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WildApricot Updates July 08, 2011

Lori Halley

By Lori Halley

Just as we were preparing to celebrate Canada Day, we had a surprise and very welcome visit from some of our clients from "down-under" – Linda and Chris of the Canadian Australian Club.

As an online service, we don’t usually get too many visits from clients at the WildApricot office – most of our interaction is via email, forums and phone. So we were thrilled that Linda and Chris took the time to stop in and say hello to us during on their recent visit to Toronto.

Here is a photo of some of our Apricots with Linda & Chris of the Canadian Australian Club.


The Canadian Australian Club promotes the interests of Canada and the Canadian Community in Sydney, Australia. They provide Canadians who are new to Australia with a local connection back to Canada as well as networking opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances. The Club offers a little bit of Canada in Sydney through social events and activities - such as celebrating Canada Day and Thanksgiving. This social networking club was formally registered with the State Government of New South Wales in 1967, the year of Canada's Centenary.  They've been using WildApricot since 2009.

After their visit, Chris sent us the photo above and noted:

 "I think it's great that customers like us, from the other side of the planet, can get to meet the people that help keep our club website going...as everything moves to the cloud it's easy to lose sight of the fact that there are a bunch of real people who make this stuff that we use, so I'm really glad we had the chance to drop in." (Chris Betcher, Canadian Australian Club)

We’d love to hear from you too!

The Canadian Australian Club is just one of the 900+ clubs that make up the 3000+ non-profits and membership organizations that power their website and membership database using WildApricot software. While we'd loved to see more of you drop in and visit, there are loads of other ways to connect with us apricots. You can:

  • connect with us through our WildApricot User Community – where we offer our General Discussion, Customization, Roadmap and Wishlist forums
  • visit with us on Facebook and check out the latest buzz 
  • Tweet us @wildapricot
  • check out our videos on YouTube
  • contact us with technical questions - our support Apricots love to hear from you: support@wildapricot.com
  • leave us a comment on a WildApricot blogpost - like this one!

Membership/Supporter Communications

With so much of our lives and communication happening online, it's great to be able to meet face-to-face with clients, members and supporters if and when possible. Just like our non-profit, membership organization and club clients, WildApricot is always looking for new ways to stay connected with our supporters and reach out to organizations who might benefit from our Membership Management software.


How are you staying connected with your membership? Share some of your successful communications  strategies in a comment below.

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