April Newsletter: What Rhymes with April

WildApricot Updates April 29, 2016

Dmitry Buterin

By Dmitry Buterin

What rhymes with April?

Maple? Bagel? Playful? A plate full of staples? A drill?

Does anything really truly rhyme with April? Hmmm... 

Anyways, one exciting piece of news is that we reached 9,000 paying customers this week (not including free accounts)!

For me, this is a great reflection on the hard work that myself and the whole WildApricot team has put into building this company from the ground up (there are over 100 of us now).

I'd also like to thank you, our loyal customers. We wouldn't be where we are today without your help! Plus, you've offered us a huge amount of feedback over the years, which we've used to keep improving our software every day.

Now, let's get into what's happened this month:

Summit Recap

SummitAs you know, we held our Membership Growth Online Summit this month and it was a great success!

Nearly 5,000 people registered for the summit. We had some great engagement from attendees, with many of them taking to Twitter to tweet their favourite highlights of the week. We also wrote about our favourite highlights from each day. Click the links below to read our summaries.

Day 1: How a 5-Step Marketing Funnel will Bring in More Members
Day 2 Session 1: A Nonprofit’s Guide to Creating Facebook Ads & Calculating ROI
Day 2 Session 2: How Every Nonprofit and Charity Can Use Google Adwords Grants
Day 3: Amy Sample Ward Kills it with her Presentation on Social Media for Nonprofits
Day 4: Can't Figure Out Millennials? This is all you Need to Know
Day 5: Attract New Members with a New Hook

Top 3 Blog Posts of April

BlogIf you noticed, we've been beefing up our blog. Check out our top 3 posts of the month, and if you have any suggestions, email Terry at tibele@wildapricot.com.

Make sure you subscribe to our blog feed to receive a notification when a new post is published.

emailHow 1 Simple Email Will Make Every New Member Happy
What's the first thing you say to a new member? Here's how to use your confirmation email to make every new member feel welcome.

volunteer8 Steps to Organize Volunteers to Maximize Impact
The first step to maximizing a volunteer's impact is to understand their passion and give them an ongoing role that plays to it.

annoying8 Types of Annoying Board Members
How many of these [annoying] types of Board Members have you had to work with? Hopefully you haven't been one yourself!

Software Tip

Software TipHow to stop creating invoices to lapsed members

When you lapse a member, do you stop automatically generating invoices?

Imagine that you lapse a member, and then 1 year later, they decide to become a member again. 

If you don't stop the automatic invoices, when they try to renew, their renewal date will still be the same from a year ago. If they are on a monthly plan, they will have to renew 12 times to become a member again!

This problem is something that our support team comes across quite regularly, but it's very easy to resolve. Here's what to do:

Step 1:

Navigate in your Admin view to: Members > Levels > Select the Member Level you want to update > Renewal Policy > scroll down to the "If not renewed within [  ] day(s) section

Step 2:

Select the following checkboxes:

  • Deleted Renewal Invoice
  • Change status to lapsed.

That's it!

This will delete the unpaid renewal invoice, and if that lapsed member does decide to renew in the future, they will not have any outstanding invoices to pay and and can renew from the current date.

And of course, if you have any questions at all, please contact our friendly support team at support@wildapricot.com.


That's all for this month's update.

Take care!

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