experiences, including the following: 


Click here to listen to the podcast.   


Meet the Team

Matthew Baggetta, Manager, Content Marketing

Image of Matthew BaggettaHi, I'm Matthew. I head up WildApricot's Content Marketing team for Personify. ‘Content marketing’ is just jargon for a blog, how-to guide, video, course, webinar, infographic, etc. created by a business to help a specific audience get their specific needs met. WildApricot’s content exists to help you meet the needs – and overcome the challenges – that come with starting or running a nonprofit, club or association.  


My job is to help bring a strategic vision to the development of content and programs that are the most relevant and useful to you.   


I came to content marketing after a detour in academia, leaving my PhD in English & Cultural Theory after one year to pursue a career and start a family. Since then I’ve created and managed content marketing in several fast-growing software companies in Toronto. When I’m not geeking out on content, I’m practicing or attending silent meditation retreats with friends. I'm also in my sixth year of a meditation teacher training program and enjoy facilitating public and at-work meditation for colleagues. 


Organization Spotlight

Each month, we highlight one WildApricot customer. This month, our featured organization is: 


The Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work


The Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work was established in 1973 to promote and advance specialization of clinical practice within the social work profession. The organization is comprised of clinical social workers practicing in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, family service agencies, hospitals and medical clinics and private practices.

Its website includes network and professional growth opportunities, resources on legislative advocacy and clinical topics, a member directory and more. 

Website theme:
Firma Sandy Shore 

Visit the website here.     

How is your organization adapting to the COVID-19 health crisis? 


You could help inspire other organizations by sharing your story on our blog. We’d like to hear how COVID-19 has impacted your normal operations and some of the ways your organization adapted to the situation.


Click here to fill out this form and tell us your story.

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