April Update: Introducing WildApricot Payments

WildApricot Updates May 01, 2018

Dmitriy Ivanov

By Dmitriy Ivanov

I have some good news to share with you — we recently launched WildApricot Payments, our own payments processor! This is good news for you, because there’s a good chance our own payment processor will do more for you than your current processor. 

Here are some of the benefits of WildApricot Payments:  

  • 2.9% +$0.30 for each transaction. No setup or monthly fees like some providers, such as Authorize.Net.
  • We’ll handle all your support issues for payments as well as our entire software. No more dealing with the support department of your current payment processor. Now you just have one support team to contact
  • Your members and customers will stay on your WildApricot website, instead of being directed to a third-party site to complete their payments (this is a big advantage over most PayPal options).
  • All your payments are directly transferred to your bank account within 48 hours. Get your money faster!
  • Recurring payments (aka scheduled payments) are supported.
  • To give you all of the above benefits, WildApricot has partnered with AffiniPay, a trusted and secure payment gateway that meets the highest standard of PCI compliance (Level 1 PCI Certified) as set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Once you set up WildApricot Payments, the next time a member goes to pay for anything on your website (dues, event fees, etc.), they will be directed to a secure WildApricot payment form right within your website. It will look something like this:

April 5

To learn more click here.

To make the switch to WildApricot Payments go to your Payments settings page by logging into your account and clicking the Settings menu, then clicking Payment settings under Finances.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of Affinipay and the benefits of online payments for your organization, please listen to this podcast featuring Amy Porter, founder of Affinipay, and Eric Thurston, CEO of Personify.

I hope you’ll enjoy the convenience of using WildApricot Payments! 


PersoniFest Recap: WildApricot’s First User Conference

Between April 8-10, we hosted our very first WildApricot User Conference as part of Personify’s Annual user conference, PersoniFest.

WildApricot User Conference

Nearly 100 WildApricot customers attended (over 500 total attendees!), and if you weren’t able to attend, here’s a recap of some of the events:

  • Appreciation Dinner and Persi Awards: During our Customer Appreciation Dinner we gave away an Innovation Award and an Impact Award to two organizations that we saw go above and beyond with their use of WildApricot.
  • WildApricot Presentations: We presented half a dozen sessions on how to better market your organization, and how to implement some of our newest features (Mobile App for Members and Online Store).
  • Personalized Support Sessions: WildApricot customers got the chance to sit down with one of our staff and ask any questions they had about their WildApricot account.

For more details and to see pictures of the event, check out our blog post recap.


The Results Are In! Polls, Elections, and Surveys Now Supported

You can now hold elections and conduct surveys using the new polls feature. 

April 4

You can control when the poll is automatically opened and closed for voting, and which types of members can vote. Currently, only members with a membership status of Active, Pending Renewal, or Pending Level Change can vote in your polls.

You can share your polls and surveys with your members by inserting links in emails or on your website. 

More functionality will be added to this feature after we collect feedback from our clients about this initial version.

Click here to learn more about polls.


There’s More in the Store

A number of enhancements have been added to the online store feature.

  • You can now sort orders within the orders list by order status and payment status, as well as order number, date, and billing person.
  • You can now control the order in which products are displayed in the product catalog.
    April 3
  • An email confirmation will be automatically sent to the customer when the order is fulfilled.
  • You can now customize each of the emails that are automatically sent when the status of an order changes.
    April 2
  • Store emails can now be routed to additional recipients using the email routing settings.
  • You can now cancel a fulfilled or unfulfilled order. 

Click here to learn how to set up the Online Store.


Emailing for Admins on the Go

A new Emails module has been added to WildApricot’s app for administrators. From the Emails module, you can:

  • View, send, and schedule prepared email drafts
  • View and cancel scheduled emails
  • View a log of manually sent emails
  • Compose and send unformatted emails to event registrants
April 1

Please be aware that you can’t use the app to modify an existing email draft or to view a log of automatically sent emails. 


Free Webinar: How to Grow Your Organization by Getting Lots and Lots of Traffic to Your Website

2018 05 29 Terry Webinar ImageEvery single day people are joining organizations because they stumble across them while searching for something online. If you want to tap into this powerful growth channel, I strongly encourage you to join our webinar on May 29 with our resident nonprofit tech expert, Terry Ibele. In this webinar, Terry will show you how to attract new members, volunteers, and donors by getting your website pages to the top of Google’s search results. 

In this free webinar Terry will reveal:

  • The 9 simple changes that will bump your articles to the top of Google’s search results
  • A simple playbook you can use to drastically improve your traffic this week
  • The seven best practices that create the perfect article

Click here to sign up now.


Monthly Blog Update

If you love webinars, we found 48 free webinars for nonprofits and membership-based organizations to attend in May. Check out this whole list here.

And check out our other posts for this month:

That's all for April!

The Membership Growth Report:

Benchmarks & Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents

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  • Dewey Wilmot - Higher Education Consultants Association:
    This is great, but unfortunately 2.9% isn't competitive with the volume discount from Paypal (2.2%). We run enough revenue where this represents a significant savings.
  • Richard:
    Dmitriy - Is adding a convenience charge to the invoices paid by credit card permitted by WA and/or Authorize.Net, conversely is a cash discount permitted if a fee for credit is frowned on? We want to allow payment by cards but don't want to take the 3% hit to or bottom line.
  • Debborah Kerr:
    I love the election and poll's feature. Thank you!
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Dewey: Good point, and thanks for bringing this up. I've shared it with the team.

    Richard: I'm looking into this for you.

    Debborah: Thanks!
  • Randall Rensch:
    I thought that, at one time, long ago, it was illegal to charge more for a credit card transaction than for cash. Sorry, it was so long ago that I don't even remember when or where I got that impression, or if it was correct. Apparently if it ever was the case, it is not true now, since almost every gas station in some areas has a different price for credit vs. cash.

    Can someone provide insight into this? While 3% is a reasonable cost of business, our non-profit organization processes funds well into 6 figures annually, and the charge can sometimes mean the difference between profit and loss.
  • Terry Ibele

    Terry Ibele:
    Hi Randall,

    I hope I can provide some insight to your question. Charging credit card fees is a standard business practice. All online and retail credit card transactions are processed with fees. You may not notice this, because typically the store pays the fee instead of passing it onto a customer. The fees we're charging are standard across most payment processors. If you've already set up online payments with your WildApricot site, your payment processor is already charging you transaction fees. If you're interested in the comparing rates from different processors, we've put together a chart in our help site. You can see it here: https://gethelp.wildapricot.com/en/articles/87#comparing

    I hope this helps.
  • Margaret Verenka:
    Is the charge for AffiniPay 2.9% + .30 per each transaction in CAD or US funds? We are a Canadian non-profit.
  • Tatiana Morand

    Tatiana Morand:
    Hi Margaret,
    The fees are charged in whatever currency your account is using — so your fees would be in Canadian dollars.

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